The Minnesota brass tried to warn us. They told the whole world Michael Beasley had cleaned up his act, rededicated himself and bought, like, five braid pattern books for his hair in the offseason. And so far, dude is charging through defenses and those cornrow styling publications at an alarming clip. After his 42 point mishigas last Wednesday, he’s scored 35, then 25 and then 28 points last night, making him the second-highest scorer in the league over the last seven days. I know, I know. It’s like visiting the Island of Misfit Toys. But as sure as I am that a cowboy riding an ostrich wouldn’t be so bad, I can see this being the year for Beasley. Not a year, mind you. The year. Let’s not go nuts here. Beasley won’t always have this much freedom. He’s got Love and a whole lot of nothin’ helping him out in Minnesota. It appears as if Beasley’s gonna have all the time he can stand to score in bunches now that the Wolves management gave Rambis that stone tablet with the engraved message: “Beasley + Love + 32 minutes a game = you keep your job.” And they say nothing is written in stone. I’d love to tell you Beasley can keep this up for another 20 weeks. He might be able to, but trust don’t come easy when one deals with Minny or B-Easy. Still, there’s no reason the 38 mpg he’s averaged in the last week will decrease much (who would they go to?) For now, ride it unless someone offers you a legitimate top 25 player. If that happens, take it and sleep comfortably for the remainder of the season. If not, what’s the worst that can happen? He runs out of tortoise shell patterns for his hair and falls into a deep depression?

Here’s what else I saw last night in fantasy basketball:

Jonny Flynn – The second-year guard won’t make his season debut on Wednesday after all. Luke Ridnour looks like he’ll be healthy enough to give Timberwolves fans (both of them!) the return-from-injury plotline they were looking for tomorrow. Luke will be in like Flynn … which is sad in its irony.

Darko Milicic – Game of the season from the DarMi Initiative! Despite early foul trouble, Milicic scored 13 points, grabbed 12 boards, five dimes and four blocks in a season-high 38 minutes. Hey, that’s great. Just wonderful. Really. But if you grab him off your waiver wire, you and I are finished.

Kwame Brown – Returned from injury to post a 3/3/3 blk line in 11 minutes. Why am I spending so much time covering shmoos whom you should not implement onto your fantasy rosters? I like to express myself using the negative spaces. I’ll go over everyone you should not roster and if I don’t mention them, it means they’re fantasy worthy. Next up: Chris Quinn!

Tyrus Thomas – Dropped a 20/10 dub-dub with four blocks after a poor performance (4/9, no blocks) on Saturday. In his last four games, T-Time is shooting .513 and averaging 13.5/7.8 with three blocks per contest. He’s going to give great performances like tonight, and bleak performances like Saturday and they’ll often come one after the other. Still, if his numbers shake out to 14/8/3 bpg, who are you to poo-poo a clunker or two?

Robin Lopez – Out for at least two weeks, but likely significantly longer with sprains to both his MCL and PCL in his left leg. This is actually more good news to fantasy owners than bad, as by now, Hakim Warrick and Channing Frye are owned in more leagues than RoLo. If you’re in a league where either of those guys are still available, grab them in the opposite order they were listed in that last sentence.

Trevor Ariza – A constipated line of 13/7/2 with three thefts and a three. He’s still only shooting a yak-tastic sub-.370 on the season. Just think, if he still played for Houston, that sucker would be somewhere in the .200’s.

Marcus Thorton – Inactive for the second game in a row. My money’s on either a hurt leg/trade announcement a-comin’. Dude, how crazy would an announcement about Thornton being involved in a hurt leg trade in the black market be? Yup. It’d be crazy all right.

Peja Stojakovic – In his first four games of the season Peejy-Steegy has scored 3, 7, 11, and 17 points with at least a trey in each game. I’ll start to consider thinking about possibly picking him after his scoring average continues to climb into the 50s.

Serge Ibaka – Went for 22/11 with four blocks and a steal. Fun fact: Ibaka’s scored in double digits in each of his last four games. Funner fact: He’s had 15 blocks in that span. Funnerest fact: Serge’s full name is Sergeballu LaMu Sayonga Loom Walahas Jonas Hugo Ibaka. Personally, I would have gone with Hugo instead of Serge, but whatever.

