The average team last year went through 11 different starting rotations. The Lakers alternated between two, the Pistons patchworked 22 different rotations together. With either team, the starting SF carried the most job security.

  1. Tony says:

    how muh are you liking greg Monroe, a guy has him cheap in my big keeper league, he came on strong and from your chart looks like he started from JAN on…..

    him and tayshaun both were mainstays.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Love Monroe. Have him ranked somewhere in the top 60.

  3. Tony says:

    @Adam: haha exactly why this guy will probably never let him go $7 is what he’s at I think? this year he’ll go to $10, next year like $15, haha then $20 in 3 years? you can see how if you grab a rookie prospect that isn’t a “john wall” and get him for cheap then he busts out you can build a monster team since you’ll have lots of extra draft dollars.

    Might have to try and fanagle a deal. LOL

  4. Tony says:


    My league scores like this
    1pt = 1fpt,
    1 reb = 1.7 fpts
    1 ast = 3 fpts
    1 three pter = 4fpts
    1stl = 4.4 fpts
    1 blk = 6.5 fpts

    Does that change your opinion on going after a guy like Durant?

    I want Durant. He’s probably the best player in basketball and will be available, but I think Steve Nash is going back in the draft as well and when i tally up their avgs per game Durant gets like 67 Fpts and Nash gets 59 fpts per game? I mean is Durant really worth $30 more of my money for those couple pts? Do you think this system is weighted heavily towards PG’s? Assists, 3s and steals are worth a crap ton?

    Kinda/maybe changing my mind on a few things.

  5. Tony says:

    same thing with MELO i have him tallied at 59 fpts as well…. 8 less than durant?

    probly could save 20-30 bucks on one of them? thoughts?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Durant is almost certainly the single player available in your league who will net you the most Fpts. Bid on him accordingly. If Nash is second on that list, bid on him accordingly, too. If there’s a player out there who will likely earn more Fpts than Durant, you should bid more for that guy than KD. Don’t overthink it.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Yeah, you might save a few bucks on Nash or ‘Melo, but not $20 or $30. People in your league are going to get desperate and overpay (which is what you’d technically be doing with Durant).

  8. Tony says:

    @Adam: True. The studs, since there are so few, go for more than they should. Due to league size and available cash they end up much over what they should. All i know is guys spent $35 on nene last year, $38 on arenas, billups went for $46, there’s just too much money, not enough players LOL. I gotsta buy a stud, might as well be the best.

  9. Tony says:

    Whats your thoughts on David West?

    Any news on the Knee? or trade rumors?

  10. Tony says:

    would you rather have:

    1) stephen curry 38, david lee 29, david west 32, and dar-collison16 which i figure to net me roughly 202 fpts per gm costing me $115 predraft leaving me $95 to spend on 4 players.


    2) Curry 38, David lee 29, Dar-collison 16, Paul George 10 which i figure to net me 188 fpts, but only totals $93 giving me $117 to spend.

    I guess with option2 to I can almost guarantee unless less someone wants to go ape-crap bonkers that I can buy durant and have $25-30 to spend on my other 3 players i need.

    If I go with option 1 and someone goes over $92 on durant I can not buy him then. I also would be pretty handcuffed on my other 3 players. Say durant goes for $80…. im left with $15 for 3 players, at best I could buy someone for $13 and then grab two $1 guys?

    Thoughts? I really like the idea of keeping west too, but hate the idea I might not get Durant, lol.

    My fantasy pts calculations are just that, collison could score more or less and so could george, i just bumped his up a little from last year.

    West could also be a piece of garbage after a knee surgery, lol.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: To answer your question on West: doctors say the knee is tip-top and everything I’m reading seems to indicate that he’s either staying in New Orleans or going to Indiana (Come hell or highwater, the Pacers WILL upgrade their PF position before Christmas Day).

    As far as whether or not you should keep him, it’s hard to say. It sounds as if there aren’t many players better than West available. So your options are keeping West and having a solid shot at Nash or Durant or NOT keeping West and having only a slightly better shot at those guys. I’d probably keep West.

    Is there a way to figure our how many other owners have the capability of out-bidding you for KD or Nash?

  12. Tony says:

    @Adam: tough to tell, keepers havent been submitted yet, AND you can keep up to 4 but a team could ditch all their players and have all of their draft dollars…. so someone could go in with $200 vs my $115 if I did option #2…. they could outbid me but then they’d only have like $90 for 7 guys, very stupid move… but it could happen. Im sure im not the only one with big eyes knowing durant will be available!

  13. JP says:

    Get a room already you two!!

    New to the site and looking forward to the fantasy basketball season.

    How was Lawrence Frank with his line-ups in NJ? I seem to remember his starters and core guys getting quality minutes. Anything though has to be a big improvement over Kuester and the uncertainty and chaos that surrounded this team last season.

    This should bode well for a guy like Daye, who could produce a Fransisco Garcia-like line (during the times when he was starting/ getting minutes and producing top 30 9-cat fantasy #’s in SAC). I can’t see how they keep Prince and there doesn’t appear to be much comp at SF, unless they make a big splash FA signing. Isn’t Jerebko more of a PF?

    Most of the Piston’s amnesty talk focuses around Rip (2 years left) but I think it makes more sense for them to cut Gordon (making same as Rip but has an extra year/p.o.) or Charlie V (3 years left) who has been a total disaster.

    Also, as an FYI, I believe that Monroe put up top 20 9-cat #’s over last season’s final 2 months, which coincides with him starting. Ranking him closer to 60 is probably way too low.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @JP: I’ve got to brush up on Frank’s previous tendencies before I comment much on it. On another note, it doesn’t appear as if the Pistons are planning to amnesty anyone:|topnews|text|Sports

    And I won’t argue Monroe’s strong finish to the season, but I wouldn’t rank a 14/10/2 guy (his averages over the last 25 games) in the top 20 overall. He’s a center that averaged fewer than one block a game and only shot .710 from the line. Not to mention the small sample size we’re talking about and the fact that I want a more sure thing in the first few rounds of my draft.

  15. Not only was that fascinating, but I love charts and colors, so I got a kick out of this post!

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: Ha. Glad you liked it. Look forward to more colors and shapes throughout the season.

  17. JP says:

    @Adam: Not at all advocating taking Monroe in the first 2 or 3 rounds. He should definitely be available later than that. Just pointing out that he was the #15 ranked per game 9-cat player over the final 2 months (on Bball Monster). Yes, it’s a small sample size, but we are not talking about an 8 year veteran that got some extra burn at the end of the year due to unforeseen circumstance that likely won’t repeat. Crazier things have happened but I can’t see Monroe’s minutes or role diminishing under Frank. I’d reach for him in rd 4 and definitely grab him in rd 5 if he’s still available.

    On another note, I can’t believe all these reports coming out regarding certain teams not using their amnesty clause. So far I’ve read that BDiddy, Rashard Lewis, all of the Pistons bad contract playears, and Roy are staying put. Next we’ll hear that Arenas is staying in Orlando. Aren’t the above mentioned contracts the worst in the league?

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @JP: My impression is that teams like the Wiz and Pistons don’t see amnesty-ing as a viable option yet. Lewis doesn’t deserve his contract, but he’s not a bum and they likely view themselves as. Wing stronger with him on the team than with extra money and no Lewis. And Detroit probably wants to see if they can get something for Villanueva, Rip and/ or Gordon before cutting them loose. I’m not convinced that’ll work, but it’s an explanation.

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