Last night, O.J. Mayo finished with 4 points on 1-7 shooting (1-5 from downtown), with 3 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and 6 turnovers. Before that game, he was averaging 8.8 points per game, down from 19.3 on the season. He is now battling a flu-like bug. It will be hard to pry Mayo away from owners who have enjoyed him all season, but if there is a nervous owner who may believe Mayo is falling back to earth, now would be the time to strike. Make your Japanese ancestors proud.


Matt Barnes – Despite lackluster minutes (only about 23 on the night), he still had his third 15+ point game in a row (2nd 20+ game). Barnes had 2 games in a row with 8 rebounds before last night, where he didn’t grab anything, but I wouldn’t let that deter you. Some cultures admire goose eggs.

Robin Lopez – Has 22 or more points in 3 of the last 4 games while averaging about 7 rebounds and 3 blocks during that time. His ownership is greater than 50% already, but it’s still low enough to give you a heads up before it’s too late, like that time you could have met Mr. T at the mall. Don’t put it off til later, or he might just leave without you.

Jarrett Jack – Over the past two weeks, in every game he sees more than 30 minutes of floor time, he scored 15 or more points (twice scoring 28+). He also is good for 5+ assists, including double digit assists twice in the past 5 games. Over the past 2 weeks, he has 17.4 PPG, 2.1 3PG, and 6.7 APG.

Kosta Koufos – He’s a deep league dream currently, producing double digit points with the potential for double digit rebounds as well. He is a prolific blocker of late, swatting at least 2 in the past 3 weeks (including 5 on December 22). There will be days when he grabs 3 boards, but the potential for more is why you add the hero of Canton.

Amir Johnson – As discussed yesterday, he will see increased time with Jonas V. out, and Amir is looking to earn about 13 points and 9 rebounds per game, with a block for good measure. At least, that’s what my Magic 8 Ball tells me.

Alexey Shved – He has averaged 15+ points in the past 3 games with 3 threes and 6+ assists (although that is misleading because he had 12 dimes one night). If he continues to start at Small Forward, he will likely gain triple eligibility (PG, SG, SF).

Mario Chalmers – Had been quiet and mostly useless for most of the season, but he had started to increase (and hit) his three point attempts, giving him 4 threes in the past two games to go with a handful of other stats (a few assists, a couple of steals). He is averaging 2.3 threes over the past 15 days.


Shawn Marion – In last night’s basketball competition, the gentleman Shawn finished with a brilliant line of 14/9/7 with a block. Over the past 2 weeks, he is averaging 11+ PPG and 9.5 RPG. The 34 year old is roaring right now, but I can’t see him continuing this pace. He’s not going to drop off the face of the earth, but why not move him when he is at his sexiest?


  1. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey whats up man… I’ve been reading your blog and you got mt attention with Spencer Haws and Alexy Shved.. Do you think Derrick favors or andre drummond are worth dropping to pick one of them up???

    • Robneighbors says:

      @Frank Lynch:

      Between Favors and Drummond, they both have upside, but Favors can actually shoot free throws. Hawes is a decent pickup, but may descend back into oblivion and his long term outlook is not good if Bynum ever comes back. Schved is good if you need assists, altho his percentages arent the best. Out of these 4, Favors is my personal favorite but everyone will tell you something different. Its a tough call, but go after the stats your team needs on this one.

    • Chillmodious says:

      @Frank Lynch: I’m no ‘pert (as evidinced by my request for advice below), but I might consider dropping Favors for Shved. This depends a lot on your positional flexibility and the categories you need. But I think what Favors does best (rebound), Shved can give you a decent amount of in addition to assists and other solid production. IMO, Drummond can only get better and has come on a bit of late. Only drawback with him is FT%.

    • Tony says:

      @Frank Lynch: frank I wouldnt drop either. Why? Favors is one big Al or Sapper trade away from major mins, and even in limited mins he’s putting up nice lines….. Drummond has progressively gotten better and better as the years went on. I actually have made multiple offers in my deep 18 teamer and can not pry him from the owner who has him. If it’s any kind of keeper no way, and even in a re-draft league I see drummond getting more and more mins and being a Ibaka-lite by years end.

