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If you missed it yesterday in my inaugural post breaking down the NBA Trade Deadline, I’m your new Razzball Basketball chief editor and fantasy basketball overlord.  Hope I can bring ya the goods!

If you missed the games last night, and lets be honest, they weren’t exactly much-watch TV, you missed the Heat trounce the Bulls 86-67 and the Spurs romp the Clippers 116-90.  67 Chicago?  Two more and and Lil Wayne would’ve found his dreads on Chris Bosh’s wife’s legs.

Late in the game, LeBron had a fairly open court, but before he could go up to the rim Nate Robinson plowed into him.  No flagrants were charged, but LeBron started limping.  Hearts in throat Miami fans/roughly 10% of fantasy owners.  Everyone else was cheering.  Including Bulls fans.  Now I understand having a Napoleon Complex and getting smacked down at home, plus maybe getting some new fans in Cleveland, but let’s not have Bounty-gate Nate!  I’m definitely biased with LeBron on my main team (thanks randomized draft order), but Nate Robinson would be the last guy I’d want to hurt me playing basketball.  Who would be the first?  Long pause for thought… Dennis Rodman?  That way I can retaliate by just pulling out a piercing.  If Rodman pulled the same move on LeBron, BronBron would be like, “Wtf Rod, I’m the king! Now I’m pullin’ out your Prince Albert!”

Let’s take a look at last nights notable performances and headlines:

LeBron James Yet another dominant stat line going 11/15 FG 3/3 FT 26 Pts 12 Rebs 7 Asts and 2 Stls.  No word yet if the leg injury he suffered last night will be anything to cause him to miss any time, but it’s worth monitoring.  LeBron did say in a post game interview with Craig “let’s push how ridiculously crazy the suits I can wear” Sager that he’d be fine.  The Heat have things rolling pretty steady, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets held out if he has any ill-effect.

Nate Robinson – Got the start with Kirk Hinrich out with more elbow issues.  That’s what happens when your search history is similar to Tehol’s.  But seriously, Hinrich had to have some scar get re-surgerized split open and had to get even more stitches.  Robinson should get a few more starts, but only had 14 Pts 1 Reb 3 Asts and 2 Stls last night.  Not horrible, especially playing against a good defensive team, but I wouldn’t even spot start him unless I had a Schmohawk to get rid of. Like maybe…

Eric Bledsoe – I had to change my pants quite a few times while seeing Bled’s stats while CP3 sat out with knee issues.  But last night capped off the fourth straight lackluster line with 23 mins 2/8 FG 5 Pts 4 Rebs 3 Asts and no steals or blocks.  I’ve held out hope that he could contribute back on the bench, he has had some good runs coming off the pine, but with CP3 looking strong after the All-Star break (and, well during the All-Star Game), Bledsoe hasn’t rekindled the 15 minutes a night, rainbow line magic.  “Rainbow Line” is my new term for awesome stat line across all categories.

Tony Parker – Pulling his best R.A. Dickey impression, Parker is having a career year at age 30.  OK maybe it’s not as drastic, but he’s been playing in the NBA 12 years and its a bit of a shock.  Put up 31 Pts and 7 Asts in the second blowout of the night.

Manu Ginobili – Still being eased back into the mix with only 17 minutes last night.  He hasn’t put up more than 20 minutes in his first four games back from a thigh injury and may have his minutes not fully come back until playoff time if the Spurs keep winning and hold onto home court.  More on him in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.

Matt Barnes – Probably the most surprising stat line on the night going 6/12 FG 18 Pts 6 Rebs 2 Asts and 1 Blk, tying his highest points output since January 2nd.  Not as surprising when you see how bad the game got out of hand and he got some work in junk time.  Not a harbinger of things to come.

Chris Paul – A rough game last night as the Clippers got clipped in the buns by the Spurs.  1/6 FG 4 Pts 2 Rebs 3 Asts and 1 Stl, on top of a whopping -31 while on the court, is one of Paul’s worst games of the season.  Chalk it up to going against the best team in the NBA right now.  He’ll be fine.

Joakim Noah/Danny Green – Two other nice rainbow lines with Noah flirting with a triple double with 11 Pts 8 Rebs 8 Asts 3 Stls and 2 Blks and Green with 15 Pts 3 3PMs 2 Rebs 7 Asts 2 Stls and 2 Blks.  Noah and Rose will be a nasty two man game whenever Rose makes it back and Green has been a pleasant surprise all year.  More rainbows to come, fellahs!


Tonight’s Games – I will be making Yahoo player highlights for Kings @ Hawks then Trail Blazers @ Lakers.  Will be watching to see how Josh Smith does still in Atlanta and how the crowd responds, then it’s always interesting to watch the Lakers as they try to dig themselves out of their grave to make the playoffs.  As always, I will be live tweeting during the game, so follow me @jbgilpin for some extra in-depth analysis tonight.  Rock on Razzball Basketball!


  1. lolwut says:

    drop bynum? held him all season but doesn’t look like he will play much this year.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @lolwut: Yea I wouldn’t hold onto him. Even if he plays, he’ll be on a very stringent minutes limit. Whoever picks him up won’t get much out of it.

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