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Razznation!  We are now in the playoffs! I would just like to begin by saying that it is an absolutely gorgeous day today in sunny Florida.  70 degrees, with clear skies, and a lovely breeze.  I’ve heard that some of you Eskimos in the North aren’t fairing so well.  Ah well, enough with the bragging.  Once again, there is very little to comment on, in terms of pickups.  A few names come to mind, but at this point, the percentages have moved to right around where they should be.

  • Tony Snell is one name that has really popped up a lot lately.  At only 12% ownership, he has 2 steals in 4 of the last 5 games, as well as 14 treys over that same 5 game stretch. He is severely under owned at the moment.
  • Patty Mills is getting hot again, so there’s that…
  • Jordan Crawford… Certainly a talented scorer, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he went 1 for 14 next game… So, pick up at your own risk.
  • Ivica Zubac – Still not a fan of him as a player, but he certainly can stuff the stat sheet, if the Lakers give him a 30 minute role.  I’m sure you know this from JB’s obsession already though.


Shoot me your questions in the comments below!  Make sure to include league size and format.

Stay Razzy!

  1. NYFantaC says:

    Brogdon, Snell or Zubac… overall?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @NYFantaC: I’ll go Brogdon, Zubac, Snell in that order, but honestly the first two could be swapped.

      • NYFantaC says:


        Can you rank these Cs in order:

        CauleyStein, Big Willy H, Ivica and Gorgui.
        I currently own all except Ivica, and I feel like he should replace one. My gut says Gorgui. My head says Hernangomez. My taste says Stein. Or maybe I’m being crazy and should leave zubac on the wire.

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @NYFantaC: I agree, Gorgui is the drop there for Zubac.

          Honestly, I’m not going to attempt to rate the rest, but I think WCS may have the most upside.

  2. BILL BLAST says:

    Hey Adam,

    Drop Jordan Crawford (2 games left) for Norman Powell (3 games left) ??

    All stats matter. Except 3PTM.

    12 team league – 15 man rosters deep – H2H – 13 Cats


    • BILL BLAST says:

      @BILL BLAST:

      Or drop Crawford for Richard Jefferson ?

      I have Lebron and Cleveland has the back to back Sat/Sun.


    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @BILL BLAST: I’m gonna go Powell there if you aren’t chasing 3s.

  3. Thirsty Friend says:

    Hey Adam,

    Aldridge is back. Do I drop Lee or Dedmon? Thanks for all you do!

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Thirsty Friend: Drop Demon unless you really need the blocks.

      You’re very welcome!

  4. Beal Parmesean says:

    1. Drop Rodney Hood for J. Ingles, Jordan Crawford, or hold and hope for the best? (On a buy week 2nd round starts Monday).

    2. Hold Dedmon, or pick up D. Lee? Need Blks, Rebs, and %s

    12 team H2H

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Beal Parmesean: I’ll drop him for Crawford there… Although, if you’re scared of that play, just make the decision closer to Monday.

      Lee with a slight edge I think.

  5. Tyler says:

    In a close matchup in 3s, REB, STL (its win or go home) with 2 moves left for the week.

    Need to stream 2 players for SAT/SUN b2b:

    JR Smith vs (LAC,LAL) — will he get rested in b2b? Shump got inj and Kyrie as well
    Patty Mills vs (MEM,SAC) — does he also get rested?
    Skal Labissiere vs (OKC,SAS) — tough matchup
    Allen Crabbe vs (ATL,MIA)
    Moe Harkless vs (ATL,MIA) — slumping real bad
    Deron Williams vs (LAC,LAL) — rest? Kyrie left game early with left knee tightness
    Channing Frye vs (LAC,LAL) — not really good lately but fits my 3s,reb,stl need (rest?)
    Buddy Hield vs (OKC,SAS) — tough matchup for the rook
    Garrett Temple vs(OKC,SAS) — good bet for rest?

    I’m dropping Zubac and CoJo after their games on FRI..

    or maybe I could drop Gary Harris/Bev/Ariza/Middleton after the SAT game and keep one of Zubac and CoJo? to open up more streaming options

    If this is the way to go I have more options since there are more people playing on SUN.
    Here are my options for SUN only game.
    BOS vs PHI (Smart,McConnell, Amir, Olynyk, Brown, Holmes)
    BKN vs DAL (Levert, Foye, Acy, Yogi, Barea)
    DET vs PHO (MarcMorris, Chriss)
    IND vs TOR (Miles, Monta, Powell, Patterson, Tucker)
    LAL vs CLE (Nance, Ingram, Swaggy, Frye, Deron, JR Smith, Jefferson)
    MIA vs POR (Ellington, Crabbe, Hark)
    MIN vs NOR (Rush, Cunningham, S.Hill)
    SAS vs SAC (Mills, Ginobili, Tolliver, Temple, Skal)

    I’m not sure which teams give the most 3s, reb, stls and sorry for the super long post. 🙂
    Appreciate your inputs as always.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Tyler: I’m fine with those drops, and I’d honestly go for broke with Skal and Buddy. They’re going to get big run, and honestly, the matchups don’t really scare me.

      If you don’t want to be that ballsy, then maybe Mills and Skal, but I really like the Skal/Buddy combo.

      • Tyler says:

        @Adam: Thanks Adam! Going with Skal/Buddy is better than say keeping Zubac and dropping one of GHarris,Bev,Ariza,Middleton after SAT game for Chriss or Holmes?

        Also JR Smith against LAC/LAL not a better option over Buddy?

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Tyler: If anyone, I’d want Mills – definitely not JR (way too much risk there). You could keep Zubac and drop Beverly for Chriss, but you’re banking on Chriss still being there, and I’d rather make the moves that are guaranteed.

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