      My post is below…. help out if you have some insight.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Frank Lynch: Seems like you got a lot of good advice already, but it would help to know what type of league (H2H or roto) and size.

  2. Chillmodious says:

    I have an add/drop question for you. I’m in a very competitive 12-team ESPN H2H with daily lineups and where owners are pretty savvy, so each roster move carries a lot of weight and demands scrutiny. Hence this lengthy comment. Would you drop Luke Ridnour for Kosta Koufos considering the following roster/situation?:

    PG – Russell Westbrook [PG]
    SG – Marcus Thornton [SG]
    SF – Thaddeus Young [SF, PF]
    PF – DeMarcus Cousins [PF, C]
    C – Anderson Varejao [C, PF]
    G – Goran Dragic [PG]
    F – J.J. Hickson [PF, C]
    PF/C – David West [PF]
    Util – Kyle Lowry [PG]
    Util – Damian Lillard [PG]

    Bench – Rodney Stuckey [SG, PG]
    Bench – Larry Sanders [PF, C]
    Bench – Kris Humphries [PF]
    Bench – Alan Anderson [SF]
    Bench – Luke Ridnour [PG, SG]


    I’m middle of the pack in blocks and eager to grab Koufos, but here’s my dilemma… I suspect you may tell me to drop Humphries for Koufos, but with the firing of Avery Johnson, I am willing to hold on longer to see if PJ Carlesimo deploys him differently–I see a potential spike in value coming for Humph. Next, Alan Anderson. I am also middle of the pack in 3s, I only have one other SF on my roster, and Anderson’s been playing decent of late. I expect tonight to be very telling, with Kyle Lowry returning, to see what kind of line Anderson puts up. If his minutes are low like the last game or he has a stinker, buh-bye. But that leaves me with lowly Luke Ridnour to ponder. Seemingly always solid but unsexy, he’s perpetually that guy at the bottom of my roster that is just useful enough for me to keep, despite looking for reasons to drop him. He also represents a third SG on my team for positional depth, and cutting him leaves me with just two SGs (not as bad as having only one SF, however). This time around, I’m thinking about Alexey Shved and JJ Barea’s presence, Ricky Rubio’s return, and Ridnour’s pedestrian last three games. So, I’m very close to a move, but I’d love to get some advice from the ‘perts.

    Yes, that was an extremely detailed and long-winded way of asking if I should drop Ridnour for Koufos! (One more side note: beyond Koufos, the only other players on my wire I’m looking at are Jeff Green and then Avery Bradley & Hedo Turkoglu (for upside if they return soon).

    Thanks ever so much, and a happy, healthy new year to you!

    • pavel says:

      @Chillmodious: I would drop Anderson for koufos and drop ridnour for someone better as rather have Terrence Ross on the raptors than anderson. Ridnour had his time, but with shved, barea, and Rubio coming back there isn’t much left. I think at this point you need to think about picking up the most valuable players and not try to aim necessarily for stats (so then you can make trades, etc.) good luck to you.

      • Chillmodious says:

        @pavel: Thanks for that, Pavel. Unfortunately, and due to the hyper-competitive nature of this league, trades are an extreme rarity. Everyone is so paranoid of “losing” the trade, that no deals ever materialize. But I like your thinking and appreciate the response.

        Anyone else care to weigh in? ChrisV?

        • Tony says:

          @Chillmodious: im saying drop ridnour for the reasons you stated, too many guards, he’s going to get his mins cut more and more, he was just a fill in for RUBIO.

          if you need blocks grab Koufos.

          My question is below if you can hit me up.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Chillmodious: I’d be okay dropping Ridnour for Koufkos. You thought it pretty well through. I could also see dropping Anderson just due to his lack of peripherals.

  3. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey guys whats up!!! Can you help me with my question That I posted before?

  4. Tony says:

    deep 18 teamer, h2h fantasy pts.

    1) would you deal a $9 shump for a $3 robin lopez?

