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What’s up Razzball Nation? A new era has dawned in the Razzball fantasy basketball era. JB has decided that having a family is more important than writing about fantasy basketball. What a sellout… Just kidding, obviously. Shout out to JB, been reading him for years, will definitely be missed. Also, got to shout out Son for giving me this opportunity to share my fantasy hoops knowledge with you guys. Definitely drop a comment if you have a question, suggestion, etc. Without further ado, the Friday NBA Daily Notes!

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C.J. McCollum – 28 pts on 12-for-18 shooting with seven REBs, one STL, and one BLK. Coming off the one game suspension C.J. looked pretty damn good and was the high scorer in this game. Huhuh, Blazers. High scorer. Huhuh.

Al-Farouq Aminu – 16 points and 16 boards. That’s 28 rebounds in the first two games to open the season. Might be the lack of viable big men on the Blazers or just a fluke, but Aminu is paying dividends if you took a flier on him in later rounds.

T.J. Leaf – I honestly don’t know who this guy is, but he’s already had a better career than his brother from another mother Ryan Leaf. 17 points in under 20 minutes. Peyton Manning is nodding in approval from his rocker as he bites into another slice of Papa John’s. Secret Window.

Otto Porter – 28 PTs, nine REBs , four STLs, one BLK, on 11-for-19 shooting and 4-for-4 FTs. Efficiency monster. If you built your team around efficiency, this is your lynchpin, your keystone. People go after “popcorn” stats and these kind of guys can win you your league by getting the sneaky categories.

Taurean Prince – Back-to-back solid games and could be a glue guy for fantasy teams going forward. Someone you just play every night. The Stocktonator liked him for this game and is also high on him for his next game against the Nets. Not fully investing yet, but Hawks have minutes to go around and there’s a bunch of no-names picking them up. I’d look who’s available from that team because someone’s got to pick up the stats right?

Markelle Fultz – Only 17 minutes and a quiet six PTs on 2-for-9 shooting and not too much else. Patience is the key with rookies, and this is the risk you took if you drafted him. The best is yet to come, but Markelle did not sparkelle in his first two games.

Jayson Tatum – Looked very good with 15 and 8 with three BLKs and 9-for-9 FTs. Opposite end of the rookie spectrum, and the minutes should be there with the devastating Hayward injury. Just feel terrible for him, and it’s a tough blow if you drafted him in the earlier rounds.

Terry Rozier – Got 30 mins and delivered a pretty full stat line. He’s looking like a solid pickup in the wake of the Hayward injury.

Dwayne Wade – Another disappointing game to start the season as he gets accustomed to being the Robin to LeBron’s Batman again, even though he’s the Flash. If Cavs are the Justice League, JR Smith is the Green Lantern because that sounds like something you could smoke weed out of.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – 34-8-8 with three STLs and a block on 15-for-22 shooting. Making an early case for fantasy Basketball MVP. Just like Son projected! Hopefully, you listened!

Nikola Vucevic – Vucci Mane dropped a 40-Burger on the Nets last night. 41 PTs and 12 boards on 17-for-22 shooting. BURR!

Elfrid Payton– Left the game after only 14 minutes with a strained hamstring. No timetable to return yet, and those hammies are known to linger. Elfrid will be on the shelfrid until further notice. -(JB) DJ Augustin would be the pick-up if you are already desperate at this point in the year. He filled in and had 10 points and five Assists with two 3s and chipped in a steal in 23 minutes.

DeMarre Carroll – 17 points with three 3s, eight boards, two assists, two steals, on 6-for-9 shooting and 2-for-2 free throws and only one TO in a NETS VICTORY!!! (My surprise playoff team pick). The efficiency monster has been a late round steal so far, if you had the foresight to draft him. The Nets kind of spread out their minutes so don’t expect too much more than this on a given night, but off to a nice start in his new home.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – Had an understatedly nice game last night with 15 points on 5-for-10 shooting with three STLs and three BLKs. His FT shooting can be rough, but he’s getting minutes at power forward on a roster bereft of much talent, so definitely worth a pick up in 12ers if he wasn’t drafted.

Spencer Dinwiddie – 16-5-5 with two STLs and two 3s. Just wanted to quick mention him because he’s getting some minutes because of the Lin injury and might be worth a little star on your player list.

