Well, you knew it was coming. Everyone warned you. You hoped the few games he missed in December counted as the Dreaded Camby Injury of 2010. It didn’t. And you knew it. He plays center for the gal-durned Portland Frailblazers for garshed sakes. (Sorry, for the blue language, Grandma). Hoping for a healthy season from Marcus Camby is like hoping for a good Robert De Niro movie. It’s a nice thought, but them days is over! So here lies the Blazers, who found out today that their last remaining healthy center (out of three) will miss the next 4-5 weeks after having surgery on the torn meniscus in his knee. Joel “Vanilla Gorilla” Przybilla is your add here, followed by Dante Cunningham, but, really, it will be Nicolas Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge that should see the biggest uptick in production. Also fixin’ to see a huge uptick in production? Anyone playing the Blazers in the next month. Hi-o!

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Michael Beasley – BreezyBeasy’s not taking it easy and should return tonight in time to get dunked on a half-dozen times by Blake Griffin.

Christian Eyenga – There was a setback in Tuesday’s practice and it looks like he’ll miss the rest of the week. In other news, Cleveland is so bad that owners care what happens to Christian Eyenga.

Joe Johnson – J.J. selected his shots the same way the Hawks paid their captain in the offseason: foolishly (7-for-22, 0-for-6 from the arc).

Al Horford – Played 21 minutes, hurt his ankle. The injury, on a scale of 1 to Marcus Camby, is about a three.

Joel Anthony – Joe-El grabbed a career-high 16 rebounds, and sent back three shots, but he refused to shoot. He was actually handed the ball under an open basket on several occasions and politely discarded it out of bounds with disgust each time. He then produced a shammy from his sock and wiped his hands clean as he jogged to the other end of the court. That Joel Anthony: such a priss.

LeBron James – 2-for-10 from the arc. Yes, I’m ignoring the 34/10/7 and harping on ‘Bron-bron’s self-destructive shot selection. Why? Because the NBA hasn’t had a good punkass villain since John Starks.

Luol Deng – 2-for-11, as he’s shot under .370 in three of his last four games. Dang.

Taj Gibson – Six blocks, tying his career-high, which he set yesterday. DeAndre Jordan is soooo last week. Everyone wants to know, whut up wit Taj!

Carlos Boozer – Missed his second straight game and was driven back to his car in a golf cart for the second straight night. This, of course, doesn’t bode well for Thursday’s game. Unless Thursday’s game is finally going to be that carts vs. donkeys matchup I’ve been waiting for.

  1. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    THIS is how I find out about Camby???!! Ugh, what a crappy way to start off my day. I’m already stuck in the middle of the pack in blocks in my 12 teamer. Should I drop him for Taj? What’s Perkins fantasy impact going to be in blocks and rebounds once he’s back? I don’t need him to replace Camby’s “scoring”, thats for sure.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Sorry, dude. Taj now and Perkins in about 10 days are likely to offer up a block, maybe two a game (Taj can’t keep up his current pace. Remember, he blocked the Grizz and the Bobcats – not paragons of athleticism) and both should average about 6-8 rebounds a game.

  3. hakasan says:


    referring to my question regarding my bugut/grant hill for d.howard…

    i do lead my league in both rb and blk, but could use some help in the %s. Hill is a high percentage shooter for a sf/sg and does much better ft than howard… but bogut is really dragging down on both fg/ft lately… howard definitely matches bogut in rb/blk, and is higher in pt scored/fg… i don’t think he can maintain a 70% ft for the rest of the season, but anything higher than 50% is looking better than the dismal bogut ft shooting no?

  4. don corleoneed help says:

    i need 2 out of the 5 for today ..what do you recommend?
    george hill, jr smith, ramon sessions, ty lawson, oj mayo

  5. Larry says:

    Hey man great write up today. Two questions if i may. One, would you drop Salmons for Ryan Anderson in a 8cat roto?
    Two, would you drop either Chandler or Deandre for Monroe also in an 8cat roto?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Thanks! At this point, I’d drop Salmons for just about anyone. I don’t doubt he’ll heat up at some point, but it won’t be worth the wait. I might consider dropping either of those guys for Monroe, but Monroe doesn’t block shots and his FG% – although improving – isn’t spectacular either. Kinda depends on need.

  7. Rob says:

    So do you consider Camby droppable?

    I own him in two of my 8 leagues. In my 10 team league I already dropped him for Ryan Anderson (a nobrainer imho). In my 12 team league there is nothing on WW all that appealing (considering Przybilla though).

  8. Matthole says:

    @Adam: Offered my Aldridge and deng for his amare…he countered with Aldridge/deng/Kobe for his amare, melo, and arenas…not too hot on this offer

    I’m in first place now with holiday, Conley, Calderon, Kobe, Lebron, deng, bosh, hibbert, humphries, Ty Thomas,

    My opponent also has Westbrook and rose…how’d u approach this trade situation? Would u stand pat on Aldridge/deng for amare or would u add Kobe and melo to the mix if I can add a PG to get one of his elite?
    Leave it as is? Thanks

  9. hakasan says:


    i’m trying to pry noah from another owner right now… he’s got 4 Cs but two are injured (noah/kaman)

    i would like to work a frye+1 deal to get noah… based on my lineup, who would you recoomend i include in the combo to come out on top of the trade? of course i don’t mind if he’ll take frye + mike miller or gibson or mo will, but should i be willing to give up to turk or even j.rich?

    kidd/mo will/gibson/turk
    d.howard/frye/mike miller

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: I wouldn’t drop him in the deeper league unless you didn’t really need him in the first place. He’s not out for the season (at least, it doesn’t appear he will be). There’ll be enough basketball left when he returns that you’ll wish you still had him on March 1.

    @Matthole: I’m guessing you threw in Deng because you don’t really use him and the other guy tossed in Arenas for the same reason. So what we’re talking about here is Amar’e/’Melo for LMA/Kobe. I’d be shocked if he even considered throwing in Westbrook or Rose instead of Arenas. Do you use Deng? If not, this deal doesn’t look bad to me.

    @hakasan: Yes. Noah’s good enough that offering up Frye + any other player you mentioned besides Richardson should be worth it. I know Turkoglu is playing better as a member of the Magic, but he’s still overrated by fantasy folks who really, really, really want Turkoglu to be successful this season. Mo’s hurt. (Taj? Boobie? <– which sounds like a Swedish person saying "touch booby")) Gibson's a peripheral piece and Mike Miller …? Well, Mike Miller doesn't play much.

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