    2) Would you deal a $27 Javale McGee for a $10 Tiago Splitter?

    Currently their mins are the same, Tiago seeing a hair more, fantasy pts javale has scored 1034 in 30 games and Splitter has scored 897 in 30 games, fairly close…. In the past 21 days they have produced identical fantasy pts.

    Is the upside of Javale there with Splitter? I mean we’ve seen Javale go 20/15/5blks during a run last year, but G-Karl’s giving the talent no PT…. (yes he is an idiot, but he’s a freak idiot!) What do you think? Is this guy ever gonna get more than 20 mins a game this year?

    I’m half temtped to take Splitter for the fact I save $17 in cap, which is pretty huge, we have to be $300 or under and I’m at $285. My teams doing well with a mediocre Javale, and being $32 under would give me alot of wiggle room for dealing. Another positive of Splitter is he’s F/C eligible and javale’s ONLY Center elig…….

    thanks for your time! anyone else who has an opinion i appreciate it…. im out for blood in this league!

    • Tony says:

      @Tony: another twist, would you rather take on a $10 nene for Javale than splitter???


      • ChrisV

        ChrisV says:

        @Tony: I’d take Nene for JaVale.

  5. Frank Lynch says:

    I’m in a head to head league where there are 11 categories and i play someone every week and whatever the score is, like 9-2 or 6-5, at the end of the week that hats goes on your total record. Right now I’m in 2nd place and this week i’m playing the guy in 1st. he’s beating me but he’s only winning in every category but one within like 5 – 7 points. so its close… my team is:
    kevin durant
    ty lawson
    evan turmer
    jj reddick
    george hill
    danilo gallinari
    derrick favors
    greg monroe
    tyson chandler
    tony parker
    roy hibbert
    kawhi leonard
    kevin love
    andre drummond

    Do you think in my situation this week that I should drop Favors for Shved?? Favors never puts shit up and i need it this week but I need your help cause I don’t know much. This is my first time doing basketball.. Thanks guys

    • Eric says:

      @Frank Lynch:

      All your players are solid. Favors is keeping you dominant in blocks. I’d try a two for one, e.g. Tony Parker and Danilo for a Kyrie Irving/Paul George/Batum/Carmelo or Evan Turner + Tony Parker for James Harden and then pick Shved up. Favors also might get big minutes if Millsap or Jefferson are traded so there’s an upside there.

      • ChrisV

        ChrisV says:

        @Eric: @Frank Lynch:

        I’m not sure Favors is the one pushing him over in blocks, at least recently. Nevertheless, in an H2H league, I wouldn’t worry about losing one week if you are otherwise doing well (2nd place, I believe you said).

  6. Thrilla says:

    Hey man,

    12-Team H2H Yahoo! League…

    D. Lillard
    R. Stuckey
    L. Williams
    M. Dunleavy
    K. Love
    Z. Randolph
    P. Gasol
    R. Hibbert
    G. Monroe
    G. Henderson

    R. Rubio
    T. Evans
    J. Wall
    A. Shved

    That’s my squad. I’m getting whipped pretty good this week but have a chance to steal a couple categories like BLK and REB.

    Do I drop Shved who plays one game this weekend for K. Koufus (2 games) or Amir Johnson (2 games) or do I hold tight?

    The top few guys on Waivers are:
    T. Prince
    Amir Johnson
    L. Odom
    J. Meeks
    S. Novak
    A. Drummond
    E. Okafor
    B. Bass
    A. Bogut

    Do you see any players you would drop for any guys on waivers? I’m very heavy at PF/C, do I look to ship one for a SG or PG?

    Appreciate any help. Cheers.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Thrilla: I would be okay grabbing Kosta. You could benefit from another big gamn. Shved is fine but you can lose him.

  7. Zachariah says:

    Hey I was just wondering what you think about who to play in my fantasy league. You have a lot of good things to say about Kosta and often about Andre as well and I wasnt sure who to play of the two tonight with Kosta playing Dallas and Andre playing Miami.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Zachariah: Sorry I missed this. I would have run with Kosta. Who did you decide?