Rudy Gobert – 10 and 13 with two steals and two rejections on 5-for-10 shooting and avoided the free throw line. If he can do that as much as possible, he will be worth the early round pick you used on him if you took him. He is such a nice complementary player for fantasy. Wish I had him…

Ricky Rubio – 19 points with five boards, 10 assists, two steals, but four TOs. The dimebag is nice, but the 10-for-11 FTs are very kind. In this game, Rodney Hood also had 20 points and Joe Ingles had 14 with four 3s and two steals. Donovan Mitchell was very quiet with only two points in 20 minutes

Jeff Teague – 10-2-4 with two steals, but has been quiet to start the year. With so many ball-handlers on the roster, you can expect a slight drop-off from Teague, as he has been quiet to start the year, and of course this is the first year I’ve ever drafted him. Don’t fret, though. The Stocktonator loves him against the Thunder on Sunday. Everyone else on the Wolves had a pretty standard game for themselves as they eked out the W against the Jazz. One thing worth noting is Gorgui Dieng only played 15 minutes and it seems that Coach Thibs prefers his old Bulls buddy Taj Gibson as the main big man in Minnesota.

De’Aaron Fox – 9 points and 10 assists for his first dimebag of his young career. He got 24 and 26 minutes in his first two games and that is sure to go up as the Kings undoubtedly tank another season. If you drafted him in the later rounds you’re looking like the real fox! Four years of college for that one people, well worth it. Well. Worth. It.

George Hill – My Fantasy Bust prediction! (mostly because of the above mentioned player) Actually, had a solid night with 21 points, on 9-for-12 shooting, with three 3s, five boards, and two steals. Five TOs the only caveat. George is proving he’s not over the hill yet. Well. Worth. It.

Klay Thompson – Your number one ranked fantasy player on Yahoo through two  games. The real Klay Thompson had seven 3s on his way to a 33-5-4-1-1-2 line. The fake Klay Thompson is probably still reaping the benefits of being Klay Thompson, as Warriors “fans” still don’t realize he’s walking around wearing his own uniform signing autographs in block letters. The videos are pretty funny. Check them out if you haven’t yet. All the other Warriors did their usual thing and KD had seven blocks (career high) as the Dubs beat the Pels.

DeMarcus Cousins – 3-35-15-5-3-1-6 TOs What a beast…If he could ever get his efficiency in check, he would probably end up on one of my teams for once, but I find him kind of difficult to build around, with his weird percentages and high turnover rate.

Anthony Davis – The Brow also dropped 35 with three 3s, 17 boards, and chipped in four assists and three steals, but sadly no blocks…Still a very nice night as this odd combination of all-star bigs loses yet another game, and we are left to wonder: When will this experiment end? Sounds like my 5th grade science fair… It’s clearly not going to work in that Western Conference.

Devin Booker – 4-25-11-8-2-0-6 Trip-dub flirt! Nice night for the youngster in a loss to the Lake Show. In this game Eric Bledsoe also had 28 points and T.J. Warren had 24 as the Suns look like an absolute disaster and are lottery bound once again.

Brandon Ingram – 3-25-2-1-1-1-2 on 64.3% shooting. Pretty nice night, but I’m burying the lede…

Lonzo Ball – Was freeballin’ last night! Ball out young man! Have a Ball! Ok got that out of my system. After a rough debut, had a near huge trip-dub with 4-29-11-9-1-0-4 TOs. His dad must be so proud! And so is the Stocktonator because he was all over BAll for this game. You know what? Stocktonator also likes Ball in his upcoming game against the Pelicans. It just shows the difference between going against P-Bev and going against the Suns. Take notes DFS players these are pearls of wisdom!


Thanks for reading everyone! Don’t be a stranger, drop a comment, I’ll try to get to them all.

  1. miles proudfoot says:

    Hey, welcome! Nice run down. The Green Lantern, I like it!

    Not sure if the other teams would bite on the next two…10 team H2H:

    1) My Cousins and Teague for his Chris Paul and Marc Gasol? We don’t have a IR so thinking this may work and I’ll just take the hit on Paul for a bit. If it takes another player, I could always also throw in a Collison to try and make up for the assists he may feel like he’s losing, then pick up a player to make up the boards I’m losing.

