I’ll mention Jordan Crawford a bit later. Like 105 words from now. Depending on the size of your browser, you can probably see his name below. If you’re reading on an iPhone, maybe not. If you’re reading on a Blackberry, I’m pretty sure your law firm would be pissed if they knew you were reading Razzball during deliberations, Poindexter. Anywho, everyone on the Wiz had some ailment keeping them from going up against the number one team in the East. I think that ailment is called “JockBitch.” Either that or it was “Scared-Asspurgers.” The share many of the same symptoms. Anyway, I like Crawford as a scorer, and Nick Young‘s knee injury might force him to lose multiple games, and anyone healthy on the Wiz right now is getting minutes, and … well, I approve of this Jordan on the Wizards. Only this Jordan. No others. Any other Jordans – past or present – wearing Wizards uniforms should forever be seen as mistakes.

Here’s the rest of Tuesday in fantasy basketball:

Darren Collison – Benchslapped! If I had one superpower, forget the ability to fly or mindreading, I’d want to be able to see sports box scores a week into the future. How pissed would your leaguemates be when you played Collison for the first time in a month and he goes 24/3/9? JaVale McGee against the Bulls? 11/12/12 block triple-double. Jordan Crawford? 27 easy. This was along the lines of the kind of game I had hoped DarCo would have developed on a regular basis by now. Instead, it was just the fourth time he’s doled out 9+ assists and just the third time he’s scored 24+ points.

Shawne Williams – Now that the Jared Jeffries starting rotation era is over, it’s Williams’ turn to be the forgotten guy in the starting five. He started last night with 10/6, a steal and two threes. He’s not worth much in leagues shallower than 12 teams, but if you’re team No. 13, giddyup. Also, never trust a league with an odd number of teams. That advice was free.

John Wall – 17/11/7, with four steals, a three, a block and seven turnovers. Wait, seven turnovers? Ugh. It’s like the artist sneezed just as he was making his final stroke. Still, this kid is having a criminally unheralded rookie season – a good enough season that he’ll be within spitting distance of Rondo come next season’s draft.

Keith Bogans – Seventeen points, five treys. Oh, yeah. Forgot about Ke-Bo. Apparently the Wiz did too.

Amir Johnson – Rushing to get back to play for the third-worst team in the East (!?), Johnson’s busted left ankle was joined by his right ankle on the long list of things that aren’t working properly in Toronto. I’d cut bait on him, unless the wire is thin and you can manage okay while he’s out.

Rodrigue Beaubois – From last month: “I wouldn’t expect more than 25 minutes a night from Beaubois, nor would I expect much more than weak FG% and 12 points a game. Not at least until the last few weeks of the season, when guys like Kidd and Terry are getting additional rest.” And this is me stealing Grey’s schtick! Before last night’s 16 points and four treys in 22 minutes, he’d been averaging 16 mpg and nine points on .429 shooting from the floor. That’s 14 points every 25 minutes. Terry and Kidd aren’t really resting though. Well, not Terry. Kidd took one shot and just passed the ball last night.

Gerald Wallace – Started in place of LMA. LMA started for Camby. Meanwhile, Andre Miller started because they pay him money to do so. Oh, that wacky Andre.

Brandon Roy – Sank 21 points in 28 minutes. He’s no longer the top 50 fantasy option he was, but the fact that he ever has games like this is more than remarkable to me.

Joe Johnson – Thirty-six points, including six treys. Great. Now average that in the remaining 15 games and perhaps your season won’t be a disappointment after all.

Al Horford – 15/5/3, with a block and a little rust. S’cool. He’s back. That’s all that matters. Well, that and that he doesn’t hurt himself again. *cough* Amir Johnson *cough*

Marvin Williams – 16/3/2 in 24 minutes. Not a bad line, but, really, I just wanted to mention that Williams’ middle name is Gaye. I don’t know how I missed this for six seasons, but it won’t be forgotten any time soon. I mean, it’s cool that he shares the name of one of America’s best soul singers and all, but at some point in every man’s life, he is called upon to perform a task in which the only appropriate response before performing that task is to say, “Don’t worry. __________ is my middle name.” What the hell kinda task will ol’ Marv be called on to perform in which “Don’t worry, Gaye is my middle name” is the appropriate response?

  1. with everyone on my roster playing tonight, i gotta sit at least 1 more… (frye on inj auto sit)… what’s your take??

    kidd/mowill/rondo/harden (vs miami)/ghenderson
    dirk/jrich/brand (horrible lately)/chase/

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: If the Magic weren’t playing Milwaukee, I’d suggest sitting Richardson. As the Bucks have become the league’s kickable mutt, you probably don’t want to miss out on that. Bench Brand or Henderson, depending on which player’s skillset you need less.

