Sunday marked the end of Fantasy Basketball Week 12, which also happens to be the halfway point of the regular season. It doesn’t just happen to be the halfway point, it’s math. And because math has reared its ugly head once again, we might as well take this opportunity to crunch a few numbers from the Razzball Commentor Leagues. A couple inches below you’ll see that the league leaders across all four leagues also happen to make up the RCL’s total top four. Isn’t it nice when everything comes together all clean and orderly like that? One representative from each league in the top four.

As of Sunday , January 16, the RCL top 4 were:

Team RBAej, White Shadow League, 337.5 total points
Mayweather’s Baby Mama, Teen Wolf League, 319 total points
Team Richard, Blue Chips League, 297 total points
Charlemagne Barclay
, Juwanna Mann League, 293 total points.

If you click on the RCL Midterm Rankings spreadsheet, you’ll see that all four leagues were combined into one and each team ranked in each category from 1 to 48, just as they are ranked 1 to 12 in each category in their individual ESPN leagues.

Don’t fret if you didn’t make the list. You’re still a beautiful and unique snowflake. Think of it this way, you made it into the top 50! Bully for that!

Some fun facts I noticed across all leagues:

  • Among the top four teams, no player was owned more than once, although it should be noted that Mayweather’s Baby Mama has only five players on his roster (Grant Hill, Bogut, Billups, AK47 and Terry) that were unowned on any of the other four teams.
  • Not to take anything away from Mayweather’s Baby Mama, but his Teen Wolf League has four of the five worst teams across all four RCL’s. I won’t name them, but you know who you are. Actually, you probably don’t, as it’s likely you haven’t looked at your team since Oden was a week away from returning.
  • North Kingstown RI deserves special recognition for having two different teams, both of which are among the 10 best in the league (No. 7 and No. 10).
  • The four Commissioners of the RCL leagues are ranked in 4th (Charlemagne Barclay), 33rd (Stumptown Pirates), 40th (King & Duck), and 45th (Louie’s Legends) … which is just weird.
  • Team Richard would be significantly better if it pulled up its FG%. As of Sunday, it was ranked 39th out of 48. That’s the second-worst single-category ranking of any team in the top 10.
  • The worst is North Kingstown RI’s FT% in the White Shadow League. It’s ranked 43rd out of 48.
  • Team RBAej doesn’t rank first in any category, but ranks no lower than 13th in every category.
  • None of the teams in the top 15 changed between their simple point totals and the point totals + team averages Power rankings.

Congratulations to the teams that are still in it. Generic words of encouragement about moral victories for the teams that are not in it, but are, at least, still trying. And zurberflipnoptic superkligg to those of you who gave up on your team before it was sweater weather outside.

  1. 24hourjack says:

    Adam and/or anyone else….I’d like some opinions on this trade.

    it’s a 12 team roto league.I am in first place,but have two teams right behind me.I lead the league in FT%,3PTM,points,assists and steals.
    I am dead last in TO’s,and right near the bottom in FG% and blocks and around the middle in rebounds….

    so,I know it’s overpaying,but considering the situation,would it be a smart move to give up Ginobili for Bynum straight up?


  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @24hourjack: it’s not a bad deal considering your situation. If you can afford to drop Manu, go for it.

  3. Cary says:

    Thanks for all the previous help. Someone dropped Ty Lawson in our league. Is there any way that Chauncey gets shipped off/relinquishes his role so Lawson can get some run later in the season? I could drop Troy Murph probably…

  4. brad says:

    If you had to start either ShawnE Williams or Anthony Morrow for the next two days, which one would it be?

    Alternatively I could start them both tomorrow, or both today, or Morrow (ironically) today, and Williams tomorrow.

  5. Larry says:

    A guy in one of my leagues has been hounded me for either Nash or Curry as his ft% is trash. He’s offered me Felton/Gordon for Nash/Curry in the past but i rejected. Now he’s offered Gordon for my Nash. Out of Curry or Nash which do you think will provide the most value ROS? Curry’s getting played with by Smart and i’m not sure what’s going on in the desert with the 10 day starting line ups. I could use the pts and 3’s upgrade though and Gordon’s ft% is still around .800. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

  6. brad says:

    @Larry: nash and curry are both worth “more” than gordon in my opinion, but if it makes sense for your specific team then gordon is, of course, a very valuable asset.

    i’d see if you can work in a slight upgrade somewhere else, like gordon/millsap for nash/scola or somethin’.