    2) My Vuc for his Marc Gasol? I guess similarly I may need to throw in a sweetner if he’s interested.


    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @miles proudfoot: Sorry if you scroll down you’ll see my comment. Idk what happened there

  2. Rad says:

    Drop Kuzma For Carroll?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Rad: I’d Hold Kuzma, but if he’s your only drop candidate yeah.

  3. allister says:

    Wow thanks for the update, was wondering where good ol’ JB went. Congrats JB! You’ll be missed surely, thanks for the wisdom and jokes these past couple seasons.

    Joel, Son and gang, keep up the good work!

    Who should I use a #1 waiver spot for, out of:

    thad young, kuzma, markennen, aminu

    This is my team (h2h 10er):

    wall, dragic, schroder, murray
    harris, wade, bazemore
    Favors, chriss
    gobert, jordan, noel

    Thanks in advance

    • Allister says:


      Also, is Kuzma a hold in 12ers?

      • Joel

        Joel says:

        @Allister: I’d hold

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @allister: Probably Thad. Markennen is more of a short term add.

  4. Joel

    Joel says:

    1. I’d hold. CP3 may be looking at a down year with Harden handling a lot of the pg duties and the injury with no IR kinda sucks. It’s not a bad trade, if you really want the assists and efficiency go for it.
    2. Gasol

  5. John says:

    Yo I’m trying to add Carroll on my squad. Should I drop anyone on my squad for him?


    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @John: Probably safe to lose Teodosic

  6. Joel

    Joel says:

    @Rad: I’d hold Kuzma for now but if you can scoop DeMarre I would.

  7. JPaul says:

    my team right now is a bottom 3 on 9cat 12ers… T_T

    cp3 – inj – pick dejounte murray
    dsj – out
    willy hernangomez – drop and pick taurean prince
    marquezz chriss – drop and pick donatas sabonis
    prospect to drop
    julius randle
    jamal murray

    the rest is only my hope….
    steph curry
    draymond green
    robin lopez

    my question is
    iI should wait more for jamal murray and randle? and also my waiver picks is that for keeps?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @JPaul: I’d definitely hold Murray, Hernangomez, and Randle. I would drop Chriss for Prince.

  8. Visitor says:

    Hey there. Chriss, Willy, Saric, T Johnson were dropped in our league. the season’s still young. Who do you think is te best to stash? Thanks

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Visitor: If you mean Willy Caulie-Stein then him. I can’t believe Hornacek is benching Willy Hernangomez who I assume you’re talking about. T. Johnson is probably who I’d add, but I’m not running to the wire to pick up any of these guys.

  9. Jack says:

    Should I drop willy hernangomez or harkless for Payton?

    • AKTHESAVIOR says:

      @Jack: Elfrid Payton? Sure I would

        • Joel

          Joel says:

          @Jack: Agree with ARK. Willy’s potential is a bit higher than Harkless, but Willy’s just a stash for now.

        • malik's junk says:


          both… not sure if serious…

  10. Patty Mills is my homeboy says:

    Hey man,

    Good reading. How worried are you about Jimmy Buckets and Gorgui? I feel like Buckets has just taken a back seat while Wiggins has been hot but I took him in the second so I’m a bit concerned. Worth shopping him for an injured Chris Paul?

    Also is Gorgui toast unless Taj goes down? Drop in a 10er?


    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Patty Mills is my homeboy: Thanks for reading man! Ugh Gorgui is a hold for me, but this sucks… I am a big fan of his game for fantasy so I’d give it another week, but Thibs loooves Taj. As for Butler, it’s still just the first week, could be some chemistry issues, but he’s had three not great shooting games to start the year so he could bounce back. Close between him and CP3, but the injury concerns me and they’re pretty similar players actually, the main difference being more assists and less points with CP.

      • Patty Mills is my homeboy says:

        @Joel: urghh I’ll tough it out another week I guess. Thanks

  11. AC says:

    Hey do you think Teague for Ibaka is a fair swap?

    I’m in need of a big, he’s in need of a guard with steels.

