With thousands of fantasy teams floating hither and yon, there’s bound to be one out there that started Bogut, Camby, Jeff Green, Brooks, Nelson, Martin, Carter, Delfino and Harris. To that team I ask, can I interest you in fantasy hockey? Bogut, Camby, and I think even Scottie Pippen again all dealt with migraines like they were twin sisters going through their cycles at the same time. Delfino tweaked his neck, Harris tweaked … something and everybody else tweaked their damn ankle. What? They haven’t developed a weight regimen focusing primarily on the ankle? If nothing else, I’d use several rolls of tape on those bad boys so that it looked like I had Popeye’s forearm spilling out of the tops of my shoes.

The two biggest ankle injuries befell the Rockets’ backcourt. Both Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks missed the end of Saturday’s nail-biter with some form of ankle injury. Martin’s injury wasn’t bad, he returned on Sunday, but Brooks’ ankle x-rays came back negative, which is usually a positive, but, as he looks to be out at least two weeks, it’s still a negative. If you have a replacement, I might use him in weekly leagues this week, aim for Ishmael Smith, Courtney Lee, and Kyle Lowry in that order. Move Lowry up as soon as he’s given the green light to play.

Here’s who what else went down this weekend in fantasy basketball:

Jameer Nelson – Rolled his ankle, but his 12.5/5.5 line made him lame long before this injury.

Brook Lopez – So far, Bropez is averaging 18.8 ppg just like last year and 1.7 bpg just like last year. From that point of view, it’s an even flowpez. From a rebounding standpoint, his average is belowpez, having dipped from 8.6 to 5.7. Oh, nopez!

DeJuan Blair – In the first five games of the season, DeJuan has averaged just 4.6/6.8 in 23.8 minutes per game, a significant per minute drop-off from last season. I’m sure by now Tootie and Ms. Garrett have both dropped Blair, it’s time you do the same.

Gilbert Arenas – He returned this weekend and has averaged 15.5 points on .385 from the field in two games. The shooting if awful, but at least it comes with 1.5 steals and 3.5 treys. Gilbert can climb on that the way Q-Bert climbs on blocks.

Andre Iguodala – Wore a suit to the game for the first time in 252 contests. He’s day-to-day with a bum achilles, but should return once his heel gets a shower, a warm meal, a job and a roof over its head. His heel should be back on its feet Wednesday against the Thunder.

Evan Turner – Played a career-high 35:17 in Iguodala’s absence and grabbed 10 boards on the way to his first career double-double (14/10/3). It’s all math, really. A + B = See? I told you Turner wasn’t going to be a waste all season.

Jrue Holiday – 8.6/3 in his first three games, 18.3/8.5 in his last four. Jrue story. No, seriously. This is his story. Or if you’re a Michael Jackson fan, HIStory.

Kevin Love – Should be averaging 22.5/15.5 in 36 minutes. Instead, Love has only cleared 30 minutes once (30:54) due to the awfulness of his team.

Nikola Pekovic – Had his first career dub-dub in just under 22 minutes and is averaging a Per36 of 14.5/7. Doesn’t matter. Rambis much prefers to give Darko his 20.5 minutes to earn his three points.

Darrell Arthur – Left Saturday’s game with a knee injury that occurred despite no one touching him. He must have realized that there were still a few fantasy owners who hadn’t dropped him yet and this was his gentle reminder to do so.

Anthony Randolph – 3/4 in 12 minutes. I also got chills when the camera showed Randolph on the bench with Eddy Curry sitting behind him. Don’t let this be your future Ant’ny.

David Lee – From a disappointing Knick we move on to a disappointing ex-Knick. The General has only averaged 12.2 points on .406 shooting from the floor. I’m actually comforted by the FG%. He’s cold, learning a new offense with a new set of characters. He’s shot over .550 in his career and that won’t just go away this season. If he were averaging 12/11.3 and shooting over .500, that’d be bad news. Crack a beer, put on your slippers and relax.

Charlie Villanueva – Chuckles Newhouse is averaging 14.3/5.5 with 2.3 treys over his last four games. He won’t average 32+ minutes per game unless there is a major injury to Daye or Monroe. Assuming that doesn’t happen, you’re getting his ceiling.

