I’ve wasted countless days just sitting in front of the Playstation drafting my fantasy teams in Madden, NBA 2K, and MLB the Show. So when Grey texted me about participating in a mock draft with the CBS crew, my response was THIS. Anyways, shout out to Chris Towers and the whole CBS and RotoWire crew for allowing me to participate. This particular mock was a H2H, 12-team, and 9-category draft. Now, mock drafts are a time to experiment and try new things, so the results have to be viewed in that context. With that said, they also provide a window into what the market thinks about certain players. When the participants are filled with people within the fantasy industry, you best pay attention.

The participants:

1 Jeff Edgerton RotoWire
2 Ben Miller RotoWire
3 Mike Barner RotoWire
4 Chris Towers CBS Sports
5 Oscar’s Team Unknown
6 Kyle McKeown Basketball Monster
7 D.J. Unknown
8 Son Razzball
9 Joel B RotoWire
10 Team 5 Unknown
11 James Anderson RotoWire
12 Alex Rikleen RotoWire



1 Jeff Edgerton Giannis Antetokounmpo
2 Ben Miller Anthony Davis
3 Mike Barner James Harden
4 Chris Towers Karl-Anthony Towns
5 Oscar’s Team Russell Westbrook
6 Kyle McKeown Kevin Durant
7 D.J. LeBron James
8 Son Stephen Curry
9 Joel B Nikola Jokic
10 Team 5 Damian Lillard
11 James Anderson Jimmy Butler
12 Alex Rikleen Paul George

In prior mocks, I’ve noticed big men being available later with guards and wings in shorter supply. Therefore, I wanted to start out guard heavy in this one and see how it turned out. I don’t hate that Curry fell to 8.



1 Alex Rikleen Kawhi Leonard
2 James Anderson Ben Simmons
3 Team 5 Joel Embiid
4 Joel B John Wall
5 Son Victor Oladipo
6 D.J. Andre Drummond
7 Kyle McKeown Kyrie Irving
8 Oscar’s Team DeMar DeRozan
9 Chris Towers Chris Paul
10 Mike Barner Jrue Holiday
11 Ben Miller Kemba Walker
12 Jeff Edgerton Kyle Lowry

As mentioned above, I wanted to start with guards in this mock and see how it played out. Pairing Oladipo with Curry is sexy, but that George/Leonard start for Rikleen is nasty and Chris Towers got the perfect match with Towns/Paul.



1 Jeff Edgerton Donovan Mitchell
2 Ben Miller Bradley Beal
3 Mike Barner Kevin Love
4 Chris Towers Devin Booker
5 Oscar’s Team Draymond Green
6 Kyle McKeown Eric Bledsoe
7 D.J. CJ McCollum
8 Son Marc Gasol
9 Joel B Rudy Gobert
10 Team 5 Khris Middleton
11 James Anderson Al Horford
12 Alex Rikleen Gary Harris

I’m not too concerned about Devin Booker’s injury and it looks like neither is Towers. The player that received the most buzz in this round was Kevin Love. Y’all know I’m bullish on him this season. Well, the rest of the guys were of the same opinion, as most were typing in the chat that they wished Love fell to them.



1 Alex Rikleen Myles Turner
2 James Anderson LaMarcus Aldridge
3 Team 5 Gordon Hayward
4 Joel B Paul Millsap
5 Son Tobias Harris
6 D.J. Nikola Vucevic
7 Kyle McKeown Deandre Ayton
8 Oscar’s Team Blake Griffin
9 Chris Towers Clint Capela
10 Mike Barner Klay Thompson
11 Ben Miller Aaron Gordon
12 Jeff Edgerton D’Angelo Russell

I call this the Craig round, as three of his BFFs were selected: Blake Griffin, Aaron Gordon, and D’Angelo Russell. To be fair, though, he did mention on the pod that he felt the prices were too high on all of them. I was sad to see Ayton go this round, as I was thinking of drafting him in round 5. When I first started mocking a week ago, Ayton was going in the 6th round. Now, he’s in the 4th.



1 Jeff Edgerton Goran Dragic
2 Ben Miller Jamal Murray
3 Mike Barner John Collins
4 Chris Towers Mike Conley
5 Oscar’s Team DeAndre Jordan
6 Kyle McKeown Kris Dunn
7 D.J. Zach LaVine
8 Son Jarrett Allen
9 Joel B Dennis Smith Jr.
10 Team 5 Tyreke Evans
11 James Anderson Steven Adams
12 Alex Rikleen Josh Richardson

I love both John Collins and Jarrett Allen. If you want them, this looks to be the area you have to pay. I really like Mike Conley this year and the fifth round seems like a great price.



