Sorry, Chris Bosh.  You don’t get to be called “The Big 1.”

As suspected, both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade sat out against the Knicks, and Carmelo Anthony went bonkers.  “I better play well with those guys out, because if we see them in the playoffs I’m gonna blow.”  Ok, that’s my attempt at his inner monologue.  So it might not be right at all the time, big deal.  It’s kinda like when you try to read NBA players lips and they say the craziest things.  That Bosh freeze frame is fantastic.

Here’s what else went down in a light night of NBA action:

J.R. Smith – Had his worst game in a while only shooting 5-15 for 14 Pts.  Tough when Melo is on fire.

Mike Miller – Wait, that Mike MIller?  Yup!  Finally started to get some minutes, and had his best line of the season going 7-12 FG (4-8 3PTM) 18 Pts 8 Reb 4 Asts 1 Stl and 2 Blks.  Sheesh that looks good!  Not too women say that about Miller though…  Played 37 minutes in the start with the LeBron and Wade benchings and is a little interesting as a streamer when those guys get benched again.  Deep leaguers, keep him on your radar.

John Wall – Bulls defense?  What Bulls defense?  27-8-9 with 3 Blks.  Well, when you’re Nate Robinson, you’re gonna get stuffed a lot.  OK so I have no idea who the blocks were against, but that’s who my money is on.  11-13 at the FT line as Wall continues to put up big games at the stripe.  Keep driving!

Nate Robinson – Does nothing good for you.  Sure 17 Pts is fine I guess, but 7-16 shooting, 1-7 from deep, 2-4 FT and only 2 Rebs and 3 Asts.  Oakland values Carson Palmer more than that line.

Luol Deng – Has a huge week last week shooing from deep, then goes 0-3 last night.  Deng almost cost me the finals in one league, but I eked it out.  Plus he went to Duke.  I really hate the Bulls.

Garrett Temple – Got another “start” and played 14 minutes.  Mentioned only because I used him as a streamer a few games back and the Wizards are false advertising with their starting lineups (28+ minutes in 12 straight, 13 and 14 minutes last 2).

Kobe Bryant – Triple those dubs, Kobe!  23-10-11-4-2.  Also a rainbow line!  Just trying to outshine Shaq yet again on the night he got his number retired.  What a narcissist.

Dwight Howard – Everything is there to be a Shaq impersonator.  7-12 shooting.  Check.  24 Pts.  Check.  12 Boards.  Check.  10-20 from the free throw line.  Big mother effin check.

Earl Clark – No Metta World means a little extra run for Clark, who made the most of his 29 minutes off the bench last night to go 17-12 with 3 3’s and 5 Blks.  Pretty solid affair.  Thomas Crown agrees.

Brandan Wright – Only got 18 minutes in a game where Dallas shat the bed.  Had a +2 in +/- and was the only Maverick not in the minuses.  A good stream for Blks (had 3 last night), but if you don’t need those, can’t use until he gets more consistency.


Next Game – Wizards @ Raptors then Nuggets @ Jazz tonight.  One dud then a great showdown in the West.   Shoot your comments below, win that hardware Razzball Nation!


  1. justin says:

    Give up on Drummond? He’s my worst player. Would it be wise to drop him and use the roster spot to stream the rest of the week? Perhaps picking up Butler for tomorrows game? Im in the finals.Thanks!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @justin: yea I would use it to stream. I like jimmy Butler I think that’s a wise move. Then you can stream your next guy based on what stat ya need.

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