The tally marks have been ticked. The bribes have been cashed in. The palms have all been appropriately greased. America (Ferrara) has spoken (asking us to wipe that grease off our palms before manhandling her traveling pants). And the Razzball Commenter League 2011-12 season is finito.

After haven been ranked as low as 41st in the second week of the season, Mr. Duck Fat (managed by Matthew Brude) ended as this year’s champion. He spent four straight weeks in second place before taking over the top spot last week and staying there. MDF didn’t lead the league in any one category, but ranked second in PPG, fourth in RPG and ninth in FG%.

It’s also worth noting that MDF worked his roster right up until the end with a starting lineup on the final day of: Lawson, Klay Thompson, Evan Turner, Novak, Seraphin, Patty Mills, J-Smoove (his team MVP), Marion and Larry Sanders. There’s no way he drafted more than four of those guys. Kudos to you, Mr. Brude.

Also worth noting was the knock-down, drag-out between a pair of Dicks (er, Richards) in the All-Star Dance-Off ’08 Division’s champions. Team Rich (Richard S) and Teach Me How To Gortat (Richard Gintowt) tied for the top spot in the division. Gortat edged out Rich by the slimmest of margins overall because his per game averages were slightly better. Still, Gortat finished third overall and Rich finished fourth. I’m not sure how excited either of those managers were, but that was one helluva fight. You both deserve top five honors and spots in the RCL Premiere League (or whatever we end up calling it) next season.

And while we’re talking about the top 5, let’s round it out with the second and fourth-place finishers – One Piece (Tsung-Hao Chen) and Shock the Monkey (Gintowt, again) respectively – both from the Big Ball Dance Division. StM actually finished ahead of One Piece in the Division rankings, but played more games, which lowered his percentages a bit. Overall, I’m not feeling to bad for a guy who finishes third and fourth out of 60. Actually, perhaps Razzball should offer the guy a job. I will say that StM easily made the most roster moves throughout the course of the season. The average team made between 25-40 moves. Monkey made a whopping 136. Can’t argue with the results.

Congratulations to all who played and played well. “Go-get-’em-next-year-tiger” to them amongst you that played less well.

Here’s the final spreadsheet.

Thanks for playing. We’ll see you next season.

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    After scratching and clawing right up until the final day I still couldn’t catch up to Team Rich or Teach Me How To Gortat. Oh well, finishing 3rd in that league was still pretty impressive given the injuries my team suffered. I was really hoping to jump from 11th to inside the top 10 in the final week, but instead I actually fell to 12th.

    About this “RCL Premier League” for next season….it wouldn’t happen to include the top 12 teams from this season, would it???

    Finally, thanks for all the work this year Adam. This was my first year with Razzball Basketball and you were a great help. Kudos!

    ~ Consistently Mediocre

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans, Thanks! I hope you had fun. At the very least, you were consistently better than mediocre.

      As far as next year’s “Prmiere League” (or whatever), I’d like all 12 of the top finishers to return and be in one league together. That was my intention this year and it didn’t quite work out that way.

      If nothing else, the 12 highest ranking finishers this year that return next season should all be in one league. Who knows. It’s a long way to October.

  2. Mr Duck Fat says:

    Out of the payers on my final roster I only drafted Smoove and Lawson. Durant was by far the MVP of my team this year, I dropped him on the final day. Thanks for everything Adam, I look forward to defending my title in the premier league next year.

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