With the season just a few days away, I’ll be covering the latest injury news for all those last minute drafters. Guys will be held out of preseason games for various ailments, so don’t overreact to every DNP in the preseason box scores. I can’t cover every NBA injury, but will try to cover the biggest injuries to start the season.

Unless you have been living under a rock over the summer, you have seen Paul George’s gruesome injury. He broke his leg in an US Olympic Team scrimmage. The leg injury has a 12-18 month timetable so George will be out for the entire regular season. He may play in the playoffs, but that doesn’t affect us fantasy players.

In redraft leagues, you don’t draft George. He won’t be playing this season, but should return to form the following year. In dynasty leagues, it gets a little trickier. If your team isn’t competing this year, then definitely invest a mid-round pick on him and stash him for the next season. If you think you can compete this year, get someone else who will play this year.

With George’s injury and Lance Stephenson’s trade to the Charlotte Hornets, there will be a lot of playing time and statistics up for grabs. Larry Bird says that the offense will rely more on George Hill. He’s never been the focal point of the offense so there may be some growing pains, but he’s a solid career shooter (44.8 FG%, 80.8 FT%, and 37.1 3FP%) and with increases in the counting stats, should be a solid mid-round value. He’s suffered a knee contusion, but should be ready to go for the start of the season.

David West is 34, but if George Hill has any trouble with the added pressure, West should see an increase of touches in the post. After averaging 14 points and 6.8 rebounds last season, I could easily see him return to the 17+ ppg and 7+ rpg he’s done for most of his career.

Recent acquisition, Rodney Stuckey, should get a lot of minutes, but will probably only help you with scoring. He’s never been an asset in steals and threes, stats you expect out of your guards, and I don’t see that changing much. He’s also dealing with a sprained right ankle and may not be ready for the start of the regular season.

Outside of Paul George, the biggest offseason injury news belongs to Kevin Durant. He has a Jones fracture in his foot that will keep him out until late November or early December, roughly 20 games of the Thunder’s schedule. Durant had successful surgery on October 16 and will be reevaluated in six weeks.

Now we’re talking about the best fantasy player last year and probably the consensus #1 pick this year, if he were healthy. So where do you draft an injured superstar? I’m seeing him going in the first round of drafts and Yahoo! ADP has him at 4.8, which includes the drafters who drafted him prior to his injury in early October.

I personally won’t be drafting him in the first round in standard leagues, but have no problem grabbing him in the second round. It may take him a little while to get back into the flow of things once he comes back, but he should still provide elite stats for ¾ of the season. In dynasty leagues, you’re still going to keep Durant. He’s young and should be one of the best players for years to come.

This injury directly benefits Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and to a lesser extent, Reggie Jackson. They will be looked upon to take up some of Durant’s touches and points. You’re still drafting Westbrook and Ibaka in the 1st/2nd round, but I would bump up Jackson a little bit and hope to trade him when Durant gets close to returning.

Primed by many for a breakout season, Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal suffered a broken wrist during the preseason. He’ll be out for six to eight weeks to start the season. It may take some time to regain his shooting form, but unlike Durant’s leg injury, Beal should still be in great conditioning shape when he returns. Despite the injury, I’m still investing in Beal to deliver top 40 statistics, when he can be had for a 6th/7th round pick (his current Yahoo! ADP is 65.2).

The main benefactors are John Wall and Paul Pierce. Already an offensive stud, Wall will have the ball in his hands even more. The only downside is that Wall often times tries to do too much when Beal is off the court so an increase in turnovers should be expected.

Pierce is much older and should see the most minutes at the 2/3 in Beal’s absence. However, the Wizards will be trying to save him for their playoff run. As a result, Glen Rice Jr., Otto Porter, and Pierce will be sharing a lot of the playing time. Hopefully Rice Jr. and Porter can improve upon their summer league play and step up in Beal’s and departed Trevor Ariza’s absence. Even as a Wizards fan, those guys are wait and see players for me, but be prepared to pounce on the waiver wire should either start the season strong.

