Hey everyone!  I’m Viz, and for those who don’t know me, I’m the editor of the hockey side of things on Razzball and the co-host of the Razzball Hockey Podcast.  Now, with the departure of the legends J.B. and Slim, I’m co-hosting the basketball podcast too!  I’m joined by our Lord, Tehol Beddict, to talk about a wide array of subjects.  We start off by briefly introducing who we are before getting to what everyone wants to hear about, basketball!  Among the notable topics are the current NBA Playoffs, the loaded 2017 NBA Draft, the up and coming teams we’re looking forward to seeing next season, the #1 player on my board for next season and free agency.  We hit on a bunch of teams, either with multiple, notable free agents or with a large amount of cap space and the players we’d like to see them spend on.  We had some technical difficulties, my talking doesn’t come through perfectly, but I promise it’ll be better next time around!  Be sure to post anything you want us to talk about in the future in the comments section below.  All of that and more in the newest edition of the Razzball Basketball Podcast!

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