  7. Brade says:

    Thanks for the updates! Our league seems to change leaders daily, but my team (Barclay) has the mystical “games in hand” going for it. Which is nice.

  8. Rob says:

    I have Tyrus Thomas in a couple of my teams. To me it makes no sense keeping a little above replacement level player on my bench for 8 weeks. But looking around for names on WW with ‘C’ eligibility I am not enamored with the choices. Who would you rate the the tope 3 between these names.

    Chuck Hayes, Brandon Bass, DeJuan Blair, Shaq, Ed Davis, Gortat, Kurt Thomas, Biedrins, Delambert

    The names I like such as Monroe, Jordan, Anderson are long gone.

  9. brad says:

    @Rob: hayes in a tier by himself

  10. Dominic says:

    I am in a 12 man roto league and currently struggling in fg% ast and reb. I am leading in FT% 3PM and Points. I got offered a trade

    Getting: Kobe and Hinrich


    Giving: Tony Parker and Gallinari

    what do you think?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cary: Yeah, the Nuggs are certainly shopping Billups and he’s basically just a step above Lawson recently as far as production now. Despite Murphy and Lawson’s immediate future possibly being tied to one another, I’d rather own Lawson over Murphy.

    @brad: Hope you decided on Morrow both days.

    @Larry: I’d rather have Nash for the rest if the season, but I agree with Brad about Gordon being less valuable than either if them in a vacuum.

    @Brade: The games in hand IS key. I also ran the weighted totals as if Sunday, taking into account everyon’s total games played. The top 20 teams across all four leagues stayed exactly the same, which was surprising.

    @Rob: Us Perkins available? Dalembert’s seen a little life lately. You might pick him up and hope for a resurgence there. Otherwise I’d prefer Hayes, Bass, Blair, Thomas, Gortat, Biedrins, Davis, and Shaq in that order.

    @Dominic: Skip it. Parker’s got the best FG% and APG of the bunch. You’d actually be hurting your team more by doing this.

  12. Rob says:

    Adam and all. Got a trade proposal his Manu Ginobili for my Danny Granger. What say y’all. To me not a no-brainer either way.

    Anyway, thanks for the 3rd ‘C’ advice. I Forgot about Perkins. In a couple of leagues where I could afford to stash him, he was the add. Otherwise it was Dalembert or Hayes. I redid the backup or 4th ‘C’ in two of my leagues by dumping Biedrins and/or Davis.

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: No problem. I’m noticing a lot of people either forgetting or not trusting Perkins. I’d prefer Granger to Manu, unless FG% is an issue. Danny’s improved a little lately, but not enough.

  14. Dominic says:

    Yea thats what I figured, I countered with Parker and Gallinari for Curry and Jrue and he declined already

  15. Rob says:

    Adam: I don’t “Danny has improved a little, but not enough” (enough for what since you prefer Granger anyway).

    Anyway, would you say this is close enough to examine impact on cats. At first glance one of my cats where Manu has edge is very competitive (FT% – potential swing of 3). At the same time FG% is less of an issue (potential swing of 1). The other cats are difficult because Yahoo does not normalize per games played.

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: I was speaking about his FG%. It’s been better lately, but not enough that I’d prefer it over Manu’s. That said, FG% is the only reason an owner might prefer Manu in a trade over Granger. Steals too, I guess.

  17. Rob says:

    Based on analyzing cats I rejected trade. The areas where Granger beats Manu are very competitive categories for me. Thanks.

  18. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Adam, if you throw rebounds out, would you still prefer LaMarcus over Brook Lopez for the rest of the season?

  19. jeffjam says:

    I would even prefer Chandler over B. Lopez. Lopez is the biggest dissapointment so far this season, at least for me.

  20. Cary says:

    Would you drop Maggette for Mr. Big Game Mike Miller, considering Bosh isn’t even jogging yet?

  21. Larry says:

    Adam, Chalmers started for Aroyo and looked good. Was this due to Wade/Bosh sitting?

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: No problem. Good luck.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Yeah. LMA is playing at such a high level, especially now that Portland is down a Camby.

    @Cary: Maybe. If you can, give it until after tonight’s game to decide. He’s been so underutilized up until this point, it stands to reason he might still not get the playing time it seems obvious he should be getting.

    @Larry: Chalmers has looked good a couple times in the last two weeks. The lack of Big Three members is a large part of that. As long as that’s the case, Chalmers might make a good addition to deep league teams.

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