What is up everybody! If you’re still reading this column, then either you’re my biggest fan (Hi, Son!) or you’re still in the hunt for your fantasy basketball championship. As I mentioned last week, most of my teams are D.O.A. (Drunk off absynthe) after some massive injury and trade woes (including Oladipo, who had both). I’m likely finishing in the top 50 in RazzJam despite my top picks all missing significant time, so I’m cool with that. But you, my dear Son (best editor ever, bee-tee-dubya), you might be in a position to win. So, let’s do away with the singular player approach and take a look at the hot players that you could still acquire for your basketball squad. And! In case you didn’t know, I’m ranking pitchers every week over the summer on the baseball side of Razzball, and I’m in charge of QBs over on the fantasy football side. If you need fantasy help in those sports, come on over and ask away!

As for playoff advice, here are my best strategies:

  • Don’t rest your stars unless you have a good reason. Don’t overthink matchups: your stars got you to the playoffs, let them keep going. Only rest your big names if they’re supposed to be injured, taking a night off, or end up being out for the season for trade protection.
  • Diversify your skills. If you have a good scoring team, you don’t need scorers on your bench. Take a look at the categories where you’re weakest and try to bolster those.
  • Minutes, minutes, minutes. Who’s a better 5×5 player: a guy with 3 steals per 36 that plays 12 minutes per game, or a guy with 2 steals per 36 that plays 36 minutes per game? The former has 1 steal per game, the latter has 2 steals per game. I’m no math major, but 2 beats 1 in fantasy basketball and in love.

All right! Here are my findings on the lesser-rostered players for your fantasy basketball team. Keep following Son’s updates to finish out the year, and I’ll see you around!

Rostered in 50-80% of Leagues: 

  • Bogdan BogdanovicWrote about him a few weeks ago in my Bogdan Bogdanovic Outlook (look at that solid SEO optimization!) when he was rostered in 51% of leagues, and now he’s up to 80% roster levels. Over the past two weeks, he’s scoring 20 points a game, shooting over 50% from the field, and there’s still a 20% you can grab him off the waiver wire. Add, Son, Add! No, not Addison!
  • Kyle AndersonI drafted this guy in a multi-sport league that finished up a few weeks ago; the league starts next year b-t-w. And if Anderson starts next year anything like he’s finishing this year, my team will be killer. He’s dropping nearly 2 trés per game, nearly two steals per game, and over a block per game over the past two weeks. About a 20% chance he’s on the wire in your league. Go get some K.A. and keep it near your bedside.
  • Darius GarlandI wrote him up last week, and in my Darius Garland Outlook, I wondered why he was available in 30% of leagues. He cranked for another week and then sprained his ankle. It’s a gamble, but if Garland’s healthy to finish out the season he’s a top 30 option for your championship run.
  • Robert Williams25 minutes per game, shooting 71%, and a couple of 2-block games recently. Available in 25% of leagues.
  • Miles BridgesRemember in grade school when you’d just have somebody stand near the basket and get rebounds? Bridges is getting a ton of rebounds right now. He’s also killing it from deep and near and hopefully, that’s not a horror movie metaphor. Available in 32% of leagues.

Rostered in Less than 50% of Leagues: 

  • Luguentz DortDude just went off for 40 points and 4 steals. I’d go to a steak house if they had a 4-for-$40 deal, wouldn’t you? Dart throw!
  • Malachi FlynnGoing wild to end the year on the Raptors. Topped 20 points in 2 out of his last 3 games, but also dropped some complete stinkers in 2 out of his last 4 games. Boom or bust and nobody wins championships without taking a risk!
  • Dean Wade9 trés in his last two games with significant playing time. Tough to do worse than that! Available in 90% of leagues.
  • Dorian Finney-Smith: Double-doubling in points and rebounds, topping 30 minutes in the last ten games, even dropping some threes to help you out. Available in 70%+ of leagues.
  1. JC says:

    Wade is toast. Injured guys back.
    Need steals, assists this weekend. CoJo looks to be out for Detroit’s B2B set. Hayes or Saben? They might rest Killian but them are the choices. Ugh

    • everywhereblair

      everywhereblair says:

      Hey JC!

      The secret tools I have at my disposal tell me that Hayes is the way to go. You’re right to check resting status, but if he plays, he’s by far the preferred choice. Good luck!

      • JC says:

        I did! Hope he plays first game anyway. Trying to hold that bye week

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