Should we start calling Brook Lopez ‘Broke Lopez?’ The man almost always seems to be hurt with something. After suffering a right foot sprain, he’ll be out two weeks to start the season. If he could stay healthy, he would be one of the top centers in fantasy. The Nets remain optimistic about his return and plan to revolve the offense around him, but he’s dealt with foot injuries in the past and is a player I’m avoiding in drafts.

The only remaining player from the Boston Celtics’ championship big four, Rajon Rondo is recovering from a broken hand. He has yet to participate in a full contact practice, but don’t expect him to miss too much time to start the season. Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley should see plenty of time to start the season and could be in for even more minutes, should Rondo be traded midseason.

Michael Carter-Williams still doesn’t have a timetable for his return from a shoulder injury. With the Sixers in rebuild mode, there won’t be any rush to get MCW back before he is ready. That being said, once he’s back and healthy, he should build on his rookie season and still remains a guy I’m targeting.

Good luck to those drafting this weekend. Feel free to post comments and come back every Friday during the regular season for the latest injury news!

  1. E says:

    What do you think of this team?

    1. Chris Paul
    2. Paul millsap
    3. Goran dragic
    4. Jrue holiday
    5. Derrick favors
    6. Robin Lopez
    7. Josh smith
    8. Isiah Thomas
    9. Giannis
    10. Jameer Nelson
    11. Spencer Hawes
    12. John Henson
    13. Rodney stuckey

    • Mike says:

      @E: I would pass on Dragic and Paul. The only guard I would take in the first round would be Curry. Dragic I would on because of the competition. I would rather draft Cousins or Ibaka in the first and Drummond in the 2nd pass on millsap and draft either Hayword or Ellis in the third.

  2. Wen says:

    Hi JB and Slim,

    I did my live draft last week for 10 team, H2H standard 9 cat scoring. What do you think of my team below? I am thinking to punt AST and get more 3s. I am in need of another SG/SF. Should I take Mirza Teletovic or Tim Hardaway Jr.? Thank you.

    1. Stephen Curry
    2. Chris Bosh
    3. Nicolas Batum
    4. Marc Gasol
    5. Derrick Favors
    6. Marcin Gortat
    7. David West
    8. Zach Randolph
    9. Greg Monroe
    10. Jamal Crawford
    11. J.J. Redick
    12. Kelly Olynyk
    13. Alec Burks
    14. K.J. McDaniels

  3. Mike says:

    Hey guys, love reading your blog. Really appreciate your work. I just drafted last night, 12 team h2h, i had the second pick. Can you comment on my team?

    W. Johnson
    T. Jones
    M. Gasol
    E. Payton
    G. Green

    In the past, i used to punt fts and usually got two bigs in the first two rounds like dwight and drummond, but this time i got curry first and didnt wana waste his FTs.
    Im pretty satisfied for the most part, but would like to know my weaknesses. I had a chance to get noel instead of gortat but didnt like the injury risk. Also, should i trade gasol for millsap? Or collison for isiah thomas?

    • Bryce Krispie Treats says:

      @Mike: Gortat will be a “safer” pick, but with Noel’s preseason lines, I could see him going nuts. You made the right move by building off of curry’s %’s. No sense in wasting those cats. If you could possibly trade gasol for millsap, id do it in a heartbeat. These two might be very similar in pts and rbs, but millsap adds 3s, a few dimes, and steals. Hes a true multi cat producer. As for collison for thomas, I dont fully trust thomas and his playing time. Goran and Bledsoe will be the focal point of that offense. Sure, thomas will have some good nights that will make you regret not drafting him, but hes going to be streaky because of the guard situation in PHX. Collison should be very good for you.

  4. Mikey Boy324 says:

    Should I drop any of the these players for Mozgov?
    Otto Porter
    Henry Sims

    • Mike says:

      @Mikey Boy324: Depends on your other players, but I would not want Sims and if I had a choice between Porter and KCP I would take KCP

      • Mikey Boy324 says:

        @Mike: Thanks for the advice I think I am going to drop Sims for him.

