If you’re playing in a roto league, punting shouldn’t be pursued. Could it work? Sure, but it’s far more difficult to execute than in head-to-head category leagues. In these leagues, punting is often ideal because you just need to win one more category than your opponent for the week. Punting may also be forced upon you by the way a draft plays out. Take for instance the assists category. Dimes are a precious resource, so what happens if you miss out on the run? Rather than utilizing precious resources to scrounge up scraps and still be behind in the category, the prudent course of action may be to just disregard the category and focus on others. With the small sample size of a week’s worth of games, variance will also inevitably rear its head. As a result, skewing the probabilities in your favor to lock in certain categories could give you a leg up on the competition. In the below Google Sheets, I’ve listed the rankings (side by side) if you were to punt each category. Keep in mind that these are overall value based on my projections. For thoughts on my process, click HERE.

To make a COPY of the sheet, click HERE.

THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS PIECE. The order I have players is based on my projections and overall value for category leagues. Where I’d draft a player depends on ADP, categorical need, and roster construction. Keep that in mind when going through all my Top X pieces and when choosing who to draft in your leagues. The FG and FT numbers are weighted for volume.

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