I’m just gonna say this, and then I’m gonna stand by it: I’m almost positive that whenever anyone thinks of the Gustavos of the NBA, Gustavo Ayon‘s name will be mentioned. Sit on that, Potsie. 8/5/2, with 2 stl and 2 blk as Monty Williams has been leaving some slack in the leash for this guy in the last three games. He left Ayon in the game for 13 minutes on Friday, 20 minutes on Saturday and another 20 yesterday. It isn’t that Ayon isn’t filled with potential (and cheese), he is. He’s averaging 8/5/3, with 3 stl+blk in the last three games. This is just good enough for deep leaguers to take a flier. Deep leaguers love fresh meat. LOVE IT. Three mildly notable games ain’t enough for me, though. I’d let him rest for now, but familiarize yourself with the name. You may need him further on down the road. It isn’t like DaJuan Summers and Jason Smith aren’t starters at the moment. It isn’t at if the Hornets aren’t likely candidates to need all the help it can get in its frontcourt with Landry and Kaman sucking on the suckhole. Desperation to Hornet big men is like herpes: once it takes hold, it never goes away. Hey look! More fantasy basketball news below.

John Lucas – Back again to start in place of Derrick Rose, whose toe is still barking, came in hoping to repeat his 28/8/8 performance from Wednesday. He ended with 8/1/2, and a steal in 20 minutes. Turns out, a 29-year-old who spent four seasons outside of the NBA is not a suitable replacement for the reigning MVP. I owe you $20.

C.J. Watson – 17/1/3, with a steal yesterday. Rose was a game time decision and is about 60-40 to play tonight. Watson may or may not get the start depending on which way the wind blows, but after Thibs went with Watson more in the second half than Lucas, I’m confident he’ll have a better game tonight should Rose stay off the court until Friday.

Kyle Korver – On Wednesday, I said, “… as a simple source of threes, he’s got the sixth highest total of makes from behind the arc this season and a well-defined role on a solid team. He’s unowned in more leagues than he should be.” Since then, he’s shot 5-for-18 and amassed a total of 2 threes in his last four. /scratches Korver the feck off his Christmas card list.

Marreese Speights – Went 16/12/2, with a block in 34 minutes. Never mind that he’d been averaging 8/4/1 in the three games before it, I’m still guessing Z-Bo will have to earn his job back upon his return.

Ryan Anderson – Sank seven threes yesterday on his way to 30 points. He’s the video game Kevin Love, if you moved Love’s rebound slider halfway down and moved his three-point slider halfway up. He’s the Dorell Wright you should have drafted. #WhiteWright

Dwight Howard – A measly 8/8, with 5 tovs and 5 fouls (and 4 assists and 3 blocks, to be fair) in 36 minutes against the defense-challenged Knicks. Simply put, Dwight got KO’d by Tyson.

Stephen Jackson – 3-for-12. The 9/9/4, with 3 steals is cool and all, but I can’t imagine owning him is any fun. Even with the 34-point and 25-point games over the weekend, his total lack of consistency seems less than worth it. Let me hear you Razzballers. I haven’t owned Jackson in a while, is it as awful (yet necessary) owning him as it seems?

Brandon Jennings – Only had 3 assists yesterday and seven total assists in his last three. Blecch. Or as the French say, le blecch.

Anthony Parker – Left after 10 minutes. GRAB A BOOBIE!

Kemba Walker – 14/4/4, with 4 stl, 2 blk and a three. He’s not where you hoped he’d be, but he’s not where he was three weeks ago, either.

Tyrus Thomas – 1/1/1, with 1 stl and 3 blk in 16 minutes, which is bad, but not as bad as going .370 from the floor in seven games so far this season. Coach Silas asked him to stop shooting. Thomas politely said, “naw.” Silas went back to sleep, content that Thomas is at least not as bad as Diaw.

Samuel Dalembert – 20/7, with 3 blks … against the always dizzy JaVale McGee. We’ll call this the D.C. Deluxe.

MarShon Brooks – Dropped 19 points for the fifth time in 10 games. I don’t like his actual game, but I wouldn’t kick his fantasy game out of bed for eatin’ crackers. Mostly because I also enjoy eating crackers in bed and kicking someone else out of bed for doing it would make me a hypocrite.