Steve Nash – 19/5/15 in Phoenix’s win. Finding Nash Sunday evening with this line was like Scout finding Boo Radley in the corner of Jem’s room.

Robin Lopez – Seven points and one assist with no blocks in over 19 minutes of action. I didn’t see this game, but I’m assuming his arms were Cra-Z glued to his hips and he caught the one rebound with his nose like a seal. Don’t tell me the way it really happened, just let me have that image. Are the Lopez brothers in a Razzball league where they each own themselves? These dudes are 7-feet-tall! They’ve grabbed a combined six rebounds in their last two games.

Pau Gasol – First triple-double since February 17, 2009 and he had it before the fourth quarter started. How infuriating is it going to be if the MVP this season comes down to Gasol and Rudy Gay?

Derek Fisher – Has scored in double digits in five of the first seven games this season. So … did they sign Steve Blake to serve as Fish’s pace horse. Just keep in his peripheral and he’ll gallop like the wind! Um, 10 ppg for a 36-year-old man counts as “the wind.”

Marvin Williams – A bone bruise on his right knee has forced him to miss the last two games. Deep leagues should hang on, shallow leagues never should have grabbed ahold.

Jeff Teague – Averaging five assists in his last two games after averaging 1.6 in the first five. He has a pulse, but the defibrillator is still nearby.

Kevin Garnett – He shot .300 percent from the floor and was a team low -4 for Boston. I don’t want to say he was a team cancer … which is why I typed it.

Serge Ibaka – 8/11 with a steal in almost 37 minutes. He has so much promise, but the knock was that he would have a rough time getting minutes. Jeff Green went down, Serge gets his minutes and that promise ain’t there. I guess no one made him cross his heart and hope to die-baka.

  1. John says:

    Do you think I should trade away Camby? Im worried about him making it through the entire season.

  2. K. Powers says:

    Drop Bledsoe for Ishmael?

  3. Quintero says:

    Tough call, T.Gibson or Turner?

  4. Kyuss says:

    Thaddeus Young droppable in a 20-team league or not?
    Available are Childress, Beabouis, M.Thornton, Battier…

  5. Richard Hamilton or
    Linas Kleiza

  6. Chris says:

    Brooks to be out 4-6 weeks now. Lowry might try to play Wednesday. How do you see the minutes shaking out between Lowry and Smith? Will Lowry get the bulk, or will they split time?

  7. Josh Howard any value this year and how many minutes do you think he will get before his next injury

  8. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your help on the Hibbert trade talks…just finalized my deal

    I gave up:

    Hibbert, Mo Williams, L. Deng

    I got:

    S. Curry, M. Gasol and J. Hickson

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @John: You have every reason to worry about Camby’s health, but nothing has changed since you drafted him before the season started. He’s a great player when he’s on the court, but between his health and the pending returns of both Przybilla and Oden, right now is the best it’s gonna get for Camby owners.

    @K. Powers: No.

    @Quintero: Turner. The sand in Gibson’s hour glass is almost gone.

    @Kyuss: Hang on to Thad. At least until Beaubois has a definite return date.

    @mr basketball: Rip … at least until Triano decides to stop giving his entire roster equal playing time.

    re: Josh Howard – I think he’ll have value in deep leagues, but not only does he have a history of injuries and a bad attitude, but Al Thornton is doing quite well. They’ll platoon that position if anything.

    @Chris: They might split the time early while Lowry is getting back into shape (1-2 games), then I think Lowry plays 32-38 minutes at the point.

    re: your team – No problem. I hope it works out for you. It’s hard giving up Hibbert, but you got a lot of quality in return. Really, I think this was a trade everyone involved will be happy with, which I always find to be more satisfying than one where I know I ripped a guy off.

  10. If anyone needs to pick up Lowry – you already know your team is doomed

  11. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    @Adam (and anyone with advice)

    This is my first year playing fantasy hoops, so I’m a little lost. I’m in a 12 team league with some guys from work and one of my buddies is desperate to get Mike Conley from me. It’s a 9 category Yahoo league and I went 6-3 in the first week (losing TO, FG% and assists). I’m still not sure what kind of players I need in order to stay competitive, but looking at these two teams, could you (or anyone!) suggest some potential trades I could offer involving Conley?

