On Sunday night, I participated in two live snake drafts for keeper leagues, both of which are Head to Head scoring. The Hurricane was pretty devastating to a lot of people in the eastern Atlantic states, so obviously fantasy sports takes a back seat to that. However, it’s almost Halloween and real basketball begins tonight, so let us discuss these trivial things. Besides, it might be fun to look upon what I did and weep see how I used my own rankings. Both are 10 team leagues, by the way.



1. (1) LeBron James SF,PF
2. (20) Carmelo Anthony SF,PF
3. (21) Al Horford PF,C
4. (40) Monta Ellis PG,SG
5. (41) Eric Gordon SG
6. (60) Zach Randolph PF,C
7. (61) Roy Hibbert C
8. (80) Damian Lillard PG
9. (81) Antawn Jamison PF
10. (100) Shawn Marion SF,PF
11. (101) Bradley Beal SG
12. (120) Harrison Barnes SF
13. (121) Jordan Crawford PG,SG
14. (140) Jeremy Lamb SG,SF

Commentary: I had the first pick due to winning the consolation playoffs last year, so I think it’s pretty obvious the first pick is James (no offense to Durant). Most of my top guys disappeared so I went with the 3rd best Small Forward and a top five Center to round out the first three rounds. I didn’t want to leave the first three rounds without a top Center. I really wanted Cousins, but what are you going to do? I’m just glad I got 3 top 20 players (per my rankings) with my top 3 picks. I reached for Lillard because I had already seen him go quickly in prior drafts, and I obviously needed to shore up PG. Plus, I like the dude. We should hang out. Now, I should not have taken Shawn Marion that early, but I was a little desperate for a Power Forward. Desperation can lead to silly moves. Don’t take it personally, Shawn. We can hang, too, if you want. Pillow fight at my house? No?

This league is a light keeper, meaning we can keep one player from the last 3 rounds. I was too anxious to wait on Beal, because I didn’t think he would make it to my 12th pick, but Barnes could be a guy worth carrying over to next year, so I’ll live. We also just began doing keepers this season, so no carryover from last year. I’m lucky that Yahoo gives so much dual position eligibility, because otherwise I’d be too light at Power Forward.




1. (3) Chris Paul PG
2. (18) Pau Gasol PF,C
3. (23) Blake Griffin PF,C
4. (38) David Lee PF,C
5. (43) Joe Johnson SG,SF
6. (58) Eric Gordon SG
7. (63) Luol Deng SF
8. (78) Tim Duncan PF,C
9. (83) Kevin Martin SG
10. (98) Gordon Hayward SG,SF
11. (103) Bradley Beal SG
12. (118) Chris Kaman PF,C
13. (123) Harrison Barnes SF
14. (138) Meyers Leonard C
15. (143) Brandon Bass PF,C
16. (158) Antawn Jamison PF
17. (163) Austin Rivers PG,SG
18. (178) Ramon Sessions PG,SG
19. (183) Beno Udrih PG
20. (198) Devin Harris PG

Commentary: This is a new league posted in the Razzball forums that I decided to join, although I never bothered to figure out how the keeper system works. Win this year! I’ll worry about next year after my season is over, which hopefully is after the playoffs. With this league I went in the opposite direction and went heavy with Power Forward. There were many tantalizing options on the board, so I just couldn’t say no, much like an American at an all you can eat buffet. I was happy to take Griffin at the third round, eat it, lick it, digest it. Obviously, I needed to start filling other positions, and was fortunate to be able to grab Gordon and Johnson one after the other. Deng was a nice grab in the 7th round, or so I will believe until performance tells me otherwise. Anyway, he was basically the last option for a good Small Forward. I don’t have any faith in Rivers or Udrih, but you never know. I mean, obviously I had some faith because I took them. I was trying to grab some Point Guards before the draft concluded.

When I do a draft in a league this deep, what I don’t want is to have a bunch of no-names and third stringers on my bench. I think I avoided that, so I can rest easy. In fact, I am not dabbling with my team until at least two weeks into the season. Draft day is always fun because most people leave their draft feeling like they just compiled a championship team. Most of us don’t, clearly, but I feel okay about both teams and only time will tell me otherwise. Lots of folks ask me if they should drop players and pick up Mr. So-and-so.  If you drafted early and had Channing Frye and you noticed Jae Crowder is still on waivers, sure, have at it, but for the most part, we should all wait and see how our team actually works before we start tinkering with it.


I have one auction draft for a roto league under my belt with one more to go (both for the RCLs), so I’ll have a recap up for that later this week. Remember, the season starts tonight, so buckle your seat belts and get ready to roll.
  1. Moe says:

    would you drop B-roy and pick up Jeff Green off wire?! HMM!

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Moe, yeah, I might.

  2. Adam says:

    My two cents on your drafts…
    League 1 – Pretty good team – balanced team. Feels like more of a roto team than H2H. Not dominant in any category except for maybe Pts. Gonna be pretty light in blocks. And if you play with TOs – will prob lose most weeks. Not sure if LBJ, Horford and Hibbert are enough to counter the FG% drains of Melo, Ellis, Gordon and the rooks (Lillard/Beal/Barnes). Would be interested to see who the next 3 picks after Monta and EG were – not sure those we best fits of a LBJ, Melo, Horford trio.