  5. Humph says:

    I had a 10 team 8 cat roto draft the other day. I didn’t know if i could make the start of it, so i tried to set up my auto pick. On my phone I couldn’t figure out how to move people up and down. I could only get rid of people I didn’t want to draft. I got rid of so many people S.Adams was ranked about 50.
    I finished work in time for the draft, but when i went to do the draft I couldn’t work out how to activate the guys I had previously deleted. It was tough because I couldn’t pick any guys who would’ve been bargains, and I couldn’t tell if guys I wanted were likely to fall to my next pick because there was an unknown number of names in between. I think I still did OK, but i’ve ended up with a lack of PG’s. I would’ve picked up Calderon and/or Collison but they were snapped up just before I picked.
    I think I still did OK.
    5) Harden
    16) Millsap
    25) Horford
    36) Vucevic
    45) Holiday
    56) Parsons
    65) RoLo
    76) Anderson
    85) IT2
    96) Knight
    105) Giannis
    116) G.Green
    125) S.Adams

    • Magones says:

      @Humph: Such a back story and then your draft is perfectly solid!

  6. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Just to add to your injury theme, and my RCL teams misery since I also drafted Durant, Oladipo suffered a facial fracture in practice. Ouch, literally! I’m not sure how long that puts him out for, but it doesn’t sound good. Damn my RCL team!

    • Samsonite says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: “indefinitely” should be banished from terminology for fantasy purposes!
      Peter – do you have a guess at how long a facial fracture puts him out? has anyone had a similar injury in recent years we can compare it to?

      • Philzilla says:

        @Samsonite: BBM said that Hedo missed 21 days for a cheek fracture. Sounds like best case is a few weeks, but not longer than a month. But who knows. Maybe his whole face got caved in by an O’Quinn elbow.

        • Slim

          Slim says:

          @Philzilla: Larry Sanders missed the end of the year last year with the broken Orbital bone. I guess it just depends on which bone(s) broke. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Oladipo hit waivers in a 12er. If I had him though I would need much more info before dropping him.

  7. Philzilla says:

    Of course Olidipo gets hurt as soon as this article comes out. Where would you guys draft Olidipo in an 9-cat $200 12 team standard auction draft? $1?

  8. Yokev_o says:

    12 team 9 cat league can you rate my team?

    Dragic, batum, holiday, melo, ibaka, favors, bogut, mason plumlee, ariza, wiggins, trey Burke, kanter, Henry sims, and wroten.

    Frye is on the waivers and im debating on taking him. Your thoughts? It’s a big money league.

  9. Nate says:

    Oladipo is out indefinitely so I need another SG.

    Should I try the waiver wire or make a trade for Batum?
    I was thinking Thaddeus Young for Batum.

    The owner does not want Batum.

    My team:

    Lowry, Knight, Jack, Oladipo, Alphabet
    Parsons, Thaddeus, Deng,
    Griffin, Al Jefferson, Valanciunas, Hickson, Mason Plumlee.

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Nate: Depends who is on your waiver wire, but if you can trade Young for Batum, I would do it in a heart beat. Batum is a fantasy monster.

  10. hamtime says:

    Lame question, but I am in need of a PG in a 16 man and am thinking of adding norris cole. Do you think he has enough upside? I would be dropping wilson chandler.

    Other non-pg options are miles (hate his bad fg), copeland (3s only), and amare (yes, i know)..

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @hamtime: We won’t know for sure until Wednesday, but it sounds like Norris Cole may be the opening night starter for the Heat because they prefer to have Chalmers off the bench. I don’t think that Cole has a lot of upside, but if you need a point guard, he might be the best pg on the waiver wire.

  11. hamtime says:

    Also, please rank the following as a final roster spot:
    o’quinn, porter, gobert, jack

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @hamtime: Jack, Otto, Gobert, O’Quinn. Don’t trust Deron Williams health history and Otto could step up with Bradley Beal and Webster out for a while.

