Mike Miller is set to to make his season debut with the Heat today, which is particularly fortuitous (if I may use that term on a family blog) as the news makes the rounds of Dwyane Wade likely missing more games has resulted in thousands of monkey-punches to the groins of thousands of fantasy basketball teams. Miller will have at least one game in which he gets substantial minutes, maybe more. I’m suggesting owners in leagues with more than 14 teams add Miller, but not any shallower. Remember, it was Miller Time almost exactly 12 months ago after he returned from an injury and he came out rusty. Stayed rusty and was seen as one of the biggest busts of last season. I know streaming is all the rage these days (So is desperation! And Yelawolf, for some reason), but I’m assuming – best case scenario – Miller comes out of the gate rusty and doesn’t figure it out for at least a game or two, when – wut, wut – Wade will have returned. Just a theory (based on past history and high probabilities). Scroll down with me for more fantasy basketball news on this MLK Day, won’t you?

Andrea Bargnani – Remains day-to-day with a strained calf, which I am told is different from a choked chicken. Bargs isn’t likely to play on Monday, despite the fact that Raps coach Dwayne Casey said it wasn’t serious. He reminded everyone that the team plays at 4 pm EST today and that Bargs doesn’t get out of bed before 5:30.

Rasual Butler – Desperate stream alert! If James Johnson doesn’t play Monday, you might want to consider a RaBu Grab. I hear it’s torturous, though.

J.J. Redick – Likely to get the starting nod again in place of the injured Jason Richardson. Wish Redick luck. There ain’t nothing worse than a guy with two Js in his name shooting jumpers like he’s wearing two foam fingers.

Lamar Odom – Said over the weekend that he wasn’t mentally prepared for this season after an offseason of family difficulties and thought about taking a year off. I haven’t looked further into what those family difficulties may be, but I’m assuming he took the Humphries divorce harder than most. Keep an eye on him. He averaged 4/4/1 in four December games and has gone 8/5/2 in nine January games. It wouldn’t cause me to spit-take if he’s averaging 15/9/3 by February’s end.

Vince Carter – Half-Man, Half-A-Maverick has scored 16 points in each of the last two games, despite being sent back to the bench on Saturday. He’s worth owning in deep leagues or keeping an eye on in shallow ones. He’s played well in four of his last five games, which would have made owners feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy if they had bothered to play him. You gotta warn us when you’re planning on showing up, Vince.

Rodney Stuckey – He’s come off the bench in each of the last three games since returning from injury to average 11/2.5/3 and .308 from the floor. Right now, he’s just skating by on his good looks. He’ll get better and find the lineup sooner than later. Especially because Brandon Knight has averaged only 8/4/4 playing almost 10 more minutes a game than Stucks.

Evan Turner – Just like Gary Neal, Turner is day-to-day after contusing his right quad. Look at the bright side, at least he didn’t confuse his right quad. Usually when that happens, the right quad thinks it’s the left quad and the poor bastard just runs in unending circles until he falls over. The most confusing thing about these quad injuries are why so damn many are happening.

Derrick Favors – Favors left last night’s game with a sprained ankle. He’s about 50-50 for Tuesday. Mostly this is good news for Jefferson and Millsap owners, but it’s also good news for Enes Kanter owners, who could use a little good news considering they own Enes Kanter.

Rudy Fernandez – Left in the first half with an Achilles injury. Bummer. He was averaging 15/3/4.5 in his last three before the injury. Jrue story.

Ekpe Udoh – Four rebounds last night, and he’s averaged 2.3 blocks in his last five, as he’s putting the pressure on Ibaka to keep pace. Your move, sir(ge)!

Michael Redd – Two points on 0-for-4 shooting last night. He’s averaging 5.3 points in his first three games of the season on .278 shooting. He IS averaging a three a game, but so are many other people and those people are doing something else on top of it.

Richard Jefferson – Shot 1-for-7 on Friday, but sank a three. He shot 3-for-6 last night, but missed all three of his attempts from beyond the arc. It’s the first game all season Jefferson didn’t hit a trey. Without the threes, he’s like an uglier version of Richard Jefferson, which falls somewhere just below a moldy starfruit.

Baron Davis – The Knicks said “a late-January return has become more likely than not” for Baron Von Davis. I was down on Davis in the preseason and I’m still down on him, but the Knicks need a guy who can run the floor and distribute the ball. He’s a great pickup in deep leagues, might even be a decent pickup in shallow ones.

  1. Ben says:

    alrighty then.
    i got some pick up/drop questions.

    spencer hawes or noah
    batum or shumpert

  2. Ben says:


    i also have mullens.

    i am loaded on steals and rebounds but im hurting on 3pts and starting to bleed in blocks since I lost horford and wade is benched

  3. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    10-team, H2H, standard 9-cat, non-keeper

    Looking at some Tuesday pick-ups …Which 3 would you pick up for Tuesday? Im hurting most in FG%, 3s, Ast, & St

    Devin Harris (LAC), Brandon Knight (@HOU), Gordon Hayward (LAC), Markieff Morris (@CHI), Danny Green (@MIA), Kawhi Leonard (@MIA), Chandler Parsons (DET)

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ben: Hawes and Batum make the most sense, unless you value 3ptm over blocks, in which case, I might consider Batum and Shumpert and drop Mullens. Since Wade will be back sooner than later to spell some of your blocking woes, you might want to value threes ahead of blocks.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Leonard, Harris, Parsons, Morris, Knight, Green and Hayward in that order.

