Marvin Williams strung together a trio of decent games this week (15/8 while shooting .586 from the field) and now Joe Johnson is recovering from having ‘loose bodies’ in his elbow. It’s not as bad as Robert Mapplethorpe’s collection of elbows in loose bodies, but still. Consider this week to be Marvilliams’ last shot at redemption. If he fails, not even ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ will throw attention his way. His five best games this season have all come against poor defenses (Memphis twice, New York, Cleveland and Toronto) whereas his five worst games have come against Boston, Utah, Philly (Iguodala, more specifically) and D.C. twice). So perhaps this week of powderpuff opponents was a mirage and next week’s games against Miami and Orlando will expose that no matter what Hawk is injured or what team Atlanta plays, Marvin just ain’t no good. But with Johnson out, he’ll get more touches, might even see a bump in minutes and there will be no more excuses. Stash and/or monitor.

Anyway, here are the rest of this weekend’s adds and drops to ponder:


Ersan Ilyasova – Snare Yo Saliva averaged nearly 40 minutes this week and produced a 14/9/3 line with it. This is a hesitant add, with a lot of caveats. The biggest caveats being that you can’t count on 40-ish minutes from him. The Bucks are too stacked to be able to support that and his .429 FG% this week was atrocious. But 14/9/3 is useful in a lot of leagues, especially when you add .900+ FT% and two spg.

George Hill – 16/3/2.5 to go along with 2.5 spg in an off-week for Tony Parker. Who do you think gave Eva the head’s up?

Ed Davis – 11/6 and two blocks in his 24-minute season debut Wednesday. There’s already a glut of bigs in Toronto, but that glut is in a rut. It’s a good ol’ fashioned Raptor rutglut. Classic Raptors!

Josh McRoberts – A lot of deep leagues grabbed Chris Andersen this week in hopes that he’d average eight boards and two blocks a game. He hasn’t, but he is averaging nine obnoxious tattoos per appendage. So there’s that. I’d prefer the roundball stylings of Josh McBob, however. He’s established himself as a bit of the Pacers’ version of Birdman, assuming looking like Liev Schreiber is considered as colorful as wearing your hair like a roadie at a Sex Pistols show. He averaged a surprising 2.3 bpg and 2.7 apg this week along with 6.7/4.3 points and rebounds per game.

Brandon Bass – I wouldn’t rush to the waiver wire on this guy just yet, but he played the second-highest minutes of his season on Wednesday and the Orlando starting lineup is heading into the weekend a bit of a mess (Dwight and Jameer both have the flu, Rashard’s knee is bruised). If you have the room to speculate on a slight uptick in minutes, grab him now. If not, watch him.

Jerryd Bayless – 11/4/3 with 1.3 three treys a game as a Raptor in 4.5 extra minutes per game. And since the Raptors don’t have a whole lot else going for them, who’s to say his mpg don’t continue to increase? Jay Triano? Okay, besides him?


Eric Bledsoe – I know, I know. It’s hard. Baron Davis went down and you picked up Bledsoe assuming he’d do for your team what Darren Collison did for the Hornets last season. Instead, Bledsoe did for your team about what Collison has done for the Pacers this season.

Ron Artest – Only his steals and FT% are up from last season and neither are up substantially. The opposite is true for the rest of his output. You shouldn’t have owned Artest in the first place. But he’s owned in over 65 percent of leagues, so I’m-a just keep this broken record spinning. It sounds a lot like ‘Da Don’t Ron Ron.’

Nicolas Batum – He’s playing like he’s afraid something deeply, deeply terrifying will happen to him at any moment. Like, his kneecap will slide down to his shin or he’ll spend the rest of his life playing without any cartilage separating his knee joint or he’ll have to retire mid-season because of heart murmurs. The kid’s totally irrational.

Taj Gibson – He’s grabbed eight boards and blocked two shots in his last three games. This Gibson’s out of tune.

J.J. Hickson – I already went over him this week. If I’m repeating myself it’s because I care.

  1. papafrog says:

    @Adam: I have Baron and the Bledsoe owner just offered me Tay Prince/Bledsoe for Battier/Harden. I don’t really mind giving up Harden here but was wondering what your thoughts are on Battier for Prince and Bledsoe? Can Battier keep up his recent solid play once Brooks is back or should I just sell him “high” here? Princey Prince doesn’t really do much fantasy wise so it worth it to move Battier to hedge on Baron? Don’t worry about categories here. 14 team league. As usual, thanks in advance!

  2. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. I’ve got Ben Gordon rotting on my bench. Do you think he turns things around, or should I lose him for George Hill or even Mario Chalmers?