1 Alex Rikleen Lauri Markkanen
2 James Anderson Ricky Rubio
3 Team 5 Nikola Mirotic
4 Joel B Nicholas Batum
5 Son Luka Doncic
6 D.J. Otto Porter
7 Kyle McKeown Lonzo Ball
8 Oscar’s Team Hassan Whiteside
9 Chris Towers Harrison Barnes
10 Mike Barner Julius Randle
11 Ben Miller Robert Covington
12 Jeff Edgerton Dwight Howard

I want Doncic on every team and the 6th round seems to be the round he goes in every mock. Granted, that’s usually me selecting him there, but I’ve seen others take him in this area as well. I think this is the round where, if you want/need assists, you better get them here. I’ve received many questions regarding Julius Randle, so if you want him, there he goes in the 6th. The “metric whores,” Otto Porter and Robert Covington, both go in this round. I was curious to see how far they would fall. I do like Otto, but every draft is different.



1 Jeff Edgerton Andrew Wiggins
2 Ben Miller Will Barton
3 Mike Barner Jeff Teague
4 Chris Towers Kyle Anderson
5 Oscar’s Team Jabari Parker
6 Kyle McKeown Dejounte Murray
7 D.J. Elfrid Payton
8 Son Lou Williams
9 Joel B Jusuf Nurkic
10 Team 5 Joe Ingles
11 James Anderson Brandon Ingram
12 Alex Rikleen Brook Lopez

The “hunting for assists” round? I’m very intrigued by Kyle Anderson this season, especially if he runs the point at times. I have Sweet Lou at 51 on my board, so I was happy to get a bonafide scorer here in the 7th.



1 Alex Rikleen Reggie Jackson
2 James Anderson Dario Saric
3 Team 5 Jonas Valanciunas
4 Joel B Trae Young
5 Son Jonathan Isaac
6 D.J. Jayson Tatum
7 Kyle McKeown Taurean Waller-Prince
8 Oscar’s Team De’Aaron Fox
9 Chris Towers Jaren Jackson Jr.
10 Mike Barner Enes Kanter
11 Ben Miller Buddy Hield
12 Jeff Edgerton Marvin Bagley III

The 7th or 8th round seems to be the sweet spot for Isaac. I love him. Craig loves him. Hopefully he returns the love. Kanter, a double-dub machine, in the 8th. See? There are still big men down here. Here come the upside picks.



1 Jeff Edgerton Rajon Rondo
2 Ben Miller Serge Ibaka
3 Mike Barner Tim Hardaway Jr.
4 Chris Towers Evan Fournier
5 Oscar’s Team Josh Jackson
6 Kyle McKeown Mario Hezonja
7 D.J. Kent Bazemore
8 Son Jordan Bell
9 Joel B Derrick Favors
10 Team 5 JJ Redick
11 James Anderson Al-Farouq Aminu
12 Alex Rikleen Thaddeus Young

Ding ding. Ding ding. I love Bell this season. That coincides with my hate for DeMarcus Cousins. Ok, hate is too strong of a word, but I’m definitely fading him. Obviously, if Cousins balls out, my Bell love will be unwarranted.



1 Alex Rikleen Larry Nance Jr.
2 James Anderson Eric Gordon
3 Team 5 Carmelo Anthony
4 Joel B Trevor Ariza
5 Son Wendell Carter Jr.
6 D.J. DeMarcus Cousins
7 Kyle McKeown Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
8 Oscar’s Team Collin Sexton
9 Chris Towers Darren Collison
10 Mike Barner Avery Bradley
11 Ben Miller Allen Crabbe
12 Jeff Edgerton DeMarre Carroll

Speaking of DeMarcus Cousins. One of us is going to be wrong.



1 Jeff Edgerton Frank Kaminsky
2 Ben Miller DeWayne Dedmon
3 Mike Barner Kyle Kuzma
4 Chris Towers Markelle Fultz
5 Oscar’s Team Jaylen Brown
6 Kyle McKeown Willie Cauley-Stein
7 D.J. Kristaps Porzingis
8 Son Bogdan Bogdanovic
9 Joel B Rodney Hood
10 Team 5 Dennis Schroder
11 James Anderson Domantas Sabonis
12 Alex Rikleen Isaiah Thomas

I was all set to select Fultz here, but Chris Towers beat me to him. I’m bullish on Fultz and am a believer in the Drew Hanlen magic. I’m good with Bog Bog, though, as I think he gets a ton of minutes and will contribute in threeecolas, points, steals, and provide around 3 dimes and 3 boards.