Randy Foye – 13/3/10, with a steal, a three, two blocks and a quintet of turnovers in place of the mildly tweaked Chris Paul. You could grab Foye as long as you understand that this game managed to break through his ceiling and that not only will he not likely do this again while Paul is out, but the performance was so solid, Foye has to donate 25 percent of yesterday’s output to Chris Paul owners’ fantasy stats.

Ed Davis – First dub-dub of the season (13/10, with a block and a steal) and is likely to play as many minutes as he can handle on Wednesday with Bargnani likely to sit out one more. Also, remember, Ed Davis is not Amir Johnson, no matter how many times they wear each other’s clothing!

Jeff Teague – Leading the league in steals (four yesterday). So there’s that.

Thabo Sefolosha – Now it’s time to play, “Whoa, Thabo Sefolosha! Settle down there, buddy! You’re playing way above your head.” Dude ended with 19/5/1, with 4 stl and 2 3ptm in place of a cold, cold Harden. It was his first 19-point game since March 26, 2008. So, um, whoa, Thabo Sefolosha! Settle down there, buddy! You’re playing way above your head. … And we’ll see you again next time.

Ricky Rubio – 9/8/8, with two steals and terrible shooting. I’m all moony-eyed for this kid, but his shooting is going to be an issue for a while. You’ll deal with it, because he’s probably going to triple-double a couple times this year. Rondo’s the only one to hit the 3×2 this season (and came close last night along with Tyreke Evans), but my money’s on Rubio being the next guy to trip-dub. Book it!

Luke Ridnour – 25 points and 9 assists as he’s proven to still be a useful fantasy asset despite the emergence of Rubio. I imagine a lot of owners feel like he’s dead weight, but he’s scored in the double-digits in five of his last six with solid percentages and a good source for a little bit of everything in deeper leagues. He does it all. Except dishes. He won’t do dishes.

  1. RashDecisions says:

    That was Amir Johnson’s 4th double double. His value and role have remained largely unchanged with Bargs out. That analysis seems like a combination of Ed Davis and Amir. Or as he is lovingly known Edir Dahnson.

  2. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Adam: At this point, would you rather own Elton Brand or Spencer Hawes? Pau Gasol or Al Jefferson?

  3. Rob says:

    @Adam: Received an offer Calderon + his drek for Ibaka + my drek. Assuming the drek is even (I might counter and remove drek) would you do?

  4. Rob says:

    Also – Ridnour or George Hill?

  5. Tony says:

    ADAM- This has been offered to me, 18 team H2H fpts league.

    MY Amare $62, Scola $25, and Dorell Wright $16 for his Dirk $54, Kaman $17, and Amir Johnson $12.

    I wouldn’t keep any of the guys I’d be trading and I probably would not keep any of the ones I’d be receiving, so thats not an issue, it would give me some cap space wwhich would be good for future trading.

    My Forwards/centers/utl positions look like this now.

    F- David Lee, Scola, Dorell Wright
    utl- evan turner

    and if I accept the deal I’m looking at:

    F-David Lee, Dirk, Amir Johnson
    Utl-evan turner

    I also have Ed Davis on my bench who is trying to get in my line up so that would be my insurance on Kaman I guess. I guess it kinda depends which line up above you like better. Thanks in advance.

  6. mindicohn says:

    My team is a bag of garbage. That said need to stream a few more guys thus week

    Dropping carter (hurt his ankle last night ) and maybe hickson. How would you rank

    Elke udoh
    Jordan crawford
    Chanandler pardons


  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @RashDecisions: Gah! You’re right. Thanks!

    @Marty Funkhouser: Hawes and Jefferson.

    @Rob: Yup. Take it, drek and all.

    @Tony: I responded over in yesterday’s post.

    @Rob: Hill

    @mindicohn: Delfino, Jerebko, Hayward, Parsons, Splitter, Udoh and Crawford in that order.

  8. Tony says:

    @Adam: hey man didn’t see that, thanks.

    I agree, dirk is better than amare, but amare at center is better than kaman and ed davis… plus i have david lee, dorell, and scola now at F, i dont know about dirk, dlee and amir, i dont trust amir, no bargs right now is helping him a abit…. his mins/stats are inconsistent.

    i’ll probly hold off, currys the main thing crushing me this year.

  9. Ryan says:

    Thanks again for all your advice. Anyway Do you think I should trade amare iggy for aldridge lawson.I think this trade will put me over the top. If not, do you see any better moves I should make. Btw we keep 5 in this h2h keeper league. Team is below.

