You come here for the laughs and to know which players to draft, but today, I present to you the picks from the Razzball staff. Enjoy! And make sure to throw internet tomatoes and flame those you make major gaffes.


SON Zach Collins Zion Williamson Ja Morant Karl-Anthony Towns
Kostas Malcolm Brogdon RJ Barrett Zion Williamson Anthony Davis
Kid McKay Thomas Bryant Paul George Zion Williamson Anthony Davis
Phamtastic Kelly Oubre Jr. Zion Williamson Ja Morant James Harden
JCohn Dejounte Murray Caris LeVert Ja Morant Nikola Jokic
Mel Miles Bridges Buddy Hield Michael Porter Jr. Ben Simmons
Jalen Brandon Clarke Blake Griffin Ja Morant James Harden
Mora Serge Ibaka Mitchell Robinson Ja Morant James Harden
Viz Jeff Teague Paul George Zion Williamson Stephen Curry


SON Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat Utah Jazz San Antonio Spurs
Kostas Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers Denver Nuggets Memphis Grizzlies
Kid McKay Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat Denver Nuggets New Orleans Pelicans
Phamtastic Philadelphia 76ers Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns
JCohn Philadelphia 76ers Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers San Antonio Spurs
Mel Philadelphia 76ers New York Knicks Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks
Jalen Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat Los Angeles Clippers New Orleans Pelicans
Mora Philadelphia 76ers Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors
Viz Philadelphia 76ers Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz Warriors MISS the Playoffs


SON Philadelphia 76ers
Kostas Milwaukee Bucks
Kid McKay Los Angeles Clippers
Phamtastic Los Angeles Lakers
JCohn Los Angeles Clippers
Mel Philadelphia 76ers
Jalen Los Angeles Clippers
Mora Los Angeles Lakers
Viz Utah Jazz
  1. Jeff Aces says:

    Hello Son-

    12 team h2h Keeper League

    2 Questions

    Would you trade a 2020 1st rd pick and Nance FOR Brandon Clarke?

    Should I hold on to Bruno Fernando?

    • Jeff Aces says:

      Oops, one more question

      Trade mikal bridges for Maxi Kleber and Dwayne Bacon

      • Son says:

        What’s the context?

        • Jeff Aces says:

          Would you make the trade and should i look to improve anywhere?

          12 team h2h-12 CAT keeper

          my team below:

          PG: Fox/Ball/Shai/Rozier/Aaron Holiday
          SG: Harden/Lamb/Bruce Brown (might drop for Hood)
          SF: Antetokounmpo/Hayward/Winde/Mikal Bridges/Hezonja
          PF: JJJ/Nance/ Fernando/Gafford
          C: Jokic/Sabonis/Poeltl/Goga

          • Son says:

            Weakness is tres, FT%, and TOs. You should dominate assists and are good in every other cat.

            • Jeff Aces says:

              Thank you!

              Do i make the trade then?

              Mikal Bridges for Kleber and Dwayne Bacon

              • Son says:

                I probably wouldn’t, but what’s your thinking in considering the trade?

                • Jeff Aces says:

                  I countered with:

                  HIS Wiggins/Oubre/Kleber/2020 5th rd
                  MY 2020 3rd/2020 4th/Bridges

                  Looking for more 3pt shooters

                  • Son says:

                    I like Oubre a lot but not crazy for Wiggins.

                    • Jeff Aces says:

                      We just completed this:

                      HIS: Oubre/Kleber/2020 6th rd

                      MY: Mikal Bridges/2020 3rd rd

                    • Son says:

                      I’m good with that.

    • Son says:

      I wouldn’t.

      Definitely hold onto Bruno. How come you’re not feeling him?

  2. Matt says:

    10T Roto (FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS)

    I feel horrible about drafting Paul George(21st)/Mitchell Robinson(41st)/Victor Oladipo (100th) on the same team.

    Rest of Team: Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Myles Turner, Robert Covington, Bam Adebayo, Delon Wright, Marcus Smart, Larry Nance Jr.

    • Son says:

      Yeah, you will have to offer plenty of virgin sacrifices to the injury gods. You should dominate in steals and blocks. You good in points and boards. A little light in dimes and tres

      • Matt says:

        Looking at the wire to remedy the 3PM/Assists. Would I be better off dropping Marcus Smart/Delon Wright for these guys:

        Eric Gordon/Landry Shamet for 3PM
        Thomas Satoransky, D.J. Augustin , Dennis Smith Jr. for Assists

        • Son says:

          Yes on Gordon.

          Sato for dimes

  3. OldMilwaukeePounders says:

    Yo Son,

    Picked my 12 team, h2h (8 cat, no TOs) last weekend. What do you think?

    G – Steph, Sweet Lou, JRich, Augustin, Delon Wright
    F- Giannis, J Collins, Porzingis, JJJ, Otto, Will Barton
    C- Bam, BroLo

    I am a bit light on dimes, would you consider adding Shamet, Fultz, or Ish over Delon or Augustin?

    Thank, SON

    • Son says:

      How’d you get Steph and G?

      Look light in dimes and steals. I would not add any players you listed

      • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

        Keeper league. I kept Steph, G, Collins, & Porzingis! Any chance that Fultz ends up approaching 4-5 dimes a night?

        • Son says:

          That’s nice!

          As for Fultz, it’s within the range of outcomes for sure. A lot would need to happen though for starters, he needs to supplant DJ at point. Not sure how likely that is

  4. Cohen says:

    SON, thanks for earlier input
    Is there anywhere u think i need to inprove on my team in 9 team 8 cat roto?

    • Son says:


  5. Cole says:

    When trying to replace games played missed by the load managed, are there any teams you target for matchups or do you take a hot hand, individual player approach?

    • Son says:

      I hunt for minutes first and foremost, then look at player, and finally factor in the matchup

  6. Mak says:

    Which 2 should I play tomorrow, 9 cat H2h: Gordon Hayward, sato, lamb?

    • Son says:


      • Mak says:

        play sato and lamb? thinking of benching hayward.

        • Son says:

          I’d do the same

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