  12. Dorian says:

    I own both Michael Carter-Williams and Victor Oladipo in my one league. I am so glad I drafted 3 quality guards right away, because there isn’t anyone going into those slots for awhile. Unless MCW gets to play when they say he’ll be back.

  13. Pimptatious P says:

    I did my first fantasy draft after reading your strategies in an 11 category h2h, PF and ORB are added, please tell me what you think I was the 3rd pick of 12 teams
    Stephen Curry
    Deandre Jordan
    Dwight Howard
    Derrick Favors
    Rajon Rondo
    george hill
    Terrence Jones
    Trey Burke
    Jared Sullinger
    Brandon Knight
    Andrew Bogut
    KJ McDaniels
    Mirza Teletovic

    I am punting FT% obviously and starting positions are PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTIL, UTIL

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Pimptatious P: You did grab some great offensive rebounders, but might want to grab another shooting guard. Outside of Curry, you don’t have a lot of scorers.

  14. Mark says:

    Here is my draft. Any feedback would be appreciated. 10 Team H2H 9 Categories /TO
    1. Chris Paul
    2. Durant
    3. M Gasol
    4. Millsap
    5. Bledsoe
    6. Terrance Jones
    7. Lance Stephenson
    8. Noel
    9. Collison
    10. Antetokounmpo
    11.Taj Gibson
    12. Reddick
    13, Boozer
    ***Move Durant to IR and picked up Bogut, would you pick up Dieng instead.?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Mark: Looks pretty solid. I prefer Andrew Bogut because he should be starting, but Dieng offers more upside. Bogut has an injury history too so be aware of that since you already have Durant occupying your IR spot.

  15. hisXLNZ says:

    What do you think about Chris Copeland IND and C.J. McCallum POR?

    • hisXLNZ says:

      @hisXLNZ: oh also Kyle O’Quinn if I may add. Thank you! You guys Rock!

      • Peter Kap

        Peter Kap says:

        @hisXLNZ: Depending on the size of your league, those guys are all wait and see players for me. They all have some competition ahead of them. One of them might become a breakout player, but I’ll be waiting to see how minutes shake out in those rotations before investing in any of them.

  16. Phranque (pronounced Frank) says:

    Hi guys,
    With every day of reading your site I realize how invaluable you guys are going to be this season. WIN, LOSE or DRAW…. RAZZBALL is an unbelievable fantasy bball asset. THANKS.

    O.K. Enough sucking up….3 questions:
    1) How long do you guess MORROW will be out in OKC? (Will he an Durant be returning about the same time?….kind of defeats the reason for drafting him,no?).
    2) I’m thinking of Chris Copeland as the “sneaky” replacement. He’s had a good preseason with oodles of 3/s on a point- starved Pacer team ( without D. WEST for some time) Thoughts?
    3) I’ve offered another GM a trade of WALL/HAYWARD for his HARDEN/HOLIDAY. He’s from Indianapolis, and a HAYWARD fan…and I’m a Bruin (go Jrue!). It appears it will help me in PTs & 3/s….how would you analyze the trade? Am I just being as much a homer as the other G.M.?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Phranque (pronounced Frank): Anthony Morrow will miss the start of the regular season due to a MCL injury. The recovery time is anywhere from 4-6 weeks. We should know more in the coming days, but Perry Jones is likely the starter until either Morrow or Durant returns.

      I’m not big on Chris Copeland, but you’re right that someone has to score on that team. Copeland looks to be the starter, but isn’t known as a defender, which might cost him some playing time on a defensive minded team. I’d prefer to have CJ Miles as the replacement for George and Stephenson.

      It’s a pretty fair trade for both teams, but I’d prefer to have the Harden side, since he’s the best player in the deal.

  17. Anthony says:

    So I drafted my team and it’s pretty weak compared to the others….I have the luxury of LeBron, but put him on the block and one offer I got was

    LeBron, Duncan, Louis Williams for Bledsoe, Favors, Zach Randolph

    This is an incredibly deep 12 team (we start like 15 guys), h2h most categories league, is this return good enough to move LeBron??

    • Baezaworldseries says:

      @Anthony: You can get more. Methinks.