C.J. Miles – Scored 16 points and not much else in place of Raja Bell who usually doesn’t even do that much. So … a win-win?

Carmelo Anthony – Scored 20 points and grabbed 22 boards in 38 minutes. Cool. Wait, what? Well, that answers who’s going to rebound for this broken team, now who’s gonna hand out the assists?

Charlie Villanueva – Carlos Newhouse went 18/8/2 with a block, steal and pair of threes in just 25 minutes. There’s not a whole lot of hands a pair of threes beats in Hold ‘Em but in basketball when a player gives you a pair of threes, you hold ’em.

Al-Farouq Aminu – Started. Yay! Played 28+ minutes Yay! Sank two threes Yay! Ended with a 14/1/1 line Ya– really? That’s it? What was all that ‘yay’ talk about then? You can lead Aminu to the court for 28 minutes, but you can’t make him not stink. What’s a minu? That’s for a later time.

Jordan Farmar – Took over for the ejected Devin Harris and, um, literally took over adding a 15/12 double-double in 35 minutes. Harris will be back (eventually), so this isn’t a call to grab Farmar (I’m more likely to tweet that anyway), but if something happens to Harris, lace up your roller sneakers tight and hurry to the waiver wire tout suite (that’s French either “really quick” or “with pants”) because he’s likely to average a low double-double most games.

Kris Humphries – Pretended to be Troy Murphy and scored 12 points in a spot-start. He also grabbed 13 boards, or one fewer thanthe combined total Brook Lopez has grabbed in his last three games.

Terrence Williams – I quickly skimmed the game recap (so sue me – I’m sure you were real jazzed to watch the Clippers and Nets go at it at 11:30 at night!) and read something about Avery Johnson holding out Williams’ groin for precautionary reasons (‘er something). I’m not sure what that was all about, but it didn’t sound promising. What did sound promising was that everything will be back to normal by the time the Nets play Utah on Wednesday.

  1. Dilbert says:

    beasley = near top 25 value by season end?

  2. celtic_shire says:

    I’ve got Murphy riding the pine – is there any hope Avery plays him decent minutes?

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dilbert: I’d put it closer to top 50. He still turns the ball over at a fair clip, can’t hit free throws and doesn’t do anything else exceptionally.

    @celtic_shire: Eventually, yeah. The way Brook Lopez is going, he’ll have to. Murphy’s just not healthy yet. When he’s healthy, he’ll play plenty.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Yo adam, I wrote a more detailed account of this situation on your previous post, but do you think i should pick up Bynum who’s currently available on the waivers? only problem is brooks is already hoggin up my IR spot, so i’d either have to swap the two or add bynum for like big baby and have him do nothing on my active roster for a week or whatever till he gets back. To quote LBJ, what should i do?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: I answered you over on the other thread. I was late in my response. My bad.

  6. brad says:

    Still like Jrue over Beasley right?

  7. Lane says:

    I’m looking to pick up D. Pitmann off waivers, drop Maynor or Chalmers?

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: In the long run, yes.

    @Lane: Whoa. Deep league! Drop Chalmers.

  9. Jeremy says:

    @Adam: oh sorry man didn’t see it, bynum is now stashed as we speak. Let’s hope that knee holds up

  10. Tony says:

    @Adam: what do you think about trying to move OJ MAYO? How much longer is Aaron Brooks out? i’m even thinking of dealing MAYO for Brooks/childress….. i absolutely can not keep mayo at the price i have him next year and brooks is at a good keeper price…. ? give it a shot before it gets TOO CLOSE to when brooks comes back?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: I’ve got Bynum in one league and Odom in another. I hate how hopeful I’ve become of the Lakers.

    @Tony: Mayo’s been a quiet disappointment so far this season. He’s looked lazy in the few times I’ve watched him this season and there haven’t been any injury concerns, nor does he have anyone biting into his playing time. I pegged Brooks as the better player in the preseason and perhaps an owner who can’t handle Brooks’ injury would be willing to trade. I like it. If you get Childress in the mix, all the better.

