Asbestos was reportedly raining down from the heavens in Madison Square Garden’s attic and forcing the Magic to miss its second game in a month due to postponement. If that’s not bad jeux-jeux, I don’t know what is. Wait. No, I do. Asbestos in the attic of your stadium! Asbestos? Das worstos. I expect these shenanigans up in Toronto. It’s like the Wild West up there with their asbestos, but New York? There’s nothing good that can come from this (unless you own Lamar Odom and Rudy Gay in your H2H league and are playing the guy with Dwight Howard and Gallinari on his team! Eastern Conference suckas!). They’ve yet to reschedule the game, but you can bet it’ll take place whenever your best fantasy asset from either team is hurt, so it won’t matter to you any way. Gee, durn asbestos.

Anyway, here’s what else went down in stadiums that have their shizz together:

Baron Davis – Probably won’t play tonight. Probably will still be fat and lethargic if he does. If you’ve got a bench spot open, grab Eric Bledsoe. If you don’t have a spot open, pay attention to what happens tonight and decide whether Bledsoe is compelling enough to drop some other shmoo tomorrow.

Michael Beasley – Fell to the floor hip-first and was helped into the locker room by the trainer and Darko Milicic. I had no idea the lengths that team would go through to get Milicic away from the court. Way to take one for the team, B-Easy. If the third-year forward misses any time, go ahead and get your Wesley Johnson-picking finger ready. Might as well start warming it up now.

James Jones – He’s averaging 3.6 threes in 27 mpg. This is not a fluke (mostly). You were willing to spend a 9-12th round pick on Mike Miller for this exact reason, why not do it for Super J?

Mo Williams – Returned from a groin injury to show the Cavs who’s boss, then shot 4-for-12 from the field in 24 reserve minutes. For the Cavaliers, that counts as boss.

J.J. Hickson – Dropped 31 points in 32 minutes. That’s just hunky-dunky, but 5.5 rbds over four games is the statistical equivalent of living in Cleveland. Meh. Don’t tell me I’m missing the point. Mo Williams only played 24 minutes and Antawn Jamison is injured – 31 points won’t happen every night. Six rebounds a night, sadly, might.

John Wall – Three career games, 31 assists. The Elias Sports Bureau might tell you that Wall tied an NBA record for assists by a rookie in his first three games. They would then gather in the break room for lunch to discuss which adhesive binds broken eyeglasses best. Little John also did a lot of robbing the rich Tuesday, nabbing nine steals. He also turned eight over to the poor. Oo-de-lally. Golly what a day.

Jrue Holiday – First dub-dub of the season, third of his career. Breathe easy.

Louis Williams – Thirty points, half of which occurred during a career-high 15-of-17 free throws. Got 32 minutes of burn, which wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t on fire. Pick him up. Yes, you. Yes, now.

Austin Daye – 16/5 in a little under 27 minutes. Very clever John Kuester to alopecia-bait Daye into performing well. Way to play on his deep-seeded hatred of all things hairless.

Tracy McGrady – Played nearly eight minutes before leaving the game due to his sore kn– ah, to hell with it. You stopped reading 10 words ago. In case you stuck around, bad knee or not, it’s weird that a player with 17,500+ points has only two on seven shots in 45 minutes this season.

Rajon Rondo – Okay Razzballers (Razzballists? Razzballistas?) which average drops first? Rondo’s 17 assists per game, James Jones’ 3.5 treys per game or Reggie Evans‘ 16 rebounds per game?

Stephen Curry – He’ll likely keep his booted foot off the hardwood tonight and perhaps through the weekend. If it means that’s the only time he’ll miss, you’ll take it and like it.

Nicolas Batum – In his last three games he’s averaging 5/2.3/0.8 and is shooting 1-for-8 behind the arc. I guess the “h” he lost in his name stood for “hutzpah.”

Armon Johnson – 10/5 including two treys in 21 minutes. He’s being heavily utilized in his limited time on the court (30 USG%). After playing only 17 minutes in the first three games, he’s played 33 in the last two. If he starts getting 22-26 minutes, he’ll be worth a grab in deep leagues.

LaMarcus Aldridge -His five blocks last night brings his season average up to 1.6. If this keeps up and I can convince Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel to kiss in my presence, I’ll have no more dreams left to dream.

John Salmons – He made just 2-of-11 shots Tuesday and is shooting 11-of-41 so far this season. That’s some cooooo-oold salmon.

Rudy Gay – I’m gonna say this and I’m gonna stick by it until I have reason not to (non statement!) but Gay is absolutely earning his new contract. His PER is above 24 and he’s averaging 24/7/3. I hated typing that as much as you hated reading it.

Matt Barnes – 16/14 in just under 25 minutes. Keep moving. Nothin’ to see here.

Lamar Odom – You cannot stop Lamar Odom, you can only hope to contain him. Memphis could not contain him.

