D.J. Augustin – Saint Augustin is averaging a heavenly 17/3/5.5 for the Cats after three games. What’s the difference between his start this season and the promising average of his rookie year? Is that rhetorical? No. Why would it be rhetorical? Uh, Is that rhetorical? No. Who asks unending rhetorical questions like that? Okay, I’m confused. That last one really sounded like a rhetorical question. Okay. Stop talking now. Although Augustin took a definite step back last season, Augustin’s per36 in 2008 was 16/2.5/4.7 with .430/.893 percentages. So far this season, he’s averaging 15.2/2.7/4.8 with .432/1.000 averages. His numbers look so much better now because he spent 2008 playing 27 minutes behind Raymond Felton, and this season playing 41 minutes behind no one. If he keeps this up, we’ll be calling him Quaint Augustin.

Here’s what else went down this weekend in fantasy basketball:

T.J. Ford – You gotta love Indiana. They do everything they can to bring in a PG to avoid playing Ford. So they bring in Darren Collison and in the last two games play him in an almost even timeshare with Ford despite Collison averaging significantly better per minute stats. Let the circle (city) remain unbroken.

J.R. Smith – Continuing the theme of players with initialed boy-band names, Smith is averaging 20 minutes in his first three games. Afflalo is averaging 35. Jrue story.

Paul Millsap – 3o/16/6 on Sunday. 19/13/1 on Thursday. Boozer who? Whoozer?

James Harden – He made only one of his seven shots on Sunday, mostly caused by his three-jerk reaction.

Derrick Fisher – He’s scored in double-digits in the last two games. He only did that 26 times last season and didn’t score his second double-digit game until the 12th game of last season. Despite his start, I don’t think he scores more than nine points in 24 more games this season.

Lamar Odom – 16/13.7/3.3 in place of injured Andrew Bynum. I won’t lie, I love me some Odom. Sadly, unlike Khloe, I wasn’t smart enough to snatch him for myself in any drafts.

Stephen Curry – Curry’s wearing a boot on his injured foot and won’t take it off until Wednesday’s game (at the earliest). For what it’s worth, his boot was made for walkin’ and that’s just what it’ll do … until his ankle is strong enough to allow him to run.

Dorrell Wright – He’s getting about 36 minutes of burn and torching snitches with it, averaging 3.7 3pt/19/5.3/2/1 stl/1 blk. If he’s not in your lineup, it’s because someone beat you to the waiver wire.

David Lee – A Sunday bucket of yuck comin’: 19 min/.000/.000/0/3/2/0/0/5. You don’t really want an injury to be the explanation for this (which it wasn’t), but you also don’t want there to be no explanation for this.

Carlos Delfino – I’m pretty sure I owned a couch in college called the Delfino. It was part of a classy line of furniture that included cup holders right in the arm rest. Right in there! In honor of that classy line of furniture, I present you with the Delfino Line™: 37 mpg/4 3ptm/16.5/4.5/1.5/2 stl so far in three games. Delfino is the waiver pickup you get if Dorrell Wright is already got. Also, Maggette’s still getting a fair amount of minutes too. So like when a drunk enters a crowd, someone’s getting bumped. Who?

Drew Gooden – … Drew’s getting bumped. There are about 20 shades of blue in the average crayon box of 64. You have your normal blue and your midnight blue, your cerulean and your blue-green. But then Crayola started throwing in colors like green-blue and you started questioning if 64 crayons were even necessary. I mean, I’m gonna shade the characters in my Smurfs coloring book normal blue. And when I use that up, I’m going to want a new box of crayons. You go with the sharpest tools that fit into your overall plan. Right now, Gooden is the green-blue crayon and he’s giving everyone else the blues.

Baron Davis – Baron Von Davis is shooting .333 from the floor this season, which is worse than even the lowest estimates on him. Does that make him “Boom-Fizzle” or “Err-on Davis?”