  3. Jack says:

    So you would trade Batun for Ilyasova straight up? I think the guy in my league who owns Ilyasova would do it in a heartbeat…

  4. Jack says:

    @Jack: Actually, McRoberts is a free agent…should I just pick him up for Batum?

  5. Yesterday, Batum had 11 pts, 6 reb and 3 threes. Nothing earth shattering, but still an improvement. I might sit on him a few more days to see if he’s found himself (or Jesus).

  6. gb_samsa says:

    Hey Adam- Great blog, I love your advice. I’m hoping you could review my fantasy roster and perhaps comment on any adds/drops/trades I should make with any of my players. At the moment, I’m considering selling kmart high due to his career ‘games played’ he will inevitably get hurt, no?

    Here it is:

    Tony Parker
    (SA – PG)
    Kevin Martin
    (Hou – SG)
    J.R. Smith
    (Den – SG,SF)
    Andrea Bargnani
    (Tor – PF,C)
    Brook Lopez
    (NJ – C)
    Carl Landry
    (Sac – SF,PF)
    Maurice Evans
    (Atl – SG,SF)
    James Jones
    (Mia – SF)
    Baron Davis
    (LAC – PG)
    Pau Gasol
    (LAL – PF,C)
    Marco Belinelli
    (NO – SG)
    Joe Johnson
    (Atl – SG,SF)
    Andris Biedrins

    Any thoughts? Thanks Adam!

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @papafrog: I’d take it. Tayshaun Prince is the best player in that deal and he seems to have caught the production bug over the last few games.

    @Clyde Prompto: I’d drop him for Hill, not for Chalmers.

    @Jack: Only if you need a quick fix. Ilyasova and Batum will be worth about the same in a week’s time. McRoberts is a more of a deep league option. But he played well last night.

    @ChrisV82: I like Batum a lot and maybe it’s because of that, I just can’t let go of the feeling he’ll be a big producer in this league sooner than later. Can’t fault you for sitting on him just a little longer. Boyz II Men had it right: Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye.

    @gb_samsa: Tough luck on Johnson. Lopez too, come to think of it – though he seems to be getting back on track ever so slowly. Hoe deep is your league?

  8. papafrog says:

    @Adam: By the way, Ad, I’m not sure I agree that Batum is a drop candidate. Remember, his recent downtick in minutes is corelated to Roy’s return and Matthews’ hot play. Safely assuming Roy goes down at some point, I would actually label Batum a buy low and stash. Just a thought. As an example, I would definitely not trade him for Ill-Saliva.

  9. Jeremy says:

    What about Wes? Are you concerned with last night’s performance?

  10. gb_samsa says:

    Hey Adam thanks for the swift response. The league is 9 Cat, 12 deep. This is my 3rd year in fantasy and I haven’t made the playoffs yet. I picked up Evans instead of M. Wiliams in Johnson’s absence at the behest of rotoworld/yahoo but it looks like M. Williams will get the most of his minutes.

    Brooke Lopez…I could’ve had Melo, Stoudamaire, etc. regardless…Brooke has had his awesome moments this season.

    Thanks adam!

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @papafrog: That’s valid. In fantasy, everything is relative to your team, so I wouldn’t drop Batum in deep leagues. In smaller leagues, I would drop him until Portland a) gives him more minutes, b) Roy goes down, c) Matthews cools off, and/or d) he becomes more efficient in the time he’s given (.450 FG% on the season, .316 in the last seven games). He got burn last night and was okay. But he’s averaging 4.8/3.2/1 in his last five games and there are teams out there that can’t afford to keep running him out there until some combination of a-d come to fruition.

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Matthews had been shooting .605 in the three games leading up to last night. He shot sub-.300 last night. He won’t average either by year’s end. He’s a .470 shooter and all that goes with it.

    @gb_samsa: Yeah, Mo Evans isn’t good, no matter how many minutes he gets.

    I wouldn’t sell high on Kevin Martin just because he might get hurt. You might dodge a bullet here and there, but mostly, you’ll just get shot. Right now, it seems as if you’re in most need of a big. Someone who shoots efficiently close to the basket and grab tons of rebounds. Pau is great, but tired. Biedrins is good, but not productive enough to make the kind of dent you need and Brook is acting like Bargnani. I’d scour the waiver wire for a guy like Nene or JaVale (neither will be there) or swing a deal if you can.

  13. El Burro says:

    Hola Adam – Happy 4th week straight of college football “rivalry week”. Ridiculous, but I digress. Appreciate the daily posts – both entertaining and helpful.