    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg dorrell wright
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util maurice speights
    util evan turner
    bn carlos delfino
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jameer nelson

  10. yoni says:

    do you see dirk picking up his game? im in desperate need of a center (i literally have none) and have defied the rule by shopping him now. Should i wait and hope he gets better so i can sell high?

  11. Eng says:

    G’ morning Ad’am (french). Would you trade Bosh for Anderson now or still too high of a price? Still reeling that I could’ve shifted Horford him Anderson last week. Also, is Bayless worth a spec add dropping peculiar Pachulia?

  12. Sawx10 says:

    Guy in my league just traded Kevin love and j Kidd for Tim Duncan and diaw to one of the highest ranked teams..collusion or just stupidity?

  13. Moses says:


    Was offered Nick Young for my Amir Johnson and Matt Barnes. Do it?

  14. GP says:

    I grabbed Stephen Jackson for a dollar off the waiver wire a few weeks ago. Without fail, he’s crapped his pants every time I’ve started him. I’m considering starting a mailing list to let people know when he’ll be in my lineup so that subscribers can get him out of their own. At this point, I’d rather eat a used tissue of unknown origin than put him back in. That cranky old gangster gives me diarrhea.

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: The trade looks good. I’d hate to give up Iggy, but you’re getting solid value in return. What could you get for giving up Curry instead of Iggy?

    @yoni: Yeah, I see him picking it up somewhat. He’s not as involved in the team’s offense as he has been in the last 7-8 seasons and he’s a little out of shape. Both of those things should improve with time to put him back in the top 15-20. I DO think we’ve seen the last of “Top 10 Dirk.”

    @Eng: Yeah, I’m starting to see Anderson’s season in the same light I saw Wright’s last year. A little too good to be true, but what the hell? Ride the star until it burns into gas. Re: Bayless. Nah. No telling when Bayless will return or how much he’ll be worth with Joe Kettle playing some of the best ball of his career.

    @Sawx10: Stupid collusion?

  16. Boogie Nights says:

    Hey Adam,

    Odom was dropped in my league and cleared waivers. I was thinking about picking him up and dropping JJ Hickson. Do you see Odom turning the corner or should I stay away from him and look for something else.

  17. Ryan says:

    Thanks for your help. Not really sure what I could get for Curry. I guess I could get Dwight Howard and Calderon for Curry and Iggy. But without trading curry, what would be a good counteroffer for Lawson Aldridge? Also is Iggy a definite keeper for my team and why? Thank you !

  18. Wolfpack says:

    Im thinking of adding Speights or D. Blair to provide depth at PF/C (Own Bynum,Boozer,Al Harrington,Brook Lopez) Who is the better add & who’s the drop?? Do I drop Harrington or DeRozan,N. Young, Shumpert?? (5×5: PTS,REB,STL,AST,BLK)

  19. Ryan says:

    Woops I meant without trading iggy

  20. Cory says:

    I don’t have any questions; just want to applaud you for “White Wright”.

  21. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Drop Psycho T for Taj? At least he blocks shots. Thanks!

  22. Lou says:

    I’ve been shooting offers out for injured studs. I got a nibble from DWade’s owner, then he blew my mind with a 3 part counter. I give Kobe + JaVale for one of the following G/C combos:

    KMartin/Marc Gasol
    Joe Johnson/Aldridge

    I imagine I can mix and match to some extent. so much for a simple lunch break. 9 Cat

  23. Rob says:

    Adam: Was offered Ray Allen and David West for my Kevin Martin and Kyrie Irving.

    Will decline. Am thinking of countering Irving for West straight up since I think that is who my partner is after. But I would only do that if it is a clear advantage for me since I like the balance on my team.

    Would you make this offer?

  24. Mr. Duck Fat says:

    14 man league

    Drop Josh Howard for a flier on Miller or Ayon?

  25. HotRod says:


    Traded my Jrue Holiday & Tyson Chandler for his John Wall & KG? Your thoughts? Did I win? Yesterday was my 1st day with Wall on my roster, nice start…

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Boogie Nights: I already kind of see Odom turning the corner. He’s a great, great buy-low target.

    @Ryan: What if you try a 1-for-1? STAT for LMA? Curry for LMA? I see Iggy as being on the cusp of your keepers, mostly because of the strength of the 4-5-6 guy on your team that might bump Iggy out.