      • Peter Kap

        Peter Kap says:

        @Baezaworldseries: I wouldn’t trade Lebron unless I’m getting a top player in return. Bledsoe, Favors, and Randolph are solid, but you should be able to get more.

  18. Cam says:

    I used this site’s rankings a lot in my 14 team h2h draft tonight, so first of all…..Thank you V.M.

    Here’s my team, what do you think

    Andre Drummond
    K.Mart (I didn’t like this pick but all the SFs were pretty much gone)
    Brandon Knight
    Mason Plumlee

    Not too bad for 14 teams, thanks to you guys

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Cam: Looks pretty good to me. I like Kemba and Hayward as guys who should outperform their ADP.

  19. Ed says:

    10 team/9 cat.

    T. Parker
    Taj Gibson
    Avery Bradler

    Any thoughts?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Ed: I’m a big fan of Millsap and Bosh this year. They should both continue to be great all-around big men. I think Ariza had a career year last year and will be hard pressed to duplicate it this year. Otherwise, it looks like you a have a solid team.

    • CTMN says:

      @Ed: Really good team but the assists and blocks don’t look good. For assists LeBron/DeMar/Parsons are nice from the wing but only Teague and Parker isn’t enough for PGs. Plus Parker isn’t a big assists, 3s, or steals guy, and he’s on the Spurs so you know how that works for days off. For blocks, Millsap/Bosh/Taj is all you really have and that’s pretty weak. But you’re really good in everything else and most of the individual picks are really good at the spots you got them. You could target a PG like Rubio for a guy like Ariza maybe in order to boost assists, and maybe try offering LeBron for Anthony Davis if you want that? Or look for a shot blocker that’s cheaper like Hibbert or Sanders.

      • Ed says:

        thanks for the tips.
        yeah, got left on the outside of a big pg run which put me in a bad assist position. good ideas to target via trade.

  20. Mamba says:

    10 team h2h points based draft tonight. 14 teams on each roster. Extra bonus points for double doubles. Who would you be targeting in the last couple of rounds that are high risk/high upside? I’ve always believed that you should target high upside guys in the last couple of rounds because a lot of times you end up cutting someone you drafted in the last couple of rounds for someone that’s on a tear on the waiver wire. Who do you guys like this year that would be available around picks 100-140? Thanks!

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Mamba: Some guys to look for include Gallinari, Antetokounmpo, Kanter, Sullinger, Mozgov, and Julius Randle. Most of those guys have the upside to outperform their ADP and the ability to produce double doubles.

      • mamba says:

        @Peter Kap: I drafted Ante, Sullinger, and Kanter so I’m feeling good. I also drafted Dieng with the last pick but Plumlee is available on the waiver wire. would you drop Dieng for Plumlee this early in the season or wait and see if Brook can stay healthy?

        • Peter Kap

          Peter Kap says:

          @mamba: Lopez is already injured to start the year so Plumlee will get some starts to begin the season. However, Lopez isn’t expected to be out long. I like Dieng more in general because of his elite shot blocking ability. Besides, Pek has been known to miss a few games too. But both are solid sleeper candidates should they receive starter minutes.

  21. sam says:

    had my draft this morning in very competitive friends H2H 12 team 12 pick 9 cat league. drafted from 9th position. Here is the team;

    9 Wall
    16 Milsap
    33 Ellis
    40 Matthews (reached but love him on my teams every year so felt warranted to go get)
    57 Jab Parker
    64 Keef Morris
    81 Ter Jones
    88 Rej Jax (one spot ahead of greek freek and Korver, feel good about this one paired w Jones in prev round)
    105 Dra Green 🙂
    112 Danilo Gali
    129 Hawes
    136 S Adams

    let’s hear the opinions

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @sam: I think you’re right that you reached a little bit on Wesley Matthews, but Parker and Jackson were good grabs where you got them.