    My last week worth of activities –

    added: Krissy Humphries, George Hill, DeMar DeRozan
    dumped: Ben Gordon, Al Faroq-Aminu,

    AGree with PapaFrog above, I Cant bring myself to dump Batum eiterh (have both him and Wes); too much upside if Roy goes down cause there is no way that Mr. bone-on-bone is lasting the season, let alone thru the end of December. Benching Batum, but gotta figure him and Wes pick up the scoring slack a bit more. BTW – quick observation; I noticed that McMillan played Batum, Wesley and Roy throughout the 4th quarter vs. Wizards last night….not sure if it was match-up related, but Batum also seemed more aggressive in general.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I didn’t see the game, but I know that at least part of that matchup had to do with McMillan benching Camby for not husslin’. It’ll be interesting to see how often he plays those three together.

  15. gb_samsa says:

    I was just comparing point totals for my squad and noticed that both Travis Outlaw and C.J Miles nearly surpass him in every category. Why am I holding onto this bum? Looks like JT is beginning to secure the starting role.

    As far as your advice on needing a big for my squad, I agree with you completely. Batum was recently dropped, and while scouring the wire I noticed Dejuan Blair and his flare up of numbers when he gets 25+ minutes.


  16. Another Falstaff says:

    @Adam – Dropped Batum for Rush yesterday. Wish Rush could play the Suns all the time. Also picked up JR. I have Afflalo but am concerned JR will eat his minutes (please Coach Karl). Also have Brooks returning next week. Time to drop Afflalo for Roddy B.? Thanks!

  17. gb_samsa says:

    One more thing…how do you appraise Okur’s value this season?

  18. @Adam: yeah but wes only had 28 minutes after being around the 35 minute mark in those three games

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @gb_samsa: Evans may have some worth, may surprise everyone. But until he shows even a tiny spark of it, why waste your time a-wishin’ and a-hopin’? I think Okur is a lost cause this season.

    @Another Falstaff: Smith seems like a really solid pickup right now. Unless you think others in your league have itchy trigger fingers, or you really just don’t need to use the spot for active players, I’d hold off on Roddy until we at least get a due date on his return.

    @Jeremy: When he’s shooting well, McMillan will keep him in there. When he’s off, he won’t.

  20. netssuck says:

    any chance terrence williams gets called back up from d-league and produces for the nets?? wonder if he’s worth stashing in deep league or better of with a guy like e.illyasova?

  21. Gerald says:

    If I am able to swing wesley matthews for OJ mayo, what say you? Should I do it?

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @netssuck: He’ll almost certainly be recalled (hopefully 10 minutes after Avery Johnson is fired), but really, it’s impossible to predict what will happen once he returns. There seems to be some form of poison flowing through the veins of that team right now and almost everyone on that team is underperforming. For now, I’d go with Ilyasova.

    @Gerald: I’m wishy-washy on both of them. Mayo will likely produce more before year’s end, Matthews may produce less. Matthews feels like the smaller gamble. Go for it.

  23. Gerald says:

    my bad if I wasn’t clear. I was asking if I should give up my matthews for mayo.

    from your reply, I assuming you prefer matthews. Thanks

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Gerald: Yeah. I prefer Matthews.

  25. matthole says:

    @Adam: which 2 players would you start next week in h2h format: Deng, Starvin Marvin Williams, Humphries, Amir Johnson

    Im leaning Amir Johnson and Deng


  26. I Am The Liquor says:

    Which side would you prefer, 9-cat roto, no specific category in need?

    B Lopez, Wall, R Allen
    D Wright, P Gasol, Holiday


  27. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: You’re leaning correctly.

    @I Am The Liquor: Usually I lean toward The trade that offers the best player (Gasol), but in this case, I prefer the Wall, Lopez, Allen deal.

  28. Eric chen says:

    I picked up Marvin Williams and felt quited discouraged by your analysis! lol. It’s good, I love reading it 🙂

    Couple of inquiries

    1. I traded Bynum and got Baron Davis, what do you think? (If you recall I already have a plethora of good big men: Dirk, Jefferson, Nene, Camby, McGee, Hibbert).

    2. Would say Nick Young is better than Marvin Williams, Jodi Cheeks, or Hinrich (he’s starting and hit 7 3s!!!). My PGs are now Jose Calderson, Baron Davis, and Andre Miller.

    Keep it up fantasy genius!

  29. Eric chen says:

    oops the 7s are meant for Jodi

  30. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Eric chen: 1. Well, Del Negro is going to keep Baron on the bench longer than I anticipated, but he’s clearly the team’s first option at PG. Baron is likely to be a mess all year, but he fills a need that Bynum wasn’t. For that, it seems like a decent trade.

    2. I’d like to see a little more with Meeks in the starting lineup. But he certainly offers the most promise.

  31. Eric chen says:

    Hey Adam,

    I meant to ask number as a question lol. Sorry if I sounded like a jackass lol

  32. Eric chen says:

    number two*

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