It’s been a mad March!  There are no more perfect brackets out there, with FGCU the first 15 seed to ever make the sweet 16.  That’s more a Cinderella story than if Elizabeth Smart won the next leading role Oscar.  As Warwick Davis would say, “mehehehehehehe!”

 March Madness

Let’s take a look at the standings through the first three rounds of the NCAA Tournament:

#1: Svenster’s Bracket – Svenster is leading the pack with 46 points correctly getting 10 of the Sweet 16 teams.  What, no FCGU?  C’mon Svenster!  Sven has Louisville winning it all, who looked very strong routing Colorado State.  He has them facing the Miami Hurricanes, who survived a scare from Illinois.  Not only does Sven have the mot points, he also has the most possible points on the table.  Looking like the #1 seed to our cinderella stories.

Tie #2: Glazed Go-Nutz/Jan-Feb-Izzo-April – Tied with 44 points.  I’ll let you guess who “Jan-Fed-Izzo-April” picked to win it all…

Me: Tied at #11 – With 41 points I’m still towards the top, however my Georgetown all the way has me out of it unless Wichita State can go all the way and knock out all the other 1 seeds.

We’ll update again once the tournament has ended and announce the winner!