Let’s say you and I traveled back in time, but we still had to run our fantasy basketball teams. Right about now (now meaning 1932), I would be sending you this telegram from Western Union: “John Wall diagnosed early stages stress injury left knee. STOP. Out 2 months. STOP. Surgery not required. STOP.” I find it sort of interesting that telegrams used a lot of abbreviated sentences due to the cost per word. They were a prior generation’s text speak. Oh, were you here for fantasy basketball news and not my musings on communications technology? I guess we should get back on track, then.

We’re not time travelers, but John Wall is still out for a couple of months with a balky knee that fortunately isn’t as bad as it could be. Nevertheless, if we spoke with our good friend, Dr. Patella Tendon, he might caution us that the even upon his return, Wall’s knee may be a little questionable and he will require a few games before he is up to speed. I’m not going to say you should avoid him because I think he will be fine by mid-December, but you’ll also be losing about six weeks of high quality Wall production. Now, I’m not saying you should avoid him, but he will probably be drafted earlier than he should be, so chances are he will avoid you.

In other injury news, Chris Paul will be back in time for the start of the season after surgery on his thumb, but obviously he won’t have the preseason to prep. As he will require a handful of games to ramp up to speed, he’ll also be a little fresher because of that. Of course, neither one of those factors is going to influence where he should be drafted, so basically just keep him where you had him on your draft notes and guides and what-have-yous. Fellow Clipper Blake Griffin will join the team when the preseason starts, as his knee is fully recovered. The team is saying we shouldn’t worry about the wear, tear, and stresses the knee will face during the season. Hopefully he has a toilet and doesn’t need to squat to poop.