  8. shogun says:

    RoLo or Koufo?

    • Mike says:

      As of now, RoLo. ballin.

  9. shogun says:

    Also, trade Jrue for DWill (DWill coming back) in a keeper league?

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @shogun: They’re both good PG. I’d probably go with Deron.

  10. Jon says:

    Mayo for D.West?
    9-cat H2H

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Jon: What’s the rest of your roster?

  11. Luis says:

    Nice piece. Had another question: I lost Felton in 2 of my 3 leagues. Should I drop him right away and then maybe try and pick him up in 3 weeks or so? I dont think anyone would pick him up now, right? I had gotten Felton so cheap/late in my drafts. This sucks.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Luis: Entirely depends on how deep the league is. 10 or 12 team, you should be okay to drop him.

  12. Mike says:

    H2H, 8 Team League, 9Cat

    I have these guys:

    Guards: Westbrook, Jennings, Conley, Kidd, Afflalo, Lin
    Forwards: Durant, Love, Anthony Davis, Gerald Wallace
    Center: Hibbert, Gortat, Monroe

    I usually win the 3pts, points, rebounds, assist, steals, blks cats.

    I’m doing a JKidd + Wallace + Monroe for Bosh + Mayo trade. Would that work?

    • Tony says:

      @Mike: i’d take the mayo/bosh side in a heartbeat.

      Jkidd might be at his peak, he’s 38? Shumps coming back, he could get hurt, etc…. Crash wallace, another injury risk on a loaded team, monroes the toughest piece to give up but you’re replacing him with Bosh who’s as steady as they come, and if the achey Dwade goes down, bosh will do what he did last night go for 20+/10+ and a couple blocks every night. Mayo’s value is taking a little hit because Dirks back, and carlisle is an idiot playing a 49 man rotation….. (exaggeration).

      I think the deal is nice for you and since its an 8 teamer there’s gotta be someone on waivers thats a solid grab to replace since its a 3 for 2 deal.

      Can you check out my post, its an 18 teamer, if you’re uncomfortable with the format no problem, can’t get a response from anyone even though i’ve posted for several people.

      where’s grey when you need him? LOL

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Mike: I concur with Tony.

  13. Frank Lynch says:

    Hey whats up guys!! It’as Frank from yesterday.. Hey I have a question. like I said I was getting beat this week in the head to head 11 category leauge but last night brought me back to 5-5 and tied in one category. So this is my dilemma, Every category is tight and in the next 2 days he has one more player plaing then me so I was thinking. Remember when I saidf I picked up Shved a couple days ago, well he’s playing tonight and the question is…. lol .. But Should I pick up Randy foye n drop shved so shved will play tonight and Foye will play tomorrow cause Shved isn’t and it will give me that extra player I need. Do you think I should do that then drop foye after Sunday and try to pick Shved back up after or should I just let it be and not chance it??? Remember I’m in 2nd and I’m playing the guy in 1st… Sorry so long but can someone pleeease help me on this one!

    • Thrilla says:

      @Frank Lynch: I think Shved has more long-term value than Foye. If you’re in second place right now, I wouldn’t tinker too much to gain just 1 or 2 categories. If you drop Shved you have to accept that he could be claimed and you lose him for the year. It’s hard to say that one game of Foye is worth the rest of the year with Shved.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Frank Lynch: Don’t think too short term. Keep Shved.

  14. Frank Lynch says:

    oh and I
    ‘m in jersey so its actually 8:15…. lol

  15. Frank Lynch says:

    Can somebody give me advise today cause if I make the move i gotta do it ASAP.. Thanks

  16. Frank Lynch says:

    Damn I agree… The thing is that if he kills me or beats me by alot then the other gys are right behind us. Also I just noticed that he just dropped a guy and did the sme thing and he’s now 2 games up on me!!! You still think I should keep him???

  17. Frank Lynch says:

    He’s been on the waiver wire all year and I just picked him up so today will be his first game for me but if i do it i gotta do it today to have foye start tomorrow…. SHIT!!! I can’t believe he picked up another guy

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