  5. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Adam: thoughts on splitter?any upside to him

  6. AL KOHOLIC says:

    also,we have an ir spot on our teams,i grabbed olden,whats your thoughts on him,cant find much about his chances of playing this year,thanks again for a great great site

  7. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. Would you drop one of Dudley, Afflalo or Kawhi Leonard for OJ Mayo on the off chance he winds up starting somewhere other than MEM?

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Meh. Not a lot. He hasn’t been able to crack 20 minutes more than once in his last eight games and hasn’t sustained any real production even with Duncan’s minutes dwindling and Blair being banged up. There’s certainly upside (his free throw shooting has improved), but I’d grab him after he starts improving rather than grabbing him and waiting for that improvement to happen. I haven’t heard much in a few weeks either. Last I heard, the doctors said he was making progress but that he had no timetable (which suggests he’s not actually progressing).

    @Clyde Prompto: Depending on where he goes, I might grab him. But you know what you have in those other three guys and they’re worth more than Mayo now. Keep them all until something changes with O.J.’s situation.

  9. Sawx10 says:

    Hey Adam,

    I was offered Russell Westbrook for Greg Monroe over the weekend. My league is 24 teams and basically based around rebounds and shot percentage (rebounds +2, missed shots/ft -1). I already have Mike Conley at PG so I’m leaning towards rejecting it. The way Monroe is playing he is headed towards top ten ranking (in my league)….do you think that Monroe is legit or should I be selling high to get Westbrook?

    Starters: Conely, Lou Williams, Amir Johnson, Monroe, Al Jefferson
    Bench: Landry Fields, Carlos Delfino, James Anderson, Reggie Evans, Enes Kanter


  10. Migs says:

    I’m a Raptors fan (I know, I know…) but even the most desperate can probably do better than Rasual Butler. Heck, Linas Kleiza might even be a better bet…

  11. thefonz says:

    Drop Speights for Marvin Williams or Zaza? Hurting in pts and rebounds. Thanks for all your help.

  12. Tony says:

    do you see Shumps time getting cut when boomdizzle gets back? or does toney douglas/etc get cut out and shump moves to the 2…?

    4 games of evan turner this week or roll the dice on curry and his 3 games scheduled? weekly line ups suck balls.


  13. Nick says:

    Drop Beasley for Kemba? In dire need of 3’s and assists.

  14. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    Rose is out today 🙁

  15. Clyde Prompto says:

    @Adam: Thanks!

  16. Tony says:

    i just want to thank cbs for saying evan turner is in, then changing it to OOPS evan turner is out, thanks cbs, in a weekly line up shituation you just eff’d me out of a game, i had to decide between him and curry, well i might as well have gambled on curry’s bum ankles and getting 2-3 games outta him. So lame.

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Sawx10: Monroe is legit. Westbrook played to his ceiling last year and your league seems to value bigs over guards. Keep Monroe.

    @Migs: I don’t disagree that Butler is terrible, but he’s most in-line for the minutes. In deep leagues, minutes are the most valuable signifier of value. But, yeah. Butler is terrible.

    @thefonz: Probably Williams.

    @Tony: I see both guards’ minutes getting cut drastically eventually. Douglas will become a non-factor and Shump will be relegated to a less front-and-center role with the team. Shump has a big future, but he makes a ton of mistakes that even an overweight, fragile Davis won’t. RE: Turner/Curry – If it makes you feel better, it’s still likely that Turner plays more games this week. (That probably does not make you feel better.)

    @Nick: Yeah. Beasley doesn’t look to be returning any time soon.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: “It’s okay! Boozer will save us!” – The dumbest of all Bulls fans

  18. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Adam: thanks

  19. d2bnz says:

    a couple of weeks ago I put forward my opinion that in future we go with Yahoo for the commenter leagues
    Over the last week I find that I have to pay Yahoo for their stat tracker , well stuff that ESPN’s fantasycast is free and just fine for those of us outside of the USA

  20. Tony says:

    18 team H2H fantasy pts league a guys interested in CURRY, im obviously tired of curry.

    I’m thinking of shooting him my $42 Curry and $23 shumpert in a deal for his $22 Jrue Holiday?

    What do you think of that? Curry is a stud, but at a $20 differential in salary? JRUE at $22 is HUGE.

  21. Eric says:

    John Wall Alert: He ACTUALLY strung together two great games. Is he finally… okay?

