Brent Carlson and Son breakdown the trade of Jimmy Butler to the 76ers for Dario Saric (Mario with the D), Lord Robert Covington, and some other stuff. Comment below with your thoughts on the trade. Thanks!

  1. slimbo says:


    asked the same question on the youtube channel dont know which one you check lol

    looking to trade lebron in my keeper, is Wendell Carter Jr. a good target??


  2. Mr. Blast says:

    Good stuff Brent, I enjoy the listens.

    As for the Butler trade..

    I own Saric, Taj Gibson… & Embiid. Taj has been SOLID for me.

    Not sure how to feel about everything yet.

  3. Mr. Sweat Necklace says:

    Disclaimer: I’m a Wolves fan

    I like the trade for the Wolves, although I’m not the biggest Covington or Saric fan. Jimmy was killing our chemistry and stunting the growth of both Towns and Wiggins. I look for Towns to get a dub-dub every game from here on out and for Wiggins to improve on his improved numbers from so far this year.

    I would have preferred the upside and contract of Richardson over these two. I thought that the rumored Heat offer was the best on the table. I’m glad we didn’t bite on the Rockets offer. We know as Wolves fans that there are more misses than hits in the first round of the draft.

    I’m really just happy it’s over and we can move on.

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