Razzball Nation!

You’ve been clamoring for it, protesting for it, eager for it… But now it’s back!  DraftKings is once again a Razzball Basketball sponsor, so if you’re playing daily fantasy, DraftKings is the place to go.

Starting next Wednesday, DraftKings is spoiling Razzball Basketball with a RAZZBALL ONLY contest, which players can only get through a link on the Razzball Basketball article.  It will be mano-y-mano against Razzball competition.

Why daily fantasy?  Well, we all know the fantasy basketball season is a grind, so with daily fantasy leagues you win right away, never have to deal with injuries, and can talk smack on the spot.  If you’re new to daily fantasy, you’re given a starting budget ($50,000 in DraftKings) and select players that you think will score the most that night using that budget.  Scoring for DraftKings is similar to a points league, and you can find the breakdown here.

“Isn’t daily fantasy for money?” you may ask.  Well, a lot of the time it is, but you can play for as little as $0.25 along with playing in a ton of free contests with some substantial payouts.  Like the contest I’m in tonight (my username is JBRazzball), the NBA $50K LAYUP which is paying out $50 grand in cash prizes and is absolutely FREE if you make your first deposit tonight!  Yup, free.  So clickity-click the link right there, and draft a team tonight!

With the Razzball only contest starting next week, I’m only giving away 5 of my picks each week.  That’s still 5 of my 8 players, so you’re getting a pretty in-depth glimpse into my soul!  You’re all like Mrs. Cleo out there… And of those picks, I’m going to try and pick a few value guys and a few bigger names that I think are worth the price.  Here’s my starting 5 for DraftKings tonight:

PG – Goran Dragic – $7,300 – The opposing Lakers have a serious lack of depth at PG, and while starter Jeremy Lin is fine and all, the Lakers just played last night and will get a fresh Suns team for Phoenix’s opener.  With the three guard rotation mixing in Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas, don’t expect Goran to only be out there against Lin, who isn’t exactly a great defender either.  Goran’s gonna get some time picked up by… Ronnie Price?  Jordan Clarkson?  Yeah, love him here in what should be a fun, uptempo game.

SG – Klay Thompson – $7,100 – “But JB, you hate Klay Thompson!”  Thanks omniscient commenter!  I just think Klay is overrated in H2H formats, but tonight for a DraftKings against the Kings… The writing is in the stars!

SF – Draymond Green – $5,100 – DraftKings is won and lost with finding the values, and with David Lee doubtful for tonight with a bad hammy, it’s #OccupyDraymondGreen time!  Should start at PF (only SF eligible on DraftKings), and play some big time minutes.  All he really needs is 20-25 minutes to produce, and with the Warriors seriously lacking big man depth, look for DrayDray to playplay something like 32-34 minutes tonight.

PF – Nerlens Noel – $6,700 – This was a harder position to fill, but with the horrible Sixers going against the even horrible-er Pacers, I think Noel can shine.  He’s gonna be matchup up on Luis Scola!  If he doesn’t get 5 blocks, I’m trimming down my flat top…

C – Mason Plumlee – $5,400 – Well this is an easy one!  Another injury-fueled pick, Brook Lopez is out with a degenerative clownfoot issue, giving Professor Plum the start.  The Professor had some ridiculous lines in preseason, and with a healthy dose of minutes, is gonna win me DraftKings, from the seat of my chair, with some luck and intuition.


Thanks again for checking out DraftKings, and looking forward to the Razzball Only contest next Wednesday!  Again, the contest for tonight is FREE (with first deposit) and pays out $50K.  Can’t go wrong there!

  1. dan-o1 says:

    sounds fun, gonna sign up later for this….damn u guys!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @dan-o1: Razzball is sucking you in to everything! Haha

  2. Anthony says:

    JB I got a question for you. When it comes to DFS for football and basketball, do you find basketball to be easier? To me, it just seems like it’s more predictable than football. What’s your take?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Anthony: Ummm, I dunno about “easier” but yes I think it’s a more evenly matched game as in the scores of everyone’s teams are closer. All things fantasy football are 95% luck haha.

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