  3. Funny Marvin post. Btw, no solo post for my guy – Javale? Puts up a rare ridculous 3×2 and can’t get his own little ink blurb on razz? Has to share with Colli… Here’s to your 11pts / 12 boards/ 12 blocks, javale – you special, jeckyl and Hyde big, that you are.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Ha. I had no idea you had such tender feelings for McGee. I’ll definitely give him a big write-up the next time he triple-doubles. And I can make such a promise because I’m unconvinced he’ll ever do it again.

  5. Valid point. Watched the game and he was jonesing for that last bucket… He probably sensed the same thing you did.

  6. thanks Adam…
    since i’m punting points, i guess i’ll sit henderson… just hoping that brand will somehow get me 7rb ast/1stl/1blk

  7. at this point i pretty much have to start hansbrough (@ bos) over salmons (vs orl) right?

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I like JaVale, but I hope someone told him to knock that shizz off in the future. It’s kinda how I felt during Love’s 53-game double-double streak. He admitted his game was suffering because of the pressure bs felt. Stats and records are nice, but when it doesn’t equate to winning, it ain’t wortha damn. Still, there have got to be a few fantasy teams out there with both Ibaka and McGee and a month’s worth of blocks in the last three days.

    @hakasan: I don’t think that’s too far-fetched. He’s healthy, just slumping a bit. He’ll break out soon.

    @Jeremy: Absolutely. What? 29 and 30 points in his last two ain’t compelling enough for ya?

  9. @Adam: that boston D worries me, but yeah not enough to give up on psycho t

  10. @Adam and Jeremy,
    just wanted to note that in 8 games in march, salmons scored 81 points… psycho t outscored that in the last 3… on some pretty scary %s too…

  11. and… in the 9 games when psycho t played 30+ mins, he only scored below 20 once…

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Orlando’s D ain’t much worse (Boston is 2nd in the NBA, Orlando is ranked 3rd) at least Hansbrough is playing well, getting more minutes and with the possibility to meeting in the first round of the playoffs, one would like to believe Indy’s going all-in tonight. … Like I said, one would hope.

    @hakasan: Stats! I love it. Good stuff.

  13. why is tyler doing this to me?! he is grabbing boards at least though

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Ugh, yeah. He’s shootin’ ugly. Some of those misses were tough shots under the rim (probably fouls), but yeah … 1-for-10 with 9 minutes left … that’s … that’s not good.

    For what it’s worth, Salmons is doing exactly what I expected him to do. If I had to pick between the two of them again, I’d go the same way.

  15. rex says:

    hmm.. rudy gay on the wire.. and my anthony parker doing pretty terrible.

    also got kenyon martin/budinger/hayes/darco/ed davis that could possibly be dropped.

    I’m definitely in playoffs and fighting for #2 seed right now… but it seems like I’ll probably be 3rd or 4th seed, so I won’t get a bye next week.

    Rockets have only two games so i’m slightly worried but I think I should make it past first round anyways. I’ve also got #1 waiver… should I pick up Rudy Gay? Is there any news on when he’ll be back and how do you project him for ROS?

    I’ve got
    G – Calderon, DarCo, Stephen Curry, Budinger, dorell wright
    F – Durant, Kenyon Martin
    C – Ibaka, Hayes, Ed Davis, Amare, Tyson Chandler.

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @rex: Anthony Parker isn’t doing well enough that you can’t either a) replace him with someone playing better than he is right now or b) pick up Gay and stash him.

    The last I heard (yesterday), Gay will be out another two weeks and won’t play in any more than six or seven games. Figure he’ll be rusty for 1-3 of those games, that means you might have a little more than a week of top 30 Rudy Gay.

    I’d go for option a) right now to get you through the first couple playoff rounds and hope Gay is still available 10-12 days from now.

  17. Ro says:

    Who has the better value the rest of the way? Rodrigue B or Shawne W?

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ro: Gotta go with Rowdy Roddy.

  19. Cory says:

    I’m in my league’s playoffs, seeded #4 after hovering in 2nd for most of the regular season (had a huge meltdown post all-star break).

    It’s really close. The guy in 1st has Millsap and Gallinari, so he might get knocked out next week if those guys don’t return to form. Ditto for the guy in 2nd, who has Gordon.

    I have a comfortable lead this week over my opponent, the #5 seed, but after that…who knows what could happen. I figured I’d take this calm before the storm to express my gratitude for your hilarious and informative blog. It’s been a great season, highlighted by your coining of “Fabrajon Egg”.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: Ha. You’ve mentioned Fabrajon before. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing. When Grey and I started speaking last summer, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work or even IF it would work. It started out better than I imagined and I’m hoping to get better in the coming seasons. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot.

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