First off – F this snow!  Sorry about the delay with comments yesterday as my power was out almost the whole day and also claimed our Podcast.  What did we do in a world without power?!  Fantasy basketball would be mad, mad tough.  Dr. Naismith’s Fantasy Peach Buckets League!  Since we didn’t get to it on the Pod – be sure and check out the SideLeague app in the GooglePlay and App Store to play in their weekend contest starting tonight.  Download the app now, and once you’ve set up your account, enter promo code RAZZBALL for $5 free dollars!  And friend me “jb@680” so we can smack talk our squads!

Well, the late-season injury bug has become an all-out Mothra, with Darren Corrison having surgery on a core muscle and is likely out for the year with a re-evaluation in 3-6 weeks.  With the Kings going nowhere, I highly doubt he comes back this year.  Obviously droppable in all redrafts, it opens up monster playing time for Ray McCallum and grandpa Andre Miller.  Of course Old Man Karl is keen to his fellow retirees, and has said Miller and Ray Mac will split minutes close to down the middle.  Ray in for defense and Andre for O.  Miller makes for an interesting add in 14ers if you’re looking for dimes and Ray for overall upside.  But neither quite crack the 12er range unless streaming.  Still would rather the “unconditioned” Isaiah Canaan or Aaron Brooks.  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy hoops action:

LeBron James Season-high 42.  Better late than never!  42/11/5/3/1, but another 6 TO.  Not that I would be complaining!  Because I own LeBron nowhere…

Timofey Mozgov – Another game where Healthcare.Mozgov played well, but only got 25 minutes.  10/10/2/1/1 hitting 4-8 FG and 2-2 FT.  He’s an Affordable Care Add!

J.R. Smith – The line is fairly empty (4/4/5/4/0), but the steals have been absolutely redonk!  Up to nearly 2 a game to obliterate his previous career-high, which is what happens when you can’t take labradoodles all game!  Only 9 shots the past 2 with no treys.  StealNOF!

Kyrie Irving Hurt his shoulder last night and breifly left, but still put together a very solid 24/3/1/2/0 line on 6-17 FG (2-8 3PTM 10-10 FT) in 38 minutes.  He said it was sore post-game, and is mad worrying that he’s already doubtful for tonight.

David Lee – Booooooo!  He got hot making my Marreese Speights stream call awful, as you continue to not be able to trust any of these Warrior-Center Schmohawks.

Enes Kanter Had a huge surging hot spot in the 3rd ending up with an 18/6/1/0/1 line hitting 6-11 FG and 6-6 FT.  It’s funny Reggie Miller and TNT slammed his defense, almost like no one else had ever seen it!

Russell Westbrook Monster game against Phoenix for a 39/14/11/3/0 triple-double.  Took more shots than Nick Nolte on a bad day!  12-38 FG, but salvaged %s with 14-16 FT.  Did hurt something late, so we’ll see if any knee or ankle issues crop up.

D.J. Augustin Got most of his stats early, but 27 minutes of 13/5/3 is fairly usable.  Sure a little bit was OT/no Kevin Durant aided, but usable indeed.

Eric Bledsoe Tried to keep up with the Westbrook tripdub fest!  28/13/9/1/4 with a mad-efficient 11-16 FG (2-3 3PTM, unlucky 4-8 FT).  Turning into a beast after unloading the Suns PG glut!

Brandon Knight – 15/5/3, and still struggling to get the steals.  That said, more dimes should’ve been there as Alex Len dropped an easy alley and Knight had the dime of the game.  Hornacek is playing one of Knight and Bledsoe at all times, so Knight is picking up pure-PG minutes here-and-there.  The AST should be down a smidge, but I am still optimistic.

Markieff Morris There have been a lot of concerned Kieff owners (not just you Las!), but put together a huge 29/11/3/1/1 line last night, hitting 12-26 FG (2-6 3PTM 3-5 FT).  Multi-cat Markieff!

Marcus Morris – It’s like twin intuition or something!  11/5/2 hitting a couple of treys, but looked mad hot out there.  Nice 23 minutes off the bench from the DeVito to the Schwarzenegger.


Streamer/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Kevin Seraphin (1% owned) – REL bias!  I’ve liked everything I’ve seen from Shark Phin Soup, and after the Wizards got clubbed by the Wolves last time out, I think they go nuts through 3 quarters against the Sixers.  Then it’ll be garbage time!  Kris Humphries is likely out with a bum hammy, so Seraphin is a sneaky big to use tonight if you have an opening in the busy slate.

Ray McCallum (4% owned) – As I metnioned in the open, I dunno if Ray Mac is quite at a “pickup and hold” level yet, but I like the matchup tonight against the Spurs.  Tony Parker has looked awful, yet I think the Spurs bring a big game against the Kings and SAC plays out the young PG down the stretch.


I hope everyone else fared better with their power last night if they got caught in the snow, and have a safe and warm weekend Razzball Nation!