  22. Sam says:

    Hey boys, you guys gave me solid advice getting prepped for my draft today, but the guy a couple spots in front kept on stealing my picks (drummo, vucevic, noah) so didn’t end up as well as I’d hoped. But here’s my team for H2H 10 cat (with double-doubles and minutes played) 10man league. Would love some input and whether/who i should look at trying to trade or pick up. Was champ last year, so was looking to defend my title but not so sure now.
    Steph Curry
    Joshy Smith
    T. Harris

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Sam: Looks like a pretty solid draft. Got some stud point guards and followed it up with a bunch of big men who are capable of lots of double doubles.

  23. orloeno says:

    Big fan of Razzball. What do you think of my draft? 12 team, H2h, 9cat

    1. (12) Al Jefferson (Cha – PF,C)
    2. (13) LaMarcus Aldridge (Por – PF,C)
    3. (36) Goran Dragic (Pho – PG,SG)
    4. (37) Gordon Hayward (Uta – SG,SF)
    5. (60) Pau Gasol (Chi – PF,C)
    6. (61) George Hill (Ind – PG,SG)
    7. (84) Andrew Bogut (GS – C)
    8. (85) Jeremy Lin (LAL – PG,SG)
    9. (108) Andre Iguodala (GS – SG,SF)
    10. (109) Jared Sullinger (Bos – PF,C)
    11. (132) Tony Wroten (Phi – PG)
    12. (133) K.J. McDaniels (Phi – SF)
    13. (156) Nikola Mirotic (Chi – SF,PF)

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @orloeno: I think you reached a little for Andrew Bogut. You already drafted three big man who are capable of solid rebounds and 1+ blocks a game with Al, Aldridge, and Gasol. I like Bogut, but am drafting him after the 10 round. I would try and get another pure SG with good steal and point numbers. Maybe if one of your lotto picks (McDaniels, Mirotic, or Sullinger) will luck out and you can upgrade at SG with a trade.

  24. Nikko Respeto says:

    In a H2H points league, which side of this trade is getting more: Curry and Noah for Wall and Aldridge?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Nikko Respeto: I’m not as familiar with points leagues because I’ve never played in one. Depends on how your league values each category. Curry and Noah give you more 3s, steals, and assists, but Wall and Aldridge will give you more points.

  25. dudelsmack says:

    JB and Slim, love your work and I’m a daily reader/listener that recognizes good insight when I see it. Was hoping you’d be able to give me some feedback/advice going forward for my team that I just drafted. It’s an 14 team 8cat H2H league. I just have to say that I planned on grabbing Dragic in the 3rd so I could go PG-Big in the 4th and 5th respectively…but couldn’t leave Horford on the board in the 3rd. Anyways, after crunching some numbers from the draft results, I think I need to trade Calderon for a big guy who’s going to get me points/rebounds. Thoughts?

    BALListic BROWser
    1. (2) Anthony Davis (NO – PF,C)
    2. (27) Paul Millsap (Atl – PF,C)
    3. (30) Al Horford (Atl – PF,C)
    4. (55) Jose Calderon (NY – PG)
    5. (58) Deron Williams (Bkn – PG)
    6. (83) Jeremy Lin (LAL – PG,SG)
    7. (86) Jimmy Butler (Chi – SG,SF)
    8. (111) Taj Gibson (Chi – PF,C)
    9. (114) Draymond Green (GS – SF)
    10. (139) Henry Sims (Phi – C)
    11. (142) Ramon Sessions (Sac – PG,SG)

  26. Bishop says:

    How do you feel about Dante Exum? I believe that he is a young talent with terrific upside, however his body, strength and stamina just isn’t NBA ready right now. Plus he’s having a terrible pre-season. I have him on my bench, I’m thinking about dropping him for Otto Porter off waivers. What do you think?

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Bishop: They’re both young and raw, but Exum probably has the higher upside of the two players. However, Porter already has a year under his belt, played great in summer ball, and should see starters’ minutes with Beal out with his wrist injury. Exum looks to be more of a project this season, as the Jazz admitted that they were going to work on his shooting form as the season progresses, and there’s no guarantee of minutes.

