In case you missed it, the artist formerly known as Ron Artest delivered a blow to James Harden’s medulla oblongata, which knocked Harden out of the game with concussion-like symptoms. MWP said the elbow was completely unintentional, claiming that it was just a result of being overly excited from dunking over Serge Ibaka. I too would be pumped if I dunked over Mr. Iblocka, hell, I would be pumped if I could touch the rim, but my natural celebration wouldn’t be to flail my elbows towards the nearest skull. Maybe World Peace watched a replay of Game 3 of the 2011 Western Conference Finals and just wanted to give Harden a real reason to hit the floor. Whatever the case, World Peace will likely get a suspension and miss the Lakers’ final game of the season. There isn’t much fantasy relevance behind that, as any team that has been rostering MWP for the entire season probably didn’t make the playoffs anyways. It does, however, affect Harden’s owners, because he will likely miss the Thunders’ final two games. There hasn’t been any final word on this, so don’t flat out drop him yet (Also, any man with a beard like this can never be counted out of any game). But if he hasn’t been cleared to play by Monday afternoon, then I would look at other options. This is the last few days of the season baby, and you need all the healthy bodies possible. Here are some other fantasy notes to help you scrap for/lock up your fantasy ‘ship.

But before we get to that, I just wanted to give my two cents about Metta World Peace… I am seriously done with him. From the idiotic name change, to his “rap career”, to his off-court (well on-court) behavior, and now this cheap shot, I’ve had enough. You can act like a fool when you are playing well, but when the talent runs out and you can’t back up your shenanigans, then you are just a joke. I hope he is trying to give off that image, because that is how he looks to the rest of the world, peace.

Amar’e Stoudemire – Speaking of looking like a joke, did you catch Stoudemire’s cornrows? I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh yeah, fantasy related news. He returned Friday (15/3/4/1) and dropped a 22-point, 11-board dub-dub Sunday. More impressively, he has blocked five total shots in those two games. Guess his new thugnificent look is making him a better defender.

Kobe Bean Bryant – Also returned this weekend, and also returned to taking a bunch of bad shots and making a few good ones. Kind of like Dirt Nasty does with songs.

Jordan Hill – Scored 14 and grabbed 15, adding a trio of blocks in 35 minutes. He may get a few extra minutes if the Lakers decide to rest their bigs in their final game, but I wouldn’t count on much. Hill is more of a player that I would get excited about if he was on a team where he could start. His per-36 numbers of 13.2/10.4/1.5 look rather tasty.

Thabo Sefolosha – Played a season-high 41 minutes after Harden went down. If Harden does indeed miss their next two games, then Sefolosha will actually be the starter, instead of just a placeholder. He doesn’t score much, but he will give you steals, boards, blocks, and about a trey per-game if he gets minutes. So consider him if you need to catch up in any of those categories.

Serge Ibaka – 18/14/7 as he double-doubled for the first time in… too lazy to check. More importantly, he attempted 16 shots, which were a season-high. It seems that the sergeant of blocks is the next in line for shot opportunities if Harden is out. This would obviously give him a boost in value; however, I wouldn’t count on 16+ shots a night, as Kevin Durant and Russell Westrook are capable of just scoring 60 points each.

Marvin Williams – 29/11/3/4/1 against the Knicks Sunday. Wha-wha-what? I think this guy just likes messing with us. He was super-hyped coming out of college, then busted. He looks like a physical beast, but doesn’t play like one. Then he has a performance like Sunday’s, but it followed a 4/2/1 game on Friday. Damn you Enigma Willliams!

Baron Davis – Missed a couple games because his play was making him sick, but returned Sunday with a line of 13/10/2/1 and a trio of treys. I still wouldn’t add him unless you’re desperate for assists and threes, and your league doesn’t count turnovers.

Jason Thompson – Had himself a helluva game Sunday, scoring 14 points to go along with 11 boards, seven dimes, and five steals. J-Tom is one of those players that when they get hot, they get real hot. Andre 3000: “What’s hotter than hot?!” Scorching? I don’t know, never paid much attention in chemistry.

Matt Carroll – Shot 1-of-10 from the floor as he has the potential to be the worst player on the worst team ever. Congrats!

Chandler Parsons – Had a line of 23/6/4/4/1 and three threes (which is a manly version of a tutu) Sunday. His play has been inconsistent down the stretch (11 points over last two), but he is a player I might get excited about next season.

Goran Dragic – With Kyle Lowry being shut down with a groin injury (ouch!), Dragic will be able to go H.A.M. in the Rockets’ final game of the season. Given Dragic’s unlikely success this season, Steve Nash will reportedly be opening a “School for un-athletic looking people who want to be good a basketball” this offseason.  I am enrolling.

Ben Uzoh – Your starting point guard for your Toronto Raptors: Ben Uzooooooooooh! Jose Calderon isn’t coming back this season, so Uzoh will do what Uzoh do, which is being not very good at basketball. I really wouldn’t pick him up unless you were desperate.

Alonzo Gee – Returned from an ankle injury scoring 10 points in 19 minutes off the bench. If the greatness that is Anthony Parker doesn’t get in his way, Gee could be an intriguing add with three games left on the Cavs’ schedule.

Tim Duncan – Was the player’s face whose Pop’s “old geezer’s night off” spinner landed on. Who it lands on for the Spurs’ final three games? Who knows! I heard the Vegas odd-makers had their money on Tony Parker, but I am putting my chips on Manu Ginobili. Either way, you can’t drop these guys, because when they do play, they will give you more than waiver wire fodder.

Charles Jenkins – Played the entire game Sunday, finishing with 24 points, nine dimes, and six boards. With Nate Robinson likely done for the year (and the Warriors only having eight active players), ole’ Chuck is an immediate add.

Nikola Pekovic – Finishing his breakout season on a strong note with Sunday’s 19-point, 16-rebound dub-dub. He has shown to be a bit of an injury risk, but Pekovic will be another guy I will take a strong look at in next season’s drafts. Here is Fry’s evaluation of Pekovic: “Not sure if he’s actually good, or just watched Darko Milicic for too long.”

Glen Davis – Big Baby had a quiet night Sunday (14/3/1), but has been playing well overall since returning from injury. He gets the lowly Bobcats next time out, who would even make a real baby look good on the hardwood.

Jameer Nelson – The Little Big Baby went down with a calf contusion against the Nugs. This is unfortunate because he was playing well prior to the injury. Contusions aren’t serious injuries, but Nelson will probably miss the remainder of the season. His fill-ins Chris Duhon and Ish Smith pretty much negate each other’s values, which weren’t very high in the first place.