  12. d2bnz says:

    If there is one position I love to have depth in its PG , to this end I have George Hill occupying one of my five bench spots, however TJ Ford seems to showing signs of life should I consider picking up Ford for Ant Rand or sit tight.

  13. Tony says:

    @Adam: Yep. Just trying to exploit some ways to get ahead in that 20 team league. It’s tough making deals because there’s a salary cap of $300, then its a 20 team league, there’s positions to deal with, so looking into trying to find a guy (brooks) that goes down but will be back and I can maybe steal him from someone who can’t wait. I can see this strategy working much better later in the year if a contenders team has a stud go down. I know I built my team for next year and the future, so I’m just looking to stay competitive this year and capitalize on anything and everything I can for next year.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: I’d consider it. Collison hurt himself at yesterday’s practice and might not play tonight. I haven’t heard how bad the injury is, but Indiana will run Ford out there 40 minutes in every game Collison misses. I might wait until later today to decide for sure.

    @Tony: Your head’s in the right place on this one. Good luck.

  15. matthole says:

    h2h: hibbert, bosh, holliday for howard?

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: Is this a 3-for-1 or a 1-for-1?

  17. matthole says:

    @Adam: 3 for 1

    I countered with douglas and afflalo instead of aldridge and holliday as the 3rd piece and was rejected….do you think im giving up too much here? do you like conley more than holliday? if youd have to include a 3rd piece that isnt holliday or aldridge whod it be?

    Howd you play this out?


    my roster: conley, holliday, kobe, lbj, bosh, hibbert, aldridge, mayo, deng, ty thomas, toney douglas, afflalo, richard jefferson, mike miller, flynn

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: Yeah, you’re giving up too much. Look at Hibbert’s stats, he outdoes Howard in assists, blocks, FT% and TOVs. Howard is better, but not Bosh+Holiday better.

    The problem is that most owners either aren’t aware of Hibbert or don’t buy that his stats are legit. They are. If you have to get rid of three pieces for Howard and Hibbert must be one of them, forget the deal.

  19. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Humphries is available and I have Cousins to drop. Make the move? I missed out on Frye…

  20. matthole says:

    @Adam: i fall in the latter group….as an owner, its hard NOT to be aware of his stats….but it could be a nice sell-high and a nice buy-low situation simultaneously……so not sure whether Hibbert can maintain his current output….

    would you rather trade aldridge? bosh, aldrige and holliday or is that too much too?

    What would your final offer be for Howard? (we start 10)

    Thanks again

  21. matthole says:

    @Tony: whats up tony, what do you think? was offered howard for my bosh, hibbert, and holliday…10-team h2h….giving up too much?

  22. Johnny H says:

    Adam, I’m in a 9-category, h2h league where you keep your 4 best players every year. I just traded Garnett and E.Gordon for Wall. Is this trade vetoable?

  23. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Yeah, but I can’t imagine that it would be anything more than a short-term add.

    @matthole: I still think Bosh, Aldridge and Holiday is too much, but I’d rather do that than Bosh, Hibbert and Holiday. Still though, if you give up Holiday, you’ve only got Conley and an injured Flynn as your main source of assists – not to mention you’d be giving up one of the better passing centers in the league. Are you sure he wouldn’t give up Howard for any two of the guys you mentioned? For me, Hibbert and Bosh/Aldridge would be my final offer.

    @Johnny H: No. Why would it be vetoable?

  24. Tony says:

    @matthole: hey man, adam is right, its just TOO MUCH… you ready for baseball to start yet? haha, my main hoops league of like 10 years dissolved this year, it was sad, but then i got into this 20 owner league with a guy from that league and all his older brothers, kinda rejuvinated me, but just trying to get back into the swing of basketball…. good luck trying to snag howard….

  25. matthole says:

    @Tony: yes, ready to win the RCL in baseball

  26. matthole says:

    thanks for your input too

  27. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Murphy just got dropped in my 16 team league. Is it better to stash him than pick up Humphries?