      • Bishop says:

        Thanks for the reply PK…..yeah I end up taking Otto Porter off waivers and put him on my bench because of the reasons you stated….playing time. I will see how it plays out. I was also looking at Chris Copeland since the Pacers are depleted and Copland has been money from 3 point land this pre-season….but that would mean dropping my last bench player James Ennis. I’m pretty sure I will hold onto him cuz I think he can be a stud if he can get some decent playing.

  27. Please tell me Sessions is not going to be more valuable than Collison. I got Collison in the 110 overall range. Sessions went in the last 5 picks.

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @[email protected]’s: This will be a frustrating backcourt to own until we get more clarity. Collison has outplayed Sessions in the preseason, but Sessions continues to start. Personally I like Collison more, but I think they are closer in value than people realize. For now you’re just going to have to wait and see how it plays out.

  28. 16 team 8 Cat Roto (snake)

    Draft is tomorrow, I have 1st pick. Was just offered 1st round (9th pick) and 2nd round (24th pick) for my 1st round (1st pick) and 10th round (160th pick).

    Should I jump on this, and if so who should I target at 9th and 24th? I was leaning towards taking A. Davis with #1 pick, and now considering the trade would maybe target Melo/Durant at 9. any insight and thoughts would be great!

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Chris R.: So you would essentially be drafting twice in the 2nd round since you don’t have to give that up? Then I would definitely take the 9th and 24th picks. That would give you 3 top 32 players.

  29. Jenny says:

    Hey everyone, was wondering if I could get your feedback on my team. 12 Team ESPN H2H Points. I actually didn’t realize that we were playing H2H Points until now (aka after the draft) so not sure where I’m weak.

    8 Kevin Durant
    17 Chris Bosh
    32 Rudy Gay
    41 Gordon Hayward
    56 MCW
    65 Trevor Ariza
    80 Jimmy Butler
    89 Jose Calderon
    104 Terrence Jones
    113 Taj Gibson
    128 Kelly Olynyk
    137 Danny Green
    152 Dion Waiters

    • PAvel says:

      @Jenny: good in scoring, ft%. not strong in rebounds, blocks, and assists. I’d trade Gay for a pg (i think Gay is always over-valued cuz he scores a lot, but not too helpful in other categories)

  30. PAvel says:

    OMG so good to be back!

    Quick Dynasty league question. I need an SF and I have Jefferson, Noah, and Aldridge that everyone wants. Who would you ask in return for one of these studs?

    And/also Aldridge for Kawhi would you do it? I remind you that this is a Dynasty league.

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @PAvel: I would go for Durant, Carmelo, or Leonard. Probably not getting Lebron, but those are the next three SFs I would want. I like Leonard more in real life than in fantasy. Still think Pop will save his minutes for the playoffs, hurting his value.

  31. LS says:

    Big fan of the razzball internet website, keep up the fantastic work! Just had my 14 team h2h auction draft last night, any weaknesses here I should focus on?

    Victor Oladipo
    Elfred Payton,
    Brandon Knight
    Marcus Smart
    Nicolas Batum
    Terrance Jones
    Serge ibaka
    Paul Millsap
    Kelly Olynick
    Larry Sanders
    Jonas Valanciunas

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @LS: You don’t have an elite scorer, but you drafted a lot of young, high upside guys (Oladipo, Payton, Smart, Giannis, etc.). It’ll be interesting to see if or how many of these guys will pan out.

  32. Tony says:

    18 teamer, keeper of…..Donald Sloan worth the add? How much FAAB dollars would u go?

    I’ve got jusuf nurick and al farouqe aminu roster’d

    James ennis as well……

    • Peter Kap

      Peter Kap says:

      @Tony: Depends on how much you want him. I tend not to overreact to the latest short term starter. That being said, George Hill is out 3 weeks and Sloan will be starting. Nurick is a project and has the most keeper potential. Aminu and Ennis aren’t going to do much unless an injury happens. I would drop Aminu and try and grab Sloan. I would only spend $9/10 on him because he might only be a short term player, but won’t be surprised if he goes for much more.

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