    And would you rather have Wes Matthews or Marco moving forward?

    • malik's junk says:


      ibaka easily dude.

  12. Joel

    Joel says:

    It’s fair. Ibaka’s minutes should go up in the short term with JV injured, but he’s only averaged 24.5 minutes through the first two games. I like Wes better for now, based on track record. He used to shoot it a lot better a few years ago though.

  13. Fear the BEard says:

    this is my team 9 categories 10 people league what do you think about my team? should i drop jamal crawford for john collins ?
    James Harden Hou – PG,SG
    Damian Lillard Por – PG
    Victor Oladipo Ind – PG,SG
    Khris Middleton Mil – SG,SF
    Marc Gasol Mem – C
    Joel Embiid Phi – PF,C
    Robert Covington Phi – SF,PF
    Tobias Harris Det – SF,PF
    Malcolm Brogdon Mil – PG,SG
    Reggie Jackson Det – PG,SG
    Dennis Smith Jr. Dal – PG,SG
    Ryan Anderson Hou – PF,C
    Jamal Crawford Min – SG,SF

    • Fear the BEard says:

      @Fear the BEard: or dewayne dedmon orjarrett allen or skal labissiere? thought my weakness is boards ,steal, block …

      • Joel

        Joel says:

        @Fear the BEard: Your team looks pretty solid. Dedmon for me. Jarrett Allen I’d say if he has one more solid blocks game, I could see him being a nice fantasy player if he gets minutes in the mid 20’s.

  14. v00dr00 says:

    Would you drop Buddy or Wade for W. Matthews? 9 cat + some extra stats for giggles. Wade finally looks too old. Buddy looks uninspiring. That said, Matthews brings zero excitement but I feel like his shots will fall sooner or later(taking 10/game) and he at least collects a steal here and there. Thoughts? Should I be patient?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @v00dr00: I like Buddy the best out of those guys. Most upside and Vlade Divac really believes in him. That being said, I think they all should probably be owned in 10ers.

  15. Nukna says:

    Hi, guys!
    Could use some assists with Teodosic down.
    Would you prefer ETurner or Rozier (not only ASTwise, but for an overall contribution)?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Nukna: Sup dude? Rozier.

      • Nukna says:


  16. Rob says:

    Good stuff Joel!

    Curious what you think of my draft and a couple moves— 20-team h2h draft (14th pick):

    PG – Oladipo (54)
    SG – Reggie Jackson (94)
    G – Jamal Murray (107)
    SF – Aaron Gordon (67)
    PF – Draymond (27)
    F – Thon Maker (147)
    C – Gobert (14)
    UTIL – Milos Teodosic (134)
    UTIL – JR Smith (174)
    B – Cory Joseph (187)
    B – Stanley Johnson (waivers)
    B – Dillon Brooks (waivers)

    Dropped Biyombo for Stanley & Faried for Brooks so hopefully I’m not losing too many big man counting stats.

    With Milos’ injury, should I grab Barea or Augustin (Sabonis also an option)? Or hold? It is 20 teams, but I don’t know if I can wait few months.

    Thanks man, appreciate it!

  17. Joel

    Joel says:

    Thanks man appreciate it. I’d go Augustine in the short term. I like your team for a 20 man league, could see building around defensive stats maybe assists and threes. You kind of have a lot of upsidey guys, but then again 2in 0 team leagues it could be a good move.

  18. Mike says:

    Hi Joel, below is my team in a 14 team H2H
    PG: lonzo, oladipo
    SG: Jrich, bradley, kcp
    SF: durant, kuzma
    PF: carroll, prince
    C: blake, love

    I was going for a punt block build, and i feel like I am pretty strong in all the counting stats except blocks and maybe a bit in rebs.
    Well, someone just offered me gobert for my blake, and im not sure what to do. I think gobert will finish the year ranked higher than blake but does he make my team stronger? Im worried that it might make me average in blocks and weaken my strengths, but then also feels like this may be a chance to sell high on blake. I would appreciate any comment, thanks!

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Mike: take Gobert

      • Joel

        Joel says:

        @Joel: if you have to trade Gobert I’m sure you could get someone in the top 15 to 20 range which I think Blake falls out of. Whatever fits your team.

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