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Short-term, no, Long-term, yes.

  29. matthole says:

    @Adam: follow up to my prior question…would u make the trade for durant instead?

  30. paul says:

    Adam quick, would you drop Dunleavy or Afflalo for Wes Matthews?

  31. @Adam:

    What up Adam – Grabbed Wesley Matthews last night. heyoooo.

    Im in a quandry — cause I think KRIS HUMPHRIES is a nice add right now – Am I crazy? Avery seems to like his tough nose style and Troy Murphy is collecting splinters in Jersey and Brookey Lopez is charmin soft. Granted Humphries upside is 12-12-2, but that’s niiiice (say it like Slim Chin in that D.Rose commercial)

    guards (3) – rose, kev mart, j richardson
    forwards (3) – a’mare, batum, al thornton
    centers (2) – pau gasol, scola
    util (3) – afflalo, lowry, javale mcgee

    Bynum – not dropping
    Ant Rand
    Ben Gordon
    Wesley Matthews

    Who would you drop for Kris Humphries or should I just stay put? Id like that double- double potential, but just cant figure out the puzzle piece to drop. Overthinking it, for sure… Help, por favor.


  32. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Please rank these four marginal SG/SF’s for the long-term; Kleiza, RuFer, Wes Johnson & Outlaw. Thanks!

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: No. I still don’t think I would.

    @paul: Hope you dropped Afflalo.

    @El Burro: Well done! Nice! Dat’s niice!

    Drop Ant Rand. Then pour out a little of your 40 oz.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Assuming by “longterm” you only mean the rest of this season, I’d go Outlaw, Kleiza, Johnson, RuFer. Maybe switch Kleiza and Johnson.

  34. El Burro says:


    Ha- like it. Cant drop Ant Rand! let alone pour out any of my OE.

    Thoughts on dumping Lowry (cant shoot or score and im punting assists), Al Thornton (either sick in tummy or Arenas coming on strong) or Ben Gordon (minutes getting severed last few and Det is a mess) for HOT KRISSY?


  35. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Not sure how I feel about you calling Humphries Hot Krissy, but we’ll run with it for now.

    If you’re punting assists, no reason to keep Lowry. I think there’s something left in the tanks of the other two.

  36. John says:

    Adam, the league I’m in thinks that the John Wall for Garnett/Gordon trade upsets the balance of the league. Makes the team receiving Wall too good for this season and for future seasons. Every team keeps the best 4 players and the team receiving Wall would also have Lebron, Chris Paul, and Josh Smith as keepers. Four questions: Is this trade fair? If not which side is getting the best of the deal? And is it vetoable? Finally, what would make a trade vetoable in your opinion in this sort of league? Thanks for answering the question, we’ve had controversy over it.

  37. John says:

    Sorry for another post, but part of the argument made by the league is that before our draft, one manager offered Steve Nash and a first round pick for the first overall pick that was used on Wall. Another manager offered Brook Lopez, a first round pick, and a third round pick. Because these offers are considered by the league to be better than the one that was later accepted, the trade seems unfair to people, however, there is no suggestion of collusion as the two managers don’t know each other. Also, there is an argument that the team trading Wall away is not good enough to compete for this season and therefore should be focused on keeping Wall and competing next season. Your thoughts here would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  38. Adam

    Adam says:

    @John: 1) The trade is fair this season, but probably not in any future seasons. 2) My understanding is that any trade is veto-able if the majority of the league agrees that it should be vetoed. It’s like a Jackson Pollack painting – okay, I guess if all you tell me it’s art, it’s art.

    The problem with this situation is that there isn’t a single goal that every team is working toward (some teams are trying to win now, some teams are trying to win next season and other teams are trying to and therefore each owner has a different agenda. It doesn’t sound like anyone disagrees about what the trade will do to the teams involved, they disagree on what trades SHOULD be doing. Unfortunately, in every league, you have some owners that aren’t as good as others and sometimes those lesser owners make poor decisions that affect the league. Whether you let ’em suck or create a socialized league, neither solution is particularly satisfying.

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