    PG: Westbrook, Conley
    PG/SG: Crawford, D. Gibson
    SG: E. Gordon
    SG/SF: Batum, D. Wright
    SF: Gallinari
    PF: Nowitzki
    PF/C: R. Lopez, Camby, Love,
    C: B. Lopez


    PG: S.Curry, Parker, Bibby
    PG/SG: T. Douglas
    SG/SF: C.Butler, Igoudola
    SF: Deng
    PF: West
    PF/C: Nene, A.Randolph, Frye, Boozer
    C: Dalembert

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @mr basketball: At the very least, Aaron Brooks owners could use Lowry.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Hmm, yeah. You’re already hurting on assists, so unless your league mate wants to give up one of his PG for Conley, a trade involving Conley might do more damage to your team.

    I’d target Iguodala and Parker from his team. Parker will be a sturdy source of 5-7 assists per game, and Iguodala’s strength is in his well-roundedness (he also is good for 4-6 assists a game). Maybe something like a Gallinari/Conley for Iggy/Parker. That might be too weighted toward your benefit, but if he really wants Conley, he might go for it.

  13. Pooh Dribbles Up The Court says:

    @mr basketball: lol

  14. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Got Afflalo on my team and he’s been underwhelming. Bellineli, Miles, James Jones, Taj, Diaw are all available. Any of these guys to pick up to put in Afflalo’s place?

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: No. Afflalo has the best FG%, FT%, in addition to outscoring, outassisting, and outstealing everyone you listed (except for Taj, who’s headed to the bench in about 2-3 weeks). He also turns the ball over the third-fewest among the group you listed.

    Stay put.

  16. Ryan says:

    Hey Adam,

    I’m in second place in my league currently:

    I’m dead last in steals and 3 pointers

    Were in a 7 team small league, 10 cat roto with TO and Oreb/Dreb so rebounds count double. Knowing this in the draft I stacked up on C/PF.

    I start 9 players a night, but all my players on the roster play as much as possible currently because we are allowed 90 starts at each postion and my team is solid all around.

    Right now I’m in a bind because I only have Raymond Felton that is eligible at SG and Durrant at SF. All my other guards are PG only.

    My Starting Team:

    PG D. Rose
    SG Felton
    G Steph Curry
    SF Kevin Durrant

    PF Pau Gasol
    F Paul Milsap
    C Al Horford
    C Roy Hibbert

    Util Jrue Holiday

    Bench/Revolving starting roster

    David Lee PF/C
    Zach Randolph PF/C
    Blatche PF/C

    I’m maxing out my center/forward starts currently. I’m 1st in rebounding x2, FG%, and FT%, 2nd in Ast, blocks and points. I suck at 3’s and steals.

    David Lee is the worst player on my team currently hah.. I took him 3rd round; I really wish I took B. Roy or J Johnson.

    The guy ahead of me is the opposite he maxes out all his guard starts, but it’s neck and neck for 1st place. I just traded him westbrook/arenas for steph curry last week then picked up Jrue off waivers and started favoring him for Util starts to attempt to make a few more 3 pointers and steals and count on his upside!

    At some point I got to get a guy that plays SF/SG to back up Durrant and Felton and use those extra 18 starts. Although I’m getting great FG% and FT from my whole team right now based on all big man play. I do wish my big guys could block a little more overall- although Hibbert is the man!

    I’m thinking of offering Lee for Jason Richardson if the guy with all the guards will bite. Should I dump Lee while he’s still got a reputation left? I’ve been thinking about coming up with something for someone like Danny Granger since he can play SF and shoots 3 ball hmm maybe even a move for Dorell Wright if he can stay healthy. Who/what else could I possibly trade for that can play the 2/3?

    FYI The guy who has Kobe does hate him and wouldn’t mind a trade involving him.

    I’m still tempted to keep maxing my center forward game for a few weeks.


  17. Dilbert says:

    is it time to give up on robin lopez?

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: It’s a bit complicated because it seems you’re ready to quit on David Lee. His scoring is down, but I’m still confident he’ll end the season as a top 30 player in this league. I’d offer him up in trades accordingly.

    If you’re willing to toss a big name like Lee on the trading block, why not go for a big SF like Granger, Iguodala, Gay or Josh Smith (who qualifies at SF in most leagues)?

    @Dilbert: Yeah, unless you’re in a deep league with next to nothing on the waiver wire.

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