1 Alex Rikleen Patrick Beverley
2 James Anderson Caris LeVert
3 Team 5 Malcolm Brogdon
4 Joel B Kevin Knox
5 Son Malik Monk
6 D.J. Spencer Dinwiddie
7 Kyle McKeown JaVale McGee
8 Oscar’s Team James Johnson
9 Chris Towers George Hill
10 Mike Barner DJ Augustin
11 Ben Miller Danilo Gallinari
12 Jeff Edgerton Mohamed Bamba

In honor of Craig, I selected Monk here. He may go undrafted in many drafts, as the default rankings have him buried. I like Dinwiddie down here as well.



1 Jeff Edgerton Marcus Smart
2 Ben Miller Dirk Nowitzki
3 Mike Barner Stanley Johnson
4 Chris Towers Nerlens Noel
5 Oscar’s Team Rudy Gay
6 Kyle McKeown Jeremy Lamb
7 D.J. Taj Gibson
8 Son Jakob Poeltl
9 Joel B Marcin Gortat
10 Team 5 Kelly Olynyk
11 James Anderson Justise Winslow
12 Alex Rikleen Boban Marjanovic

I like the three big men down here in Noel, Poeltl, and Gortat. I am very much intrigued with Noel in OKC. Won’t surpass Adams on the depth chart, but could be a great fit and receive close to 20 mpg. Gortat should get a ton of run in LA and Poeltl could be a great source of boards and blocks late with upside, as Pau Gasol won’t get a ton of run.

  1. Craig Bozic

    Craig Bozic says:

    Can we rename this piece the ‘in honour of Craig draft’?

    Haha in all seriousness though what a real mixed bag of results from top to bottom, and evidence that even with experts in the draft, every draft is very different.

    Gonna need some nicknames for a Isaac and Monk as I’m sure people are tired of me saying those names.

    Johnny dick fingers & the Preachet anyone?

    • Son says:

      Ha! Every draft is different indeed. That is why it is imperative to be like water, as Master Bruce always say. As for nicknames for Isaac and Monk, I like the Preacher. Not sure about the dick fingers one though. Is that along the lines of Edward Dildo Hands?

      • Craig Bozic

        Craig Bozic says:


        I’m more an Edward cider hands man myself

        • Son says:

          Ha! I’m glad to hear that, to be honest. How about IsaacSon?

      • Brent

        Brent says:

        @Son: Preacher and Newton? Like Isaac Newton?

        • Son says:

          I like the Newton idea but it makes me think of Cam though

          • Brent

            Brent says:

            @Son: Then no way. Who are other famous Isaac’s? Mizrahi? Maybe call him Shalom since Isaac is a Jewish name?

            • Son says:

              @Brent: How about the Love Boat? For Isaac the bartender

              • Craig Bozic

                Craig Bozic says:


                Inspector Gadget

                • Son says:

                  @Craig Bozic: That could work. Let’s put it up for vote!

  2. Meksss says:

    All I can say is, kids, do NOT draft like Joel. What an absolute abortion of a draft. Taking Dragic over J.Murray and Conley? Giannis over AD or Harden? Kaminsky in the 9th? What the actual ****

    • Son says:

      It is a mock so probably lots of experimenting. With that said, insightful to see how others value certain players

    • Brent

      Brent says:

      @Meksss: People mess around in mock drafts then use our draft helper to see how it stacks up.

      • Meksss says:

        I appreciate that but itd be helpful if experts drafted like it was the real thing. I still don’t know why anyone would need a draft tracker to tell them taking Frank in the 9th is bad or Dragic over Conley or Murray. Hopefully you do another one soon that is legit.

        • Son says:

          @Meksss: Everyone values players differently. That’s the beauty of life Meksss.

  3. JD says:

    Nice to see a mock draft but this was terrible to be honest. In H2H/9cat- Simmons is way to high he was 51 overall in per game rankings in 9 cat. Gobert is far to low as with Otto. Ayton ahead of proven commodity Capela?? That can’t be serious??

    • Son says:

      Remember it is a mock, so people probably trying different things to see how they play out. I agree on Simmons being too high but I do get why people would take him there. I’m high on Ayton so I get it. Otto did fall quite a bit. I was going to take him earlier but wanted to see where the market was going to price him. Everyone has different perceptions and values of players. Also, every draft is different with unique team builds.

  4. Hater Bell

    Grey Albright says:

    Unknown always assembles best mock teams

    • Son says:

      It’s always the nameless ones you gotta keep an eye on

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