Week 6 of the fantasy basketball season is in the books and here is a breakdown of what happened in the 18 Razzball Commenter Leagues.

Every Tuesday I will update the standings, summarize the action, look at some of the best moves, and name a Team-of-the-Week. So not only are you playing for your own league’s title, you are playing for the title of overall Razzball Commenter Champion.

Here are the Week 6 highlights from all 18 leagues:

Experts League: The big scores continued last week in the league comprised of all your Razzball writers. Brett – bnel21 and Scott are tied at the top, with Tarch Tadness only a 0.5 game back. Our fearless leader Son went 8-1-0 last week to pull within 4 games of first.

Razzball 1: Son takes over first place in his own league by going 7-2-0 last week knocking ELITE back to second place. ELITE is still just only 1.5 games back in this tight race. Only 13.5 games separates first from last place in this league.

Brent’s Ballers: Stylin’ Profilin’ stays in first even after going 3-6-0, holding a 2 game lead over the Juniors. Osama’s Notable Team went 8-1-0 to pull to within just 3.5 games.

Brent’s Ballers Too: Smokin’ Fine Cubans now holds a 0.5 game lead over Hungry OSHprey as Brent TheFantasyDick fell to third place. Last Place! continues to Not live up to their name by climbing to just 4.5 games back after going 8-1-0 last week, a second consecutive awesome week.

Funny Pun League: Honore Le Ball Sac jumped into first by 0.5 games over Kostas Dream Killers after going 7-2-0 last week. Mamba’s Team, FPL-Celestial Being, and The Project are all just 2 games out of first.

Razzball Banana Boat Crew: Dirka Mohamed Jihad remains in first, but KD’s Asterisk is hot on their tale only 3 games back after going 7-2-0 last week. The Jail Blazers are in third, just 4 games back.

Dynasty Deep Dive: Brent USA! still holds a narrow 0.5 game lead over Fear The Brow, while Union Olimpija and Scottish Knicks are only 3 games back. No standout scores, pretty even battles all week.

Razzball Mayhem: Feed Paint fell out of first for the first time in the last few weeks after going 2-7-0. On the other side of the match-up was House Artest who went 7-2-0 and moved into first place by 3 games. Way to step up in a big week. Another Brent Team went 7-2-0 also to move into third place.

Razzball H2H: Ultra Instinct went 6-3-0 for a second consecutive week to increase their lead to 7 games! RH-Celestial Being is trying to stay close and even went 6-2-1 last week. Can anyone catch Ultra Instinct?

RAZZblueBALLS2: VIPO had another big week and holds a 4.5 game lead over SOOnami. So far this is just a two team race, with Aira’s Team 9.5 games back in a distant third.

RCL Expert League: Durant’s Cupcakes continued their run, going 7-2-0 this week and now has a 0.5 game lead over fishingwithmarkcuban. RJ’s Razzballs are just 4.5 games back and lurking in third.

Razzball 12: porno4mumu has increased their lead to 3 games over www and 5 games over Crono’s Crazy Team by going 6-3-0 in a second consecutive solid week. Team Rocket is 6 games back.

RCL SON: Clarice LeVert remains in first, but there was a big shake up underneath them at the top. King’s Landing, Bill’s Nifty Team, and Brow & Entourage are all now tied for second only 1 game back. Son remains just 3 games back and only 8 games separates first from last. Crazy!

Viz against the Commenters: Team Blitzball moved into first place with a big 8-1-0 week. Freak’s Geeks fell into second, but remains only 2 games back. John’s Terrific Team and kumamoto expungers are 7 games back in a tie for third.

Italy vs Razzball 2.0: Ciri&gges team had a rough week, but still holds a 4 game lead over Pimpin’ Ain’t Beasley. The LA Stephenasmiths are just 4.5 games back.

RCL Run The Numbers: Stagmo Mantis took over first place and now holds a 1.5 game lead over Little Aristotle. Moore than Bball are just 4 games back.

Lahbraaahn Jayyymes: Kraft Dunk’d stays in first place with a 2 game lead over LeGoat. DIVERSIFY YO BONDS! and Justin’s Team are lurking just 2.5 games back. This week should be exciting as DIVERSIFY YO BONDS! takes on Kraft Dunk’d in a battle for first place!

Razzball Nakamoto League: The Bruise Brothers took advantage of a bad week for Union Olimpija and moved into first place. They now have a 1.5 game lead over French Wall, while Union Olimpija fell back into a tie for fourth place.



Last Place! (Brent’s Ballers Too)

Key Players:

  • Anthony Davis:         .537/.750/1/74/37/14/7/7/9
  • Khris Middleton:       .460/.938/9/70/23/15/6/0/8
  • Jaren Jackson Jr.:  .605/.625/7/58/17/9/2/14/7
  • Lonzo Ball:                 .500/.000/3/33/27/10/1/2/8
  • Mike Conley:             .467/.882/15/100/16/38/4/1/9
  • Al Horford:               .500/.750/4/35/18/10/2/6/3



Ultra Instinct Razzball H2H 38-14-2
VIPO RAZZblueBALLS2 38-15-1
House Artest Razzball Mayhem 38-16-0
Team Blitzball Viz against the Commenters 37-16-1
Dirka Mohamed Jihad Razzball Banana Boat Crew 36-18-0
Porno4mumu Razzball 12 36-18-0
Durant’s Cupcakes RCL Expert Leagues 35-18-1
Ciri&gges team Italy vs Razzball 2.0 35-18-1
Freak’s Geeks Razzball Banana Boat Crew 35-18-1
Feed Paint Razzball Mayhem 35-19-0
Son Razzball 1 35-19-0
Fishingwithmarkcuban RCL Expert League 35-19-0
Brett – bnel21 Razzball Experts League 34-19-1
Scott Razzball Experts League 34-19-1
Stylin’ Profilin’ Brent’s Ballers 34-20-0
SOOnami RAZZblueBALLS2 34-20-0
            Tarch Tadness Razzball Experts League 34-20-0
Stagmo Mantis RCL Run the Numbers 33-20-1
ELITE Razzball 1 33-20-1
Brent USA! Dynasty Deep Dive 33-20-1
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Mr. Blast
Mr. Blast
4 years ago

Thanks for this write up Brent.

I do a weekly recap write up for a big money league I’m in & it keeps thing fun.

Much respect for putting the time into this. Glad to be a part of the RCL.

I’m in Razzball 1 – Team is – BaLL $0 HarD

Trying to figure out why I’m in 11th place.

Thought I drafted decent….

Well,,, Kevin Love, Levert & Dunn didn’t work out that great but still..

Squad is –

Mitchell/Fox/Smith Jr./Dinwiddie/Jackson/Mudiay (streamer)
Davis/Horford/Nurkic/Love (I.R)

Should I make a trade somewhere ?

Trying to catch Son!!! Haa

Thanks again.