DeAndre Jordan – Jordan played 9, 13 and 19 minutes in the first three games of the season, scored 4, 8 and 10 points in each outing and is outproducing Rasual Butler. In deep leagues, he’s worth a flier now. In shallower leagues he should be as closely monitored as Lohan in a vodka distillery.

Mike Conley – Scratched up Minnesota on Saturday for career highs in assists (11) and steals (7) while averaging 37 minutes over the first three games of the season. This all would be more impressive if every other point guard in the league wasn’t averaging 15 friggin’ dimes a game.

Kevin Love – He’s averaging 14/13 in 25 mpgs. Just 25 minutes. Not because of foul trouble. Not because of injury. Because of poor defense. Kevin Love’s team DRtg? Fifth-best on the team (99) and better than any of the players that served as his defensive replacement. Yeah, I can’t figure out why the Timberwolves are 0-3 1-2 either.

Ben Gordon – Breath easy Pistons fans. Gordon matched his 2009 mark for 32+ point games on Saturday with one. So that’s outta the way.

Hedo Turkoglu – Do you suppose Yahoo! users who drafted Turkoglu with the 75th pick and ESPN users using their 72nd pick expected him to average 9/3 while shooting 41 percent from the floor? ‘Cause I didn’t expect him to be this bad and I recommended not picking him anytime before No. 102.

Derrick Favors – He’s shooting 58 percent from the floor and averaging 10.3/10 in three games (including a double-double Sunday). He doesn’t really offer much more than average and boards, but then again, you never expected more from the Nets than to be average and make you bored.

Travis Outlaw – Outlaw played 21 minutes and missed the only five shots he took on the afternoon. In fact, if you removed Devin Harris and Brook Lopez from the Nets starting lineup, the three remaining starters shot 2-of-16 on the night. Though if you remove Lopez and Harris you have the Timberwolves.

LeBron James – Yes, it’s early. Yes, he’s still playing at an elite level, but at what point should we begin discussing his 92 ORtg (career average 114), 6.1 tpg, .448 FG%, his career-low 35 mpg, and annoyingly self-referential Nike commercial of which promotes neither Nike apparel nor the game of basketball? Not yet? Well, tell me when ’cause I’m really itching to discuss these things. How about next week? And don’t say ‘we’ll see.’ That always means ‘no.’

  1. d2bnz says:

    first off , way to go on publishing this as quickly as you did , top marks .
    Correct me if I’m wrong here but I have noticed that undersized Center’s and I refer to David Lee and Joakim Noah have to play with a high level of activity when they come up against the elite bigs such as Gasol or Howard as a consquence you can get the poor return that Lee threw up today …..bleeech

  2. Quintero says:

    Great roundup, the Favors bullet is just neat.

    Deep H2Hers out there, Portland is having a 5-game week if looking for stream. Streaming on the second week!

  3. Tony says:

    1) stepen curry needs to keep that damn boot on til that ankle feels great, not great, until he can jump rope on it for 25 reps in a row… stop pushing it during week1!

    2) had my 20 man draft this past sat, live auction at a hotel, insanity sauce…. i’ve never done an auction before or been in a league this large, after seeing the few great players in the draft pool go for wayyy more than i was willing to spend i decided to go young and build for the future…. melo went for $60, derrick rose $65, kidd $55, wall went for $53… and here’s what I decided to do after seeing this….

    remember 20 man CBS, points league, $200 each to spend on 8 players, up to 4 keepers, most top 50-75 players were kept IF they were at good prices:

    Stephen Curry $34 Keeper
    D. West $27 Keeper
    D. Cousins $28
    E. Turner $26
    OJ Mayo $41
    B. Gordon $31
    A. Morrow $1
    R. Lopez $6

    reserve draft/bench players i took: Hakim Warrick, Buddinger, glen davis, tmac, and speights….

    My Thoughts: I like my young guys, i think/hopefully i’m setting myself up to be semi-competitive this year and stacked for the future. Mayo was my splurge and I dont know if he’ll be keepable at that price, morrow i tossed out for a $1 buck and found i heard crickets chirping, and i got stuck with him when there were probably 5-8 other guys on my board i woulda rather had, oh well, and i probably overspent on Ben Gordon… looking ahead a core of curry, cousins, and turner plus either west or robin lopez will hopefully be something for me to build on… THOUGHTS?

