22% of ESPN leagues.  That’s the ownership % of Avery Bradley.  Or maybe the % of managers who are still vying for some sort of title (The true test…  David Lee was deemed out for the season over the weekend and he is still owned in 65% of leagues.  100-65 = 35% of owners still care).  Bradley has averaged 1.4 3PM 13.9/3.1/1.4/.8/.2 on 53% shooting helped by a ridiculously ridiculous 68% from downtown (plus 80% FT) over the past 12 games.  His rise has given Celtics fans all the hope that they can reach the finals this year.  I think he should be owned in basically all leagues while he remains this hot (and while Ray Allen is out).  Plus, there’s nobody else on the Celtics roster to threaten his playing time.  Here’s what else happened in the NBA last night:

Kyrie Irving – Triumphantly returned last night to a beatdown, courtesy of the 76ers.  He played only 20 minutes scoring 9 pts, 3 rebs, 4 asts with 1 3PM.  Look for the minutes to ramp up soon as well as the stats.

Spencer Hawes – Played only 16 minutes coming off the bench but still managed 8 points, 7 boards, and 1 assist.  His replacement, Nikola Vucevic, played 8 minutes for 0 points and 3 boards.  How a corpse starts for a playoff team AND gets 3 rebounds I have no idea.

Nene – The one-name wonder returned to action last night to the tune of 14/4/1/0/2 in 18 minutes.  He’ll likely be eased back into action so that the Wiz can continue tanking (New Orleans only 3 games ahead!).

Rip Hamilton – Averaging 17/4/3 with 1.6 3PM over his last 5.  With Derrick Rose and Luol Deng out, it looks like Hamilton is the Bulls #1 scorer and helped destroy the pathetic Kittens last night 100-68.  He could be a solid fill in down the stretch while players are resting for the playoff run.

Derrick Brown – Rumor has it that the Kittens tried to sneak Anthony Davis into their lineup last night but instead Brown was the 2nd leading scorer (behind Kemba Walker).  He scored 14 points, 6 rebs, 1 steal, and 1 block.  Unless you went to Xavier, you have no idea who this guy is (or care).

Charlie Villanueva (not a typo) – Averaging 20 mpg over his last 3 games after recovering from canc…(Kevin Garnett told me to say it, blame him).  OK seriously, he’s finally getting some burn while the Pistons try to keep up with the rest of the teams that are tanking.  Might be worthwhile in a deeper league for some points, boards, and threes.

Rodney Stuckey – 0 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists in 21 minutes.  Maybe it’s cause I always think of “Stuck in the Middle With You” but I trust Stuckey as much as I trust being alone in a room with Mr. Blonde.

Ivan Johnson – The black russian who isn’t russian and was born in San Antonio, Texas (Ivan is equivalent to “John” in english, so maybe his parents just didnt want to call him John Johnson.  That would’ve been weird.) posted a double double last night.  He has been solid ever since Zaza Pachulia (Georgian, FYI) was sidelined.

Mike Bibby – Got the start with Baron Davis sidelined and gave his team a cleveland steamer of a performance (3/10 FG, 8/3/8/1).  Luckily they played the tankapalooza Nets and the Knicks pulled out the W.

Sundiata Gaines – 18/6/6/1 with 4 3PM.  Go pick him up so that you can drop him when Deron Williams returns.  At least it’ll look like you’re staying active.

Rajon Rondo – Said he wouldn’t miss time with his back injury but obviously he was lying since he sat out last night.  Paul Pierce took over the PG duties and Sasha Pavlovic took the empty starters spot.  He made sure it stayed empty by putting up a bagel in 24 minutes played.

Eric Gordon – Need I even say it?

Jerome Dyson – 24/3/2/3 including 14-16 FT.  WHO ARE YOU?  Leading scorer for the Hornets last night, that’s who.

Lance Thomas – Has started the past two games for the Hornets and has 0 points combined in his last four games.  Tank city b*tch, Tank, Tank city b*tch.

Marcus Camby – Considered doubtful for last night’s game against the Mavs so of course that means he played and pulled down 17 boards to go along with 11 points an assist and a steal.  If Camby is diagnosed with a torn ACL I’m pretty sure he’d average 20/20 with 5 blks.

Wilson Chandler – Out for the season with a hip injury.  He received alot of hype when he came back from China in fantasy circles and played a total of 8 games.  Woof.

JaVale McGee – Third straight game with under 20 minutes played and is owned in 88% of leagues.  You don’t get points for stupidity folks.

Nolan Smith – 16/3/0/1 with 1 3PM.  He’s been getting minutes with Raymond Felton out so he could be worth a flyer if you’re desperate.  Or not if you hate Duke.

Hasheem Thabeet – Worthless, but he’s always a good indication on when the end of the season is near.  “Wow Thabeet got more than 10 minutes?!  Must be April!”

Gordon Hayward – 23/4/1/2 with 3 3PM.  Ah another sign!  Hayward’s tear at the end of the season so that I draft him as a sleeper next year (again).

Kawhi Leonard – 1 3PM, 13 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals as the Spurs basically played their B team against the Kings and still destroyed them.  Young Spurs are great lottery tickets here in the last couple games.

Isaiah Thomas Great again last night scoring a team high 21 points to go along with 8 assists.  It’ll be interesting to see where Thomas is drafted in fantasy drafts next year.  Especially when the Kings draft another guard in the lottery.

James Harden – Had to double check the box score last night because I couldn’t see how the points added up to 109 with only three guys in double figures.  Then I noticed one of the double figures was 40 points by Harden.  Well then.

Thabo Sefolosha  – Started and played 31 minutes while scoring 0 points.  Someone has got to start over Harden so that he can get the Sixth Man award.  Way to take one for the team.

Jared Dudley – Cold and now hot again.  Scored 18 points with 2 3PM and 6 boards.  He’s at least better than David Lee at this point in the season.

Alan Anderson – Played a game high 45 minutes for the Raptors last night resulting in a 15/2/3/1 stat line (7-18 FG, 0-8 from 3).  The Raptors figured he isn’t going to play in the NBA after this year so they just left him on the court all night.

LeBron James – With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh sitting, Bron went 1 v 5 against the Raptors and won by 24 points.

Nate Robinson – Out with a hamstring injury.  Really they’re sitting  him to eliminate any small chance of winning whatsoever.

Brandon Rush – Good enough to be rostered and bad enough not to brag about it.  10/5/2/0/1 with a 3 on 50% shooting.

Metta World Peace – Still lighting it up (18/2/9/0/1 with 2 3PM) while Kobe Bryant “rests” (aka find victims to feed off of like a vampire so that he can be strong for the playoffs).



  1. EnglishMetsFan says:

    Up 6-3. Close categories 3’s, Blocks, Steals and FG%.
    Need one add for tomorrow night.
    Roll the dice with Amare or one of
    Biyombo, D West or T Allen.

  2. James Redacted

    James Redacted says:

    Tough call since you don’t know how much Amar’e will play. I’d probably go with Delonte West to help win 3’s and steals (good matchup with Golden State too). The other guys will each only help in 1 category of the ones you listed. Good luck!

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