The Player Rater is a tool to evaluate the performance of a player with only one number. This is not a perfect tool, and will not guarantee victory in fantasy, but this is useful to improve and evaluate your team.

In each category of scoring, a number is calculated to represent the average total in that category. If a player has the average, his rating in that category is 0.00. The numbers represent how much a player is above or below the average.

If the rating is positive, that player is an above-average fantasy player in that category. If the rating is negative that player is below-average. The sum of all ratings in each category gives us a number (the PR), and then we rank the players accordingly.

I did this for each category to see who the best players were for the first two weeks of the season. I have not included turnovers, as the evaluation in PR is very controversial in my opinion, so if you’re in a league with turnovers, you must keep in mind this.

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  Name Team PR
1  Stephen Curry  Golden State  16.25
2  Russell Westbrook  Oklahoma City  11.38
3  Kyrie Irving  Boston  10.91
4  Damian Lillard  Portland  10.56
5  Ricky Rubio  Utah  9.32
6  Darren Collison  Indiana  7.51
7  Jrue Holiday  New Orleans  7.43
8  John Wall  Washington  6.85
9  Kemba Walker  Charlotte  6.69
10  Yogi Ferrell  Dallas  6.23


  Name Team PR
1  James Harden  Houston  16.32
2  Victor Oladipo  Indiana  11.01
3  Klay Thompson  Golden State  10.54
4  Evan Fournier  Orlando  9.91
5  Wesley Matthews  Dallas  8.45
6  Devin Booker  Phoenix  7.78
7  C.J. McCollum  Portland  7.24
8  DeMar DeRozan  Toronto  7.01
9  Yogi Ferrell  Dallas  6.23
10  Eric Gordon  Houston  6.18


  Name Team PR
1  LeBron James Cleveland 16.13
2 Giannis Antetokouumpo  Milwaukkee  15.78
3  Paul George  Oklahoma City 10.96
4  Otto Porter  Washington  10.02
5  Al-Farouq Aminu  Portland  9.06
6  Robert Covington  Philadelphia  8.29
7  Joe Ingles  Utah  7.99
8 Ben Simmons Philadelphia 7.64
9  Jason Tatum  Boston  7.55
10  Khris Middleton  Milwaukee  6.98


  Name Team PR
1  Kevin Durant  Golden State  17.06
2  Anthony Davis  New Orleans  11.42
3  Carmelo Anthony  Oklahoma City  9.44
4  LaMarcus Aldridge  San Antonio  9.41
5  Draymond Green  Gonden State  8.33
6  Kevin Love  Cleveland  7.98
7  Ryan Anderson  Houston  7.15
8  Rondae Hollis-Jefferson  Brooklyn  6.81
9  Aaron Gordon  Orlando  6.74
10  Tobias Harris  Detroit  5.98


  Name Team PR
1  DeMarcus Cousins  New Orleans  20.16
2 K.A. Towns Minnesota  14.25
3 Clint Capela Houston 13.23
4 Marc Gasol Memphis 12.18
5  Nicola Vucevic Orlando 10.88
6 Steven Adams Oklahoma City 9.75
7 Rudy Gobert Utah 9.45
8 Al Horford Boston 8.75
9 Kevin Love Cleveland 7.99
10 Joel Embiid Philadelphia 7.21



  1. Robyn says:

    RAndersson or Hollis Jefferson?

    • Tony RP

      Tony RP says:

      @Robyn: Hollis Jefferson, he may be a top-60 player this season.

  2. Chad says:

    Not sure why Melo is so high while Blake Griffin is not even listed other than his unsustainable numbers in blocks, a category he’s never thrived in. Griffin isn’t getting much in defensive stats but getting just under 5 dimes per game and a couple of threes from a guy eligible at PF and C in addition to similar scoring to Melo, twice the boards, and a better shooting % isn’t a bad consolation for that.

    • Tony RP

      Tony RP says:

      @Chad: Melo is much better % in FT (80.6% vs 73.1%), and the key in the PR is the 1.1 in st by Melo and 1.1 in blocks vs 0.3 by Blake. Griffin destroys a lot of value in blocks and ft.
      Look at Yahoo Fantasy he is right now the 79th player this season.
      Thank you.

  3. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    Is the takeaway here that Yogi Ferrel should not be on waver wires in either of my leagues? (he is and they are No-To leagues)

    • Tony RP

      Tony RP says:

      @The Fantasy Dick: He is hot right now, with amazing numbers in FT%, 3pts and st, but in the long-term with D.Smith Jr. and the possible return of Seth Curry, he will see his numbers drop.

  4. Renz says:

    Hey Tony

    I’d just like to hear you on this negotiation I have right now.
    Setting: 16 teams, 9-cat
    Current line-up:

    G: A. Bradley, J. Murray, DSJ, K. Dunn
    F: J-Rich, Prince, Dray, Chriss, Marcus Morris
    C: Jokic, Horford, Turner, Holmes

    Someone offered PG and Millsap for Jokic, DSJ and JRich. Should I have this offer? or should I trade someone like Chriss or Bradley instead? What’s your thought on this? Thanks!

  5. Tony RP

    Tony RP says:

    Hi Renz, in my opinion, reject. Jokic is a monster fantasy player, he is above average in every category, and with 20.3 p, 12.3 reb, 4.3 a, 0.8 st, 0.7 blk and 1.8 3pts over his the last six games, he is a top-10 fantasy player. JRich is a young player with the potential to be +1 3pt, 1 st and 1 blk this season, few players do this and he may be a top-7o player this season. Instead, PG is still a second-round value player but Millsap has seen his numbers drop this season in every category, although he will improve that, I prefer your players.
    I would try to trade someone like Bradley for a player with good in ast.

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