With the franchise now known as the Washington Wizards, and at one point known as the Chicago Packers, Zephyrs, or Baltimore, Capitol and Washington Bullets, I thought it might be fun to create a word cloud that showed the names of anyone who’s ever worn the teams’ jerseys with their names sized relative to the time with which which they were on the team.

And while guys like Unseld, Gus Johnson and Hayes are not surprising, who knew Brendan Haywood was such a long-running member of the squad? Or that Bernanrd King wasn’t? It felt like he was a Bullet twice as long as he was a Knick. Then again, I was an infant in that era.


  1. David says:

    Hey kinda related to this. After curry’s recent injury, I traded curry and blatch for noah and jrue holiday. What do you think?

  2. Yoni R says:

    hey adam, im destroying in my league with Rebs, Offensive Rebs, FTs made and %, 3s, and FG % should i accept DWill, Hibbert and Bogut for Iggy and Nowitzki? I am leaning towards, i doubt Dwill will stay the way he’s playing but i dont feel so good about bogut…

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @David: I wouldn’t mind that trade even if Curry was healthy.

    @Yoni R: Are you hurting in the other categories you didn’t list (Pts, Ast, Stl specifically)? I’m inclined to say just keep Iggy and Dirk.

  4. Lance says:

    Kemba or Henderson? I’m in need of assists, but Kemba isn’t starting…

  5. Yoni R says:

    @Adam: Im not doing well in AST but steals and points are solid for me

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lance: Overall, Henderson, but neither are going to help you much in assists.

    @Yoni R: I’d still skip it. No reason to give away one of the best fantasy options in the game for a couple guys you don’t feel confident about.

  7. bullfan216 says:


    Someone just dropped andray blatche.

    I have the following players to drop:
    Toney Douglas
    Iman Shumpert
    Jared Dudley
    Jonas Jerebko

    Shall i drop any of them for blatche? Also, Having douglas and shumpert on the same team is not ideal, who do u think is better play long term? does shumpert gets minutes once baron is back and tdouglas lose all fantasy value?

  8. Lou says:

    does the latest new about Maggette (out 2-4 wks) make Tyrus Thomas an instant add? Favors, James Johnson, Brooks would be the drops. Rebounds and FG% are needs, but not pressing needs… yet.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @bullfan216: Depends on need. I might consider dropping Dudley, unless you’re hard-up for threes. Otherwise, I might just stand pat and see what happens with the PG situation in NY. I tend to think Landry Fields will be the biggest loser there. Baron starting along with Fields. Douglas coming off the bench at SG and used in situational situations over Fields, while Shumpert runs the second unit (and the first unit if Baron can’t). Douglas isn’t a facilitator like Davis and Shumpert (seemingly), but he’s useful in a less pressurized role. Fields had a chance and he blew/is blowing it.

    @Lou: Sure. Let’s see what T-Time has for us.

  10. bullfan216 says:



    I dont need threes, however, i dont like having douglas and shumpert on the same team and I kind of feel like shumpert will get more playing time when baron davis gets back. Do you think the Wizards game today was a fluke where toney douglas got 12 min and shumpert got 37?

    I’m debating dropping toney douglas or jared dudley for blatche.

  11. Loot says:

    Adam, can you please rank these marginal fantasy players for me? I need to fill a final roster spot.

    Marvin Williams


  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @bullfan216: Drop Douglas.

    @Loot: Shumpert. That is all. … Okay, okay. Then Williams, then Marion, then Chase.

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