Gilbert Arenas replaced the injured Al Thornton in the lineup on Thanksgiving and was the lone sweet helping of cranberry sauce in an otherwise turkey of a game for the Wiz. But Gil? Gil’s holding it down like a 40-year-old mom lookin’ way better than most of your 20-year-old friends. He’s started the last seven games, averaging 3.1 3pm/20 pts/4.6 rbd/6.6 ast/1.8 stl. Really, the only place he’s not excelling is in his shot efficiency (.424) but if you expected much better from ol’ Gil, you don’t know ol’ Gil. But the news here is that this Gil does resemble the old one. No, he’s not the top 6 Hibachi from five years ago, but he lasted until the sixth round in most drafts and since his debut on November 5, he’s looked fine. Healthy. Sane. Gunless. And this is a great thing, maybe the best thing for fantasy owners. Not only is a team with a healthy Arenas as its sixth pick a force to be reckoned with, but the league – your league, other leagues, all leagues – are a more fun place with this guy playing.

Here’s some leftover stuff(ing) from last night:

Psyche your face! As the turkey’s tryptophan tends to grab hold of me for days at a time, there won’t be an Add/Drop post this week. Stop your whimpering or you’re getting smacked like Fredo in ‘The Godfather.’ “You can act like a man!” Act like men, avoid picking up Pistons this weekend, David Lee will bounce back sooner than later so don’t trade him for a matinee of the new Cher movie and when in doubt, the person getting the best player in the trade is usually the one winning the trade. I’ll be manning the comments, so feel free to drop those all you want. Have a great weekend, snitches!

No for real, here’s what else went down in fantasy basketball last night:

Al Thornton – Likely to miss a few games after tweaking his ankle on Tuesday. Tweaking is the technical term for what he did. You may know the injury better as “messed up” or “jacked.”

? Nick Young – If you drafted Ben Gordon or Rip Hamilton and want a pure scorer who doesn’t suck at purely scoring this season, go for Shannon Brown. If someone already snatched him up, grab C.J. Miles. And if someone already snatched him up … well, Young dropped 20 last night and has scored 18+ in five of his last six games, but in the time you spent reading this, someone probably snatched him up too.

Andray Blatche – Poked in both eyes in the third quarter and never returned. He was the luckiest of all Wizards, as he didn’t have to see the remainder of the thrashing his team took from the Hawks. Unfortunately, he’ll probably regain his eyesight in time to see up-close what the Magic has for ’em.

Francisco Garcia – Sat out with a cold. Speaking of cold, FraGa Rock is averaging 6.4 point and 0.7 treys in his last seven games after being one of the foremost chic picks in early November and averaging 2 treys and 14.3 ppg. Looking back, that’s about as chic as a Hawaiian shirt and L.A. Gears.

Tyreke Evans – His .429 season FG% doesn’t look so bad when you compare it to the 9-for-37 (.243) he’s shot in the last three games. He’s not hurt, he’s getting minutes, he’s just cold. And while he’s far from a bust, if you can find someone who thinks ‘Reek’ is still a top 30 player in this league, go ahead and make a trade that punishes him for thinking that.

Delonte West – West’s hand injury may be bad enough that he misses the rest of the season. If it happens, Nate Robinson becomes more than the little guy in the locker room making Shaq reach all the high stuff.

Marvin Williams – Since returning from injury, Williams has averaged 24 mpg/6.6 pts/3.4 rbd over seven games. Don’t drop him in favor of a Piston, but almost anyone else would be a better option at this point.

Eric Bledsoe – 6/3/5 in 31 minutes. Yeah, I’m all done with him.

Blake Griffin – The 25/15 is nice, but the five dimes and 11-for-15 from the line is like a Christmas miracle on Thanksgiving. Side note: Does Thanksgiving have its own miracles? I mean, I guess pilgrims not detonating all the Native Americans with their muskets counts as a miracle, but I was thinking more in the vein of Baron-Davis-suiting-up-and-dropping-40-and-15-on-the-Kings kind of miracle. No? Darn.


    Blatche should have put his hand sideways on his nose to block the double-eye poke elementary school style.

  2. clyde says:

    Any idea when Baron is back? Time to pick him up?

  3. papafrog says:

    @Adam: Happy belated Thanksgiving. I know you’re currently anti-Piston at the moment but I was wondering what your second half thoughts were on Greg Monroe. He was putting up decent numbers pre-season and he was recently cut in my 14 team league. I assume he’ll get some decent run at some point after Detroit packs it in. Is he worth a stash over someone like say Al Thornton at this point? I’m currently saving games and hoping to make them up second half. As usual, thanks in advance!

  4. Adam

    Adam says:


    @clyde: Looks like sometime in the next 10 days. Once he returns, he probably won’t play 30+ minutes for the first few games. But Bledsoe didn’t do a whole lot with the opportunity he was given, Foye isn’t fully recovered and the Clippers are one of the worst teams in the league, so when Davis is ready I expect him to get a lot of burn.

    @papafrog: Thanks papa. Right back at you. Re:Monroe – You would assume an upside rookie like Monroe would get some burn eventually. But who the heck knows what Kuester is doing? The team Joe Dumars built in Detroit is nonsensical and Kuester is coaching it as such. We just haven’t seen very much from Monroe, which has ensured that 15 games into the season, he’s still very, very raw. He might get more burn and improve a lot before the season lets out, but he feels more like a 2012-13 breakout to me.

  5. Jay says:

    @Adam: Just traded Bledsoe and Brad Miller for Orange Juice Mayonnaise. Good trade? (8-cat roto)

  6. barker says:

    Yao is sitting on waivers laughing at me in my 12 team league (18 man rosters)

    could drop al thornton for him and my only centers are marc gasol bargnani biedrins

    what would u do???

