Hi,  I’m new here to Razzball and this is my first post, so please be gentle.  Not much for small talk so let’s get pumped.  I saw a few days ago that LeBron James wished Happy Birthday to his future teammate Lonzo Ball on Twitter…aww isn’t that sweeeet.  Instead of Branjelina their new bro-luv nickname will be LeBronzo.  It will be fun watching them play together.  LeBronzo will make it happen since he runs the league now.  Carbohydrate-free lifeform Adam Silver is just a rubber stamp approval guy.  But hey, ratings and money are up in The Association, so why fight it? But seriously, Silver eat a sandwich.

I was at my favorite hangout over the weekend, watching the games, when I overheard the people next to me say they can’t believe a team is called The Pelicans.  I agree. Worst name in sports history?  Even the Bobcats realized it was bad and changed their name.  The NBA can’t spend 30k and hire a PR firm to come up with a name?

The drama queen Cavs had a meeting to clear the air over their bad start.  Everybody’s butt-hurt that Dwayne Wade is on the team, so they decided they will not play defense.  If I remember correctly, last year they didn’t start playing defense till January so they’re pacing themselves.  New name, Cleveland Pacers.

Until next week. Keep hangin n’ bangin.  Craig