    @Wolfpack: Young for Speights, but only if you’re good at FT% and you really need a big man.

    @Cory: Hehe. Feel free to tweeter it to your Internet chums.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Yeah, but don’t expect to hang on to Taj all that long. His production comes and goes.

    @Lou: Whew. That’s a spicy meatball, right thurr. I kind of don’t like any of the three offers as-is. The Johnson/LMA is the best. Any chance he bites on Kobe/JaVale for either Wade/Gasol or Martin/LMA?

    @Rob: Nah. West comes and goes.

  27. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mr. Duck Fat: Nah. Stay put.

    @HotRod: Ha! You won yesterday, that’s for damn sure. It actually seems like an even trade assuming Wall begins averaging something in between last night and all the other nights.

  28. Rob says:

    Got Bynum, McGee, Lee, and Cousins and was offered Danillo for Bynum – I think I’m going to do it based on team need and fear of injury for Bynum – sound good 2 you?

  29. Ryan says:

    So I tried offering amare or curry str8 up but had no luck. So do you think I should still deal iggy and amare or stay put?

  30. Booya says:

    Drop z-bo for speights at this point?

  31. Dimitri says:

    trade amare and get in return either marc gasol, g. monroe, or aldridge? who should i aim to get out of those 3 if u can please rank them 123..btw my team is excellent at FTs..i think marc would drag the ft% down..i also have pau gasol and ibaka as my other bigs, along with frye and KG

  32. Tony says:

    Adam/others help a brotha out.

    I’m about to offer a huge deal to a guy, he made me a similar offer this is what I’m looking to counter.

    18 team H2H fpts league, 4 keeps

    My Collison22, Amare62, Ed Davis7, Dorell wright16 and stephen curry42

    for his Monta Ellis36, dirk 54, kaman 17, morrow 3, afflalo 10

    This would be my line up if he accepted, which there’s a pretty good chance since he loves to trade and offered me a similar deal.

    Starting line up:
    G-Paul George
    F-David Lee
    F- Scola
    C- Kaman
    Utl- Either Evan Turner, afflalo, morrow, or maybe j. bayless

    I’d get monta at a great price, less than what I have the NON-playing curry at, and i have shump, paul george, evan turner and david lee at prices to where I’d have my keeps set or at least enough to choose from.


  33. Mr. Duck Fat says:

    Regarding my earlier post.. Shannon Brown (just dropped) over Josh Howard? or continue to wait for Howard to return..

  34. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    10-team, standard 9-cat H2H, non-keeper

    Would you drop anyone for Odom?

    My Team
    PG- Rose
    SG- DeRozan
    G- Holiday
    SF- Granger
    PF- Amar’e
    F- Bosh
    C- Hibbert
    UTIL- Ibaka
    UTIL- Shumpert
    Bench- Mar$hon, Barnes, Kawhi, Mullens, Kaman, Devin Harris

  35. Mr. Duck Fat says:

    Scratch that.

  36. Jeremy says:

    what do you think of me offering scola for turkoglu straight up? kind of overloaded at pf and could use some more sf help now the RJ is beginning to suck again

  37. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: Sounds good. You’ve got bigs to spare.

    @Ryan: Yeah. It’s a good deal. Couldn’t hurt to see if he’d go for less. You tried.

    @Booya: Only if you think you can re-aquire Z-Bo in three weeks or so. Speights won’t be worth much with Randolph back.

    @Dimitri: LMA first, then either of the other two depending on team need.

    @Tony: We’ve sort of talked through several pieces of this trade. Ultimately, it’s kind of hard to tell what your team would look like as you’re literally swapping more than half of your active participants out for new ones. On the surface, it looks like you’re getting equal talent in return for what you’re trading AND saving money in the process. Seems like a win, especially if Curry and Wright don’t start producing.

    @Mr. Duck Fat: Would have said wait for Howard.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Kaman. Maybe even Shumpert in a couple weeks depending on his role once Davis returns.

  38. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Yup. Toss some shampoo+conditioner in with Scola and you might have yourself a deal.

  39. Jeremy says:

    @Adam: Just realized Hedo is one of his only two sf’s, should I toss in RJ to sweeten the deal? or is that giving up too much?

  40. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Jefferson? Sure. He was playing above his head through the first few weeks anyway.

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