  7. Tony says:

    would you deal OJ MAYO for Kyle Lowry?

    20 teamer, mayo is overpriced and im not keeping him next year no matter what, and as you and I both know he’s sucking a fat one… is he going to pull out and make me look dumb if i take this? Brooks will come back, will that KILL lowry’s time?

  8. Tony says:

    I offered the guy OJ mayo $44/Demarcus cousins$33 for Joe Johnson $49 and lowry$5….

    JJ would probably be worth mayo/demarcus straight up, but i’ll see if i can get lowry thrown in…..

    deep keeper league

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jay: Yeah. Low risk and you gotta figure Xavier Henry isn’t keeping the starting SG spot on the Grizz.

    @barker: First, I’d ask Yao where he gets the balls to laugh at anybody? Then I’d go ahead and drop Thornton for him.

    @Tony: Now’s a great time to buy low on Mayo. Even if Mayo doesn’t improve upon his previous season’s averages, Lowry’s got a short shelf life and will still probably end the season valued lower than Mayo. The only catch her is that Lowry seems to be getting more comfortable in the starting role and might continue to improve for another week or two. THAT might make you look dumb, but it’s only temporary.

  10. Eric chen says:

    Great advice as always Adam. I took your advice and picked up Outlaw. I am keeping Belinelli though – hit me 4 3s!!! lol. I was an idiot and dropped Hamilton. When I went back to pick him up… gone 🙁 Keep up the good work! Your comments are very entertaining!

  11. Rob says:

    Adam: Carlos Delfino on WW. For the rest of the season who is best – Delfino or Salmons (my bottom SG/SF)

  12. Rob says:

    I guess premature on Delfino..but in another couple weeks..

  13. 24hourjack says:

    Adam….is it too early to give up on Evan Turner?
    is there actually any significant upside there?….

    I’m looking to p/u Villanueva off waivers,and I would have to drop either Turner or Weems….I know Weems is more valuable right now,but I feel like he’ll still be on waivers if I want him back at some point….

    it’s a 12 team H2H league.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Eric chen: Cool. Thanks Eric.

    @Rob: Salmons, probably. But just as Delfino won’t be back for a couple more weeks, Salmons tends to heat up in February after half his owners have already given up on him. I tend to believe he’s on track to pull the same stunt this year. His shot has been off, but everything else is more or less on target. A couple more shots will fall and his average will end right around where they did last season.

    @24hourjack: Are you in a keeper league? I feel a lot better about owning 2011 Turner than 2010 Turner.

  15. James says:

    more likely to happen in your opinion?

    a) Lawson takes over starting gig during post-Melo era

    b) Hinrich takes over the 2 after Arenas goes down again

    in other words, is it a bit premature to grab one of these guys right now (12 team league)? and i’m sure we both agree that lawson has a much higher ceiling because of his explosiveness and that he’s not playing alongside Mr. Dougie

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @James: I think Hinrich is the better pick now because of his role on the team. That said, Lawson has the better upside. If their roles on their respective teams were the same, I’d prefer Lawson.

  17. Eric chen says:

    O.J. Mayo
    Anderson Varejao


    Danilo Gallinari
    Ishmael Smith

    Basically a 2 for one and I need a SF, any thoughts?

  18. Raps says:

    6 team H2H standard cats

    my manu + duncan for westbrook + roy.

    trying to sell high on manu, your thoughts?

  19. foulmouth says:

    Hey Adam,

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great.

    Quick question. Someone in our 9cat roto league just dropped Baron Davis after hearing he will be out indefinitely again. I have 1st waiver priority in my league. Should I use it to pick him up? I’m in need of big man stats but I’m thinking maybe I can pick him up and flip him to someone who needs pg stats for a big man down the road due to lack of sufficient players on the FA. What do you advise.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Eric chen: Not bad. Not sure how I feel about Gallinari, but he’s worth the risk of losing Varejao and Mayo.

    @Raps: How do you feel about the other guy trying to sell high on Roy? Still though, Westbrook looks like a top 15 player this season. Go for it.

    @foulmouth: Thanks! You too. I must say, you’re playing a dangerous
    game burning a waiver pick on the hopes of flipping that player to another team. Perhaps if you plan to keep Baron and flip someone else, it might work. But half your league probably wants nothing to do with Baron and the other half won’t want to pay you for him. You rolls your dice, you takes your chances.

  21. Yoni R says:

    hey adam,
    i am a (concerned) owner of serge two blocka and also a big fan but recently he hasn’t actually been producing any blocks. should i hold on until he picks up or try to get some value from a trade/waiver wire?

  22. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – I’m also a expat Chicagoan but from an earlier Bulls era (Stormin’ Norman, Butterbean, Chet the Jet and Sloan, of course). Also a lifetime CWS fan (hence AnotherFalstaff). My son is home from college watching last night’s SAC-CHI game with me and states the obvious that Rose > ‘Reak. Of course I drafted ‘Reak over Rose in the 3rd. Do you think he learns how to shoot or do I look for a trade? Thanks!

  23. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yoni R: See what you can get in a trade. He was super hot when Green went down. He was playing over his head then. He’s gone cold now. He’ll improve from that. Basically, the first few weeks of the season is the real Ibaka.

    @AnotherFalstaff: It’s not his shot that’s hurting but two ankles and a wrist. Both ankles were hurting during the preseason too. The way I see it, ‘Reke either guts out the rest of the season on one of the most confused and bumbling teams in the NBA or they shut him down. Get what you can for ‘Reke before people see him the way they saw Baron Davis three weeks ago.

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