Pau Gasol – 21/13/5 in 29 minutes. This was his third-lowest Game Score (GmSc) of the four games he’s played this season. There are fewer than a dozen people who are looking forward to Andrew Bynum’s healthy return. Marc Gasol is one of them.

  1. ThE sHiT says:

    Glad I picked Wright over Batum yesterday. I like his potential more, but Wright’s spot is more secure in my eyes. I can see Jones’ avg drop first.

  2. ThE sHiT says:

    @ Adam: How much leash should I give JaVale McGee? I would be dropping him for Wes Johnson.

  3. John says:

    “@ Adam: How much leash should I give JaVale McGee? I would be dropping him for Wes Johnson.”

    I know I’m not Adam, but that is insane. McGee has played 3 games. The first was against D.Howard, give him a break there. The next game was against Al Horford, another tough matchup, although McGee still managed a meager 7 blocks in that game. The only game I worry a little about is the Philly game. Although Philly was 27th in blocks against last year so for a guy who gets 90% of his value from blocks that also isn’t a good matchup. He gets the Knicks on Friday and the Cavs on Saturday, look for the block party to be in full swing.

  4. ThE sHiT says:

    @John: Thanks for the input. I drafted him pretty high, so i like him a lot. Im hoping for big things from him.

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: @John: John’s right. JaVale is still pretty rough, but you knew he would be. The blocks are there, his rebounds will come around. Stick with him, especially if you’re choosing between him and Johnson

  6. Cory says:

    Owning Batum is like having a girlfriend who’s weight fluctuates.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: Hehe. A FRENCH girlfriend whose weight fluctuates. That makes it classy!

  8. Victorious Secret says:

    Is Armon Johnson looking like a sneaky good pickup in deep leagues (12 team, 13starters/6 bench) now with Bayless gone and Andre Miller getting long in the tooth?

  9. Victorious Secret says:

    Kind of similar question but for big man stats, what about Greg Monroe if a team is weak on boards? Ben Wallace is def slowing down and the Pistons are likely to turn their rookies loose sooner or later

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Victorious Secret: Very sneaky.

    I’m not sure that Ben Wallace IS slowing down. Slowing down from 2002, sure. But from the last few years? Doesn’t look like it so far(he’s averaging the most rpg since ’06 and everything else is aligned with his last few years). Monroe, on the other hand, is just a wreck right now. If you grab Monroe, make sure you’re doing so with the intent to stash him for at least a month or two.

  11. El Burro says:


    Adam –

    Like you, i tend to watch minutes in the early part of the season and system, as well as who finishes games — having said that, I watched nice games out of these guys tonight and was wondering your take:

    Ryan Anderson (started- 19 min) – 4 3s, 19 pts, 3 boards, 3 blks
    CJ Miles (6th man – 24 min) – 5 3s, 19pts, 3 boards, 1 steal, 1 blk
    Corey Brewer (started- 24 min) – 2 3s, 12 pts, 5 boards, 2 dimes, 2 steals
    Eric Bledsoe (started for fat B.Dizzle) – 10 pts, 5 assts, 2 blks thru 1st HALF!

    the guys on my roster that could be made expendable for any of these FA are:
    Roddy Buckets – heard hes likely out another month
    Nicholas Batum – love the upside, but sensing Matthews not going away
    Mike Dunleavy – like the minutes, but is there upside?
    Al Thornton – never much else other than 16 pts, 5 boards + Arenas?
    currently rostering

    let me know your thoughts… I play in a very competitive high stakes 12 man, hth weekly league with standard 9 categories + FTM, FGM

    el burro

  12. barker says:

    how about bledsoe in a 18 team league
    is b diddy gunna be out for a while ??
    current PG situation deron williams Dj augustin teague ( hopefully takin that from bibby soon) arenas ( not really a PG but qualifies there so i’ll go with it)
    PF/C situation horford Z randolph okafor splitter haslem chuck hayes
    guys i would be dropping for him hayes reggie evans budinger ilyasova
    probably hayes is the drop but do i need another PG or should i stand pat

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Whenever anyone says their in a super competitive high-stakes league, I imagine several people losing fingers sometime in May. Don’t tell me if this isn’t the case. I like having this image in my head.

    I like Anderson, Bledsoe, Miles and Brewer in that order, but unless you’re looking for a quick fix, I don’t know that I’d drop ny of the guys you listed for any of the, uh, other guys you listed.

    @barker: In an 18 team league you don’t have much to lose. I doubt Davis will miss many more games. All the talk is that he could be starting any game now.

  14. ELaw says:

    I just picked up bledsoe. what do you guys think of his situation? i got the feeling baron’s gonna play 40 games tops. So Bledsoe will split time with foye, but foye’s never been a true point.

    Also…would you guys do this trade: My Scola and Deng for his Noah and McGee. Thanks!

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ELaw: I’m liking Bledsoe and I have a feeling Del Negro will work him into the lineup as often as he can without full-on benching Davis.

    re:trade – Depends on need, but I like Noah and McGee more.

  16. ELaw says:

    Thanks Adam…I appreciate the advice!

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