  4. celtic_shire says:

    Drop Klieza for Dorell Wright – or would I be just chasing similiar guys with the same upside?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Yeah, that’s generally the case. Think of Ben Wallace’s good years versus his bad ones. The major difference was effort. I don’t ever expect anyone to have a great game against the Lakers, but it’s entirely possible I would have goofed my way into two points if you gave me 19 minutes to do it.

    @Quintero: Thanks.

    @Tony: Kidd went for $55 but you got Curry for $35? That’s a weird auction, my man. Nice grab for you. Really, I think Gordon’s your only mistake here. I like Morrow at $1. I wouldn’t like him at $3. It sounds like you’re preparing to sit this season out, which is likely the right mindset for your team given your “youth movement” strategy.

    @celtic_shire: Go for Wright. He’s got more upside and he’s already started showing it.

  6. Tony says:

    @Adam: curry was a keeper for me same with david west at $27, i took over a team, and whoever the previous owner was got curry for $29 and this year he’s $34, due to salary increases…. its basically 20 owners so talent is spread thin, the guy that bought kidd for $55 has 4 good keepers and used a bulk of his leftover cash on kidd to ensure a solid core and then got a couple other nice pieces to round out his 8 in the auction.

    With Ben Gordon it was kinda one of those things i got caught up in bidding, thought if i said $31 this other guy was gonna say $32 and i wasnt really all about buying him, but it just happened….

    i’m just hoping next year i keep Curry, Cousins, evan turner and someone else and go to the draft better than i am this year.

    It was a learning experience. Oh and I left $16 on the table, but when i got Morrow for $1 it kinda threw a wrench into things…..

  7. Tony says:

    @Adam: if you remember i asked about keeping pierce at $43, and i was told here and other places to pitch him back in, well he went again for $37, i mean looking back i might as well have kept him since i left $16 on the table and bought ben gordon for $31! haha, hindsite is 20/20 but i’m pretty sure paul pierce outproduces ben gordon and my $16 i left laying on the table!

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it too much. It’s more about honing your auction skills (you’ll never stop honing them) so that next time you’ll get more out of your budget … or at least use it all next time.

  9. Tony says:

    @Adam: ya it was a new experience. I just need some young talent to pan out and i’ll take a deserted team and turn it into a champion in a yr or so….

    it was more fun though than about any draft i’ve ever done, i defly recommend a REAL auction to anyone…. especially if you can get your league together…

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: I don’t do auction drafts often, but when I do I look forward to it for, like, a month.

  11. Tony says:

    @Adam: what do you think of wade, lebron, and bosh’s value this year. The more and more i’ve watched them and their stat lines the more i’m thinking they’re overvalued this year. If one game Lebron is going to score 30+ points and dwade is going to put up 15pts, and then they flop the next game I think they’re not worth what they use to be. I think Bosh takes an even bigger hit. Thats the price you pay to put 3 superstars on one team. Good for winning, not so good for fantasy?

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: It’s early still. We can’t jump to too many conclusions yet. That said, I speculated two months ago that the Heat would be good enough that the big three would watch a lot of fourth quarters from the bench and I think that’s more likely than Wade, Bosh and James just not playing well together.

    I think they’ll eventually play so well together that they only need to be on the court 3/4 of the time everyone else does.

    A friend of mine also speculated that this team might be more dangerous if the big three were only on the court all together during the first eight minutes of every game and (if necessary) the last eight minutes. And the middle would be some combination of one or two of the three. That way you essentially have one of the 10 best players in the league ALWAYS at full energy on the floor.

    Scary as that is, it would also translate to lowered mpgs.

  13. jacoby says:

    Twolves are 1-2, not 0-3. regardless, love needs to be playing 35 minutes.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jacoby: Oh yeah. Ridnour’s Revenge. Good call.

    Never mind then. All is well in Minnesota!

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