  22. Jeff says:

    Would you drop ibaka for dalembert? ibaka has been really lacking

  23. Tony says:

    actually when looking at the deal again, curry and shump for JRUE isn’t enough even with the salary difference for me…. what do you think about curry, shump, dorell wright for JRUE, Joakim noah and valaniciaus who is staying over in Lithuania?? I’d just drop him then and get some one of service.

    I’d then get Noah and JRUe….

    Jrue averages about 47 fpts per game in our league. Curry when healthy is like a 60+ guy with the potential to have nights where he goes off for like 80-100.


    again 18 teams, H2H, weekly line ups, probably going to wait til tomm or weds or whenever the hell curry is going to play next and see what happens then, if he gets hurt again though, im screwed, no ones going to accept any deal for the guy, right now he’s just hampering me….

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Oooh. I hadn’t realized that Yahoo! stiffed it’s non-U.S. users. Seems like an unnecessary block on their part.

    @Tony: Not bad. I’m kind of shocked Shumpert is going for $23. He’s still just First Year Shumpert, not 3-time all-star Fifth Year Shumpert!

    @Eric: Not as long as he plays on the Wiz. We’re approaching the two month mark from when the players began pre-seasoning. Now’s the time I think we start to see a little more leveling out. … Or in the case of anyone with quad soreness, just getting leveled.

    @Jeff: I wouldn’t. Not yet. Though if he’s killing your team, do what you gotta.

  25. Eric says:

    So im planning on moving Wall right now while he’s still flashing for either javale, gortat, or monroe. Am I getting… relatively fair value? I also need a center.

  26. Mr. Duck Fat says:

    Pretty solid on assists (Nash, CP3) so I’m looking to dish Harris. I’ve had talks about Harris for Marshon Brooks with another owner. What’s your opinion? Can I wait for Harris to improve then move him or take what I can get right now? Thanks.

  27. David says:

    Hey Adam! What do you think about amare and mullens for g wallace and t chandler? I have amare and mullens. Thats no brainier right?

  28. Tony says:

    @Adam: hey adam i bought Shumpy Bear as we call him for $19, then after the draft players in that range go up $4, so he’s at $23 this season.

    18 Teams, PG for the KNICKS, most players are overvalued, there’s not alot of deals.

    Just got a deal offered to me, same league right now here’s my starters and bench:

    G- Shump, Paul George, D-collison (normally curry here if healthy)
    F- Scola, D. Lee, and Dorell Wright
    C- Amare
    Utl. evan turner

    bench- j. bayless, ed davis, wilson chandler, and if curry’s in my line up then right now evan turner is probbaly a bench guy to.

    Here’s the deal on the table, I kinda like it:

    I give Amare $62, Scola $25 and Dorell Wright $16

    I get: Cousins $37, Kaman $17 and Afflalo $10

    cousins swings, F-C, i honestly almost like him more than Amare at the moment, Amares been trash, Tyson chandler is eating into his boards, and he’s not shooting well, not to mention he’s $62 and I wont keep him and he’d be hard as hell to move. Kaman obviously an injury risk, but isn’t amare? and afflalo has been decent as of late….

    What do you think? I can at least say out of the 6 players and their salaries, cousins is an actual keeper type player, amare isn’t, scola isn’t putting up great numbers, and wright has been very inconsistent.


  29. Tony says:

    @Tony: jesus christ the guy pulled that down, swapped out cousins for dirk

    so now its:

    I give: Amare $62, Scola $25, and Dorell Wright $16 for

    DIRK $54, Kaman $17, and Amir Johnson $12

    its a little better for me line up wise because dirks a stronger Forward than what I had, but then I’m sitting with kaman at center? idk…. him and amare both are injury risks lol… any help is appreciated, nevermind the trade above!

  30. fitz says:

    Carl Landry has 8 total points in his last 3 games and is getting virtually no playing time. Should I move on from him in a 12 man league?

  31. Dimitri says:

    Adam, would you trade your Ibaka for Spencer Hawes?

  32. Shawn says:

    someone offered me Blake Griffin for Kobe.
    I have Lowry/Rondo/T.Evans/Howard
    Would you do it?
    thx man

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Eric: Monroe would be my preference there. I can’t say you’re getting fair value for Wall, though. He may have his downsides, but he’s still top 20 in the league in MPG, FTM, AST, STL despite starting the season poorly.

    @Mr. Duck Fat: Nah. If you don’t need Harris, get what you can for him. Mar$hon is a solid get.

    @David: Yup. Take the deal.

    @Tony: Dirk is an improvement over Amar’e – both talent and $ value-wise. My problem is that you’re giving up a solidly priced Scola. Your team will almost certainly be worse, but you’ll have $30 extra to play with. I’m still not sure it’s worth it. Dirk isn’t THAT much better than Amar’e and now you’re doubling-down on Curry getting (and staying healthy).

    @fitz: Yeah. That N’Awlins frontcourt is a poo pile.

    @Dimitri: Depends on your team’s needs. I’d certainly consider it.

    @Shawn: Kobe brings a fuller box score to the table, but in a keeper league I’d rather have the stud 22-year-old rather than the stud 32-year-old.

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