All right, look. Anyone who’s read or viewed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has their own opinion on R.P. McMurphy’s true mental state. Was he nuts or was he just violent and sly? Doesn’t matter. He was imperfect. We can all agree. NBA players? They’re imperfect too. That’s what makes them interesting. Sometimes they dog it on the court, sometimes they give up on their own team. Sometimes they ain’t worth 1/3 of their paycheck. Again, doesn’t matter. At least not while Nurse Ratchet maintains grip on the television switch. Fair has nothing to do with this. The owners want to maintain a certain level of wealth at the expense of the fans, players, arena and team personnel. We just want to watch the World Series and they won’t even turn on the TV. One hundred basketball games are gone and they aren’t coming back. Meanwhile the threat of chopping off more games looms like a cleaver-wielding gangster who’s already taken one of our pinkies.

Fine. They can take away our real fake basketball, but they can’t take away our fake fake basketball. So starting Monday, October 17 and continuing until either the Lockout or the 2011-12 season ends, Razzball will be bringing you a special presentation of the 1988-89 NBA season from a fantasy basketball perspective.We’re calling our own World Series, by gum.

It took us a while to dig deep enough into the vaults to find all our old posts from 23 years ago, but we compiled ’em, spruced ’em up, remastered ’em, updated ’em with some digital effects, some cheap 3D,  and added a few bonus acoustic tracks. It’s gonna be so-weet.

And if it’s not, well … I tried didn’t I, dammit? At least I did that.