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JB has been your Grand Poobah of Fantasy Hoops for the last few years. He took Razzball Basketball from Ashy to ClassyUnfortunately, like Ryu at the end of Street Fighter 2, JB has walked away to seek his next challenge. Wishing you nothing but the best JB!

With that said, I want to introduce myself to all of you. I’m SON. No, not Stream-O-Nator. I started out on the football side, then contributed for baseball. Now, I’m taking over for JB on the hoops side. I’ve got big shoes to fill, both literally and figuratively. I thought it only appropriate to start things off with this:

Now, for a little background on myself and what to look forward to. I’ve always been a baller. Not of the Big Baller Brand, though. I was Jeremy Lin before Jeremy Lin. As in, I’m Asian (Korean to be exact) but without the skills. Speaking of Lin, I remember watching a replay of his high school state championship game on Fox Sports many, many years ago. I was like, Cool, there’s an Asian dude balling on tv. No way in hell did I think he would make the NBA while watching that game, but he was literally the only dude on that squad and he had them in the state championship game so….I miss Linsanity. Ok, I’m a narcissist so let’s get back to talking about me.

I played volleyball in college (small Division III school, so nothing to brag about), but hoops was always my love. I always enjoyed pick up games at the park, playing with friends, or testing my sanity in tournaments. I was the Eddie Jones of my crew. Slasher. Inconsistent jumper. Crab-like agility on defense. Questionable mental fortitude. Don’t get me wrong. I was tough and wouldn’t back down, but my personality lended itself to thinking too much at times. Just like Eddie Jones. Oh, Eddie. How I miss thee. My jumper? Some said I had a trebuchet-like release. Hey, I was a scorer. Not a shooter.

I was born in the days of the Showtime Lakers. Woohoo! Not much needs to be said about them. My favorite player on those squads was Michael Cooper, though. The long socks and tenacious D. He was my boo. I remember the Cedric Ceballos, Nick Van Exel days. I guess the most important thing you guys would want to know is my stance on the whole Kobe/Shaq thing. Why couldn’t they just get along? I could go deeper down that rabbit hole, as I have a ton of things to say about it, but I’ll leave that for another day perhaps, if someone wishes to engage on the topic. As for now, that would be like talking about religion and politics at Thanksgiving dinner. No thank you.

Skip 2 My Lou in AND1 Mixtape Volume 1. Oh, Lordy. Nothing else needs to be said.

That’s a little background on me. Now, for what you guys really care about. What to expect going forward for Razzball Hoops. Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure. It’s going to be trial and error. If any of you in the community ever has any suggestions, never hesitate to voice them. With that said, I’m just going to be me. I’ll try to pump out as much content that will both, entertain and inform, so that you can dominate your leagues with a smile on your face.

I’m definitely very excited for this opportunity and I hope that our community can be a….

Speaking of gratitude, I gotta thank Jay and our Supreme Leader, Grey, for giving me this chance. If I don’t get this site popping, a little birdie told me that I would endure the same fate as Guard #3. Nobody wants to see that, right?

Alright, I’ll work on rankings and projections over the summer and will start pumping out content a few months before next season starts. In the meantime, Craig Bozic is going to pump out content for the NBA Draft.

JB took Razzball Hoops from ashy to classy. Biggie did say that Sky’s the Limit, so let’s take it there together!