    League 2 – Another pretty good team – fairly balanced again – not sure if thats the best strategy for H2H. Should be a leader in the league in 3s and be competitive in PTS, asts, FT%, Rbs. Stls and blks look pretty light.

    Overall both teams should be competitive – prob playoff bound.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Adam, thanks for your analysis. Only time will tell.

  3. mindicohn says:

    who should i drop for Gerald Green:

    aj price
    luke ridnour
    courtney lee
    jason richardson
    danny green
    brandon roy

    • Pavel says:

      @mindicohn, drop price

  4. Principle Blackman says:

    Was wondering if I could get some thoughts about my team. I am an ignoramus when it comes to NBA, so I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing during the draft, which was last night, btw.

    It’s a 12 team, roto. The stats cats are FGM, FG%, FT% 3PTM, 3PT%, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK.


    PG Monta Ellis, 4 (41)
    SG Aaron Afflalo, 7 (80)
    G Jeff Teague, 6 (65)
    SF Josh Smith, 1 (5)
    PF DeMarcus Cousins, 2 (20)
    F Al Horford, 3 (32)
    C Chris Bosh, 5 (56)
    C Elton Brand, 10 (113)
    util Evan Turner, 8 (89)
    util Thaddeus Young, 9 (104)
    bn Jae Crowder, 11 (128)
    bn Jose Calderon, 12 (137)
    bn Alexsey Shved, 13 (152)
    bn Kim English, 14 (161)
    bn Thabo Sefolosha, 15 (176)


    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Principle Blackman, not a bad team for your first time. You may be a little light on blocks. Crowder and Calderon are both good late round picks. Shved, English and Sefolosha are all disposable if the time comes.

      • Principle Blackman says:

        Thank you.

        Wold you drop one of those three for gerald green?

        • ChrisV

          ChrisV says:

          @Principle Blackman, I would drop Thabo Sefolosha over the other two, who at least have the potential for rookie upside.

  5. Nice work on your keeper league drafts.

    10 teams almost seem unfair when you get LebRon + Melo + Lillard, Beal for future. Think your Team #1 is stacked especially if Eric Gordon can get and stay healthy… Think your going to have some issues with blocks and probably some TO issues given the make-up…. Id probably lose Marion and to a lesser extent, Jamison for a few young upside big guys (Tristan Thompson, Pekovic, JJ Hickson types).

    Quick question for you:

    14 team H2H, 11 categories (9 standard; FGM/FTM) — Im looking for a bench upside Guard. I rostered Jarret Jack and DJ Augustine with last 2 picks of my draft in hopes of injuries to Curry or Hill to start the year — to no avail…

    Would you drop either for Austin Rivers? GIven neither are starting and Indiana has basically assured Hill 30min + per game, Im thinking I move off DJ Augustine and handcuff my Grevis Vasquez pick + I think Rivers may get some run at the PG slot, move Grevis over to SG with Gordon shelved…

    Thoughts? Thx

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @El Burro, I’d probably drop JJ for Rivers. DJA has had a mini-resurgence this preseason, it’s worth riding it out with him for a while.

  6. Jeff says:

    8 Team h2h 9cat

    Stephen Curry
    Kyle Lowry
    Jeff Teague
    Darren Collison
    Andre Iguodala
    Klay Thompson
    Wesley Matthews
    Lebron James
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Blake Griffin
    Kenneth Faried
    Anthony Davis
    Andrew Bonut
    Nikola Pekovic

    Should I drop Bogut or Collison for Gerald Green or stay put?


    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Jeff, Green is slated to start for a while, but I’m not sure he’s worth picking up right now in such a shallow league.

  7. ThE sHiT says:

    What is a general strategy to follow for drafting in a 14 team H2H snake draft league? I wont know what pick i have until later tonight.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @ThE sHiT, keep a list of your own rankings handy, which could (of course) be a list someone else made. Don’t automatically go with the default rankings. Know who you want and who you will pass on, then meet needs as you go.

  8. Tony says:

    Chris Copeland, is he worth a flyer in an 18 teamer? I have $100 to spend on FA, how much would you bid for him? I’m pretty sure someone else is gonna go after him as well…. I’ve defly got a couple guys I can afford to ditch…

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Tony, in an 18 team league, *I* am a flyer. I would bid $11 for him. I have NEVER gone through $100 in any sport, any league. People will start conservatively, $11 should more than cover you.

  9. Shawn says:

    I’m going to offer Harden up for Batum and Jonas Valanciunas
    4 keeper league
    I know a lot of ppl love harden but I don’t think it goes as well in houston
    but I wanted to ask u guys first..
    whatcha think?

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Shawn, I think Harden will perform… I also think that trade would be accepted. Valanciunas is obviously the gamble, could pay off.

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