Value is subjective. Take Barnett Newman’s Onement VI painting below.

I see a blue canvas with a white stripe down the middle. Other people? Well, check out this  quote from The Guardian: “A single white line divides a flat expanse of blue; it seems to rip open the universe, a crack in space and time.” Well then. Ok. Kind of dramatic and sounds like bullshit to me, but that’s just my perspective. The painting sold for $43.8 million, so what the F do I know? If someone likes something and has F U money to throw around, then that’s cool because at the end of the day, if Onement VI is worth $43.8 million to them, then Onement VI is worth $43.8 million. End of story. For fantasy basketball, though, it’s not so simple. We all value players differently, as we have unique perspectives and construct rosters in divergent ways. If a team decides to punt the free throw category, then Andre Drummond’s value is elevated from their contemporaries. With that said, we can ascertain some semblance of value for a fantasy basketball player due to their past history and projected future production. Julius Randle is one player who has jumped out to me because the spread in my projected value versus perceived value seems to be super wide.

Currently, Randle has an ADP of 46 according to FantasyPros. I have him projected as the #93 player.

I get the allure of Randle. He’s 6′ 9″ 250 pounds, punishes defenders down low, grabs boards, and dishes out dimes. He has 6 career trip-dubs. And more recently, he has expanded the range on his J out to downtown. He averaged close to 1 tres per game last season after never converting more than 0.2 per game.

He provides no D stats, though, and the free throw shooing is poor, like low-70 percent range. Is he Blake Griffin 2.0 from a fantasy perspective? Griffin provides more tres and dimes, but they are of the same mold.

Now, Randle is only 24 years old, so there could be untapped ceiling. The improvement in tres is an encouraging sign that there may be more. With that said, the situation in New York is far from ideal. First, the Knicks acquired a bevy of power forwards over the summer. I’m all for zigging when everyone else is zagging, but man, it’s tough to understand the vision. As a result, how many minutes will he play? I have him down for 28, but many others project him for 30+. That’s well within the range of outcomes, but then what are the Knicks going to do with all the other big men they signed?

Going to a crappy team sounds good on paper for Randle, as he can soak up usage and be the man. Unfortunately, R. J. Barrett is The Man in NYC. At least for now, and he’s going to have the ball in his hands. A lot. Then there’s Dennis Smith Jr., who isn’t a spot-up shooter. Randle will have opportunites to shine at times, but the offense isn’t running through him.

Paying a top 50 price for someone with as many holes in his fantasy game as Randle is a mistake. Unless you have tons of F U money.

  1. Member Berries says:

    Don Julio! (love the Spanish commentators for local lakers – so much better)

    from a naked eye, a blind one at that, I dont know if he can stay healthy but I think Julius will put up monster numbers as the #1 option in NYC. Boy is Strong (picture image of metta world peace flexing)

    I doubt anyone is taking the ball off his hands when he goes coast to coast. Lots of potential in NYC but Julius is the only one who has straight out balled

    As a Laker fan, saw him shoot threes in warm ups with ease – not saying it’s going to happen but he is still young (24?) and is an easy walking double double with play-making abilities. if he can sprinkle in one three …. jeah! (you know, LOCHTE saying)

    At his ADP, probably too expensive but I like Randle a lot this year – he will do what we think Zion will. Out of all the former lakers, I like Lonzo best but Don Julio is a beast!

    • Member Berries says:

      my bad, you stated he is 24. I knew my “guess” sounded right…

    • Son

      Son says:

      Julius is a beast for sure! I doubt he comes close to doing what Zion does because he doesn’t contribute in the D cats. Zion will. I think RJ Barrett is the man in NYC, and will have the ball in his hands a lot.

  2. Member Berries says:

    RJB (is that a thing?) is about to get punked for the ball…

    Just saw the knicks roster – did they really give Taj Gibson a 2 year 20 mil deal? What are they doing, rebuilding with vets?! ugh I like the Portis/Randle signing but Taj? Randle and Mitchell is a bad pairing to space the floor.

    • Son

      Son says:

      Ha! I could see that, as Randle is a beast. But Barrett is The Guy in NYC now so I think the team is going to give him the rock.

      The Knicks signed a starting lineup full of power forwards. So crazy

  3. Max says:

    Hey man, nice article as always. Few quick questions: is there are any way to get you whole top 200 in one place?? Also could u tell 5 playes who u think will be drafted too early and 5 that will be underdrafted? Would be great to hear your opinion on that.

    • Son

      Son says:

      Thanks, Max!


      As for 5 over/under drafted, it’s a little difficult because the ADP data probably isn’t pure right now. If I go off FantasyPros ADP, I’d say that…..

      5 over drafted are:


      5 under drafted:

      Robert Williams

      • Max says:

        Totally agree with your picks. As I can see u are really high on Time Lord, maybe I will use one of my last picks on him. Last year MRob was my guy, but I think he will definitely be overdrafted in my league this year.

        • Son

          Son says:

          I’m right there with you on both.

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