Whoomp! Here it is! A dated reference to an overused hip-hop song from the ’90s? No, silly … well, I mean, yeah, but I was referring to the end of another fantasy basketball season. Or if this is your first fantasy basketball season, then just the end of your fantasy basketball season. Anyway, it’s over. Done. And the results are in: only 16 of the 48 Razzball Commenter Leagues teams had 10-or-fewer games remaining at the end of the season. Also, two-thirds of you played most of the season and then petered out after injuries grabbed hold and shook your soul loose. Frankly, I’m happy with 2/3 general participation after the All-Star Break. A lot of leagues don’t come close to that.

Now, despite my long monkey arms able to reach the dead center of my spin (the sweet spot when patting yourself on the back), that doesn’t mean that I’m unwilling to listen to criticism. Between now and August, any suggestions on how to improve the RCLs will be read, printed, made into a paper airlplane, thrown at my dog’s face and the ones he catches in his mouth and doesn’t tear apart in a violent fashion will be re-read and re-considered.

The top 12 players from this year (listed below) or in this spreadsheet have the option to be in the RCL Champs League next season (assuming there’s a season), everyone else will be placed into leagues on a first-come, first serve basis. For any of the dozen champs that politely (or with gut-wrenching impoliteness) decline to rejoin the league next year, we’ll move on to the 13th-place finisher, or 14th or 15th and so-on. Think of it as being wait-listed for a school you barely applied for.

Congratulations to Sky Valley, Team RBAej, Mayweather’s Baby Mamas and Charlemagne Barclay who each won their respective leagues and, incidentally, ended up in the top four overall.

And now, your Razzball Commenter League Overall Champion:

Mayweather’s Baby Mamas from the Teen Wolf League. /Pops a party favor. Stands watching the paper streamer and glitter bits float to the floor, thinks about having to clean that up, wonders why he popped the streamer when he’s alone in his house and only wearing boxer briefs. Decides next year to congratulate the winner and leave it at that.\ It was a nail-biter between Mayweather and Team RBAej, who were ranked second and first at the halfway point of the season. Mayweather came up money. Congrats to you.

And congrats to the rest of you for playing. As some of you may notice, when all 48 teams were tossed into one big group, the rankings changed and some teams in the same league suddenly found themselves flip-flopping in the total ranks. Don’t take it personally, but do take it. There’s not enough room in my trunk for all of you to just leave it here. Speaking of “here,” here’s the Top 10:

1. (2) Mayweather’s Baby Mamas, Teen Wolf, 312 total points
2. (1) Team RBAej, White Shadow, 310 total points
3. (4) Charlemagne Barclay, Juwanna Mann, 295 total points
4. (6) Sky Valley, Blue Chips, 294 total points
5. (5) With a Bad Back, 287, White Shadow, 287 total points
6. (7) north kingstown ri (1), Teen Wolf, 282 total points
7. (11) jonluscaesar Pham, Juwanna Mann, 272 total points
8. (3) Team Richard, Blue Chips, 265 total points
8. (9) Team Stockton, Blue Chips, 265 total points
10. (8) Green Chile Stew, Blue Chips, 258 total points

Congratulations to the teams that did well. Generic words of encouragement about moral victories for the teams that did less-than-well. And zurberflipnoptic superkligg to those of you who gave up on your team before it was sweater weather outside.

  1. RBAej says:

    God damn you Mayweather’s Baby Mamas! Nah, just kidding. nice work, and congrats. I blame Kevin Love sitting out the end of the season. Put me in the champs league for next year, it’s been real..

  2. Baby Mamas says:

    Wow, didn’t think I had a chance at being the overall champs. The Teen Wolf league was dead before the all-star break…which probably helped my team in the overall standings….maybe

    Sign me up for the champs league next year!

  3. Kyuss says:

    I’ll be back for sure, it’s been a fun season. Adam and whoever set up our league…thanks for organizing everything.

    Sky Valley

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @RBAej: I had Love on one of my team’s too. I can’t really be upset because he won me rebounds back in February, but still …

    @Baby Mamas: Glad to hear it Baby Mamas. We’ll see you next season (hopefully).

    @Kyuss: No problem. Congrats!

  5. Brade says:

    My Barclay squad did me proud. I shall accept the bronze medal with pride.

    As much as I’d enjoy being in the champions league next season, where I assume the participation would stay near 100%, I had already resolved that this would be my last year of playing fantasy sports. The first test has been passed: fantasy baseball draft season has come and gone, and I am comfortably “retired.”

    I’ve played them for about 10 years and had hecka fun doing so, but the time has come for bigger and better things. Good luck to everyone at Razzball–your site is one of a kind, I dare say the best in its genre. Adios!

  6. Ryan says:

    Thanks Adam for all the tips and the best entertaining write ups this season! I set this blog to my home page and followed it daily. I won my 8 team league this season for the first time! Many thanks for your advice!


  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Brade: I’m sorry to hear you’re out, but I’m glad you were able to go out on top. You’re the ‘Seinfeld’ of the RCLs.

    @Ryan: Kickass. Glad to hear it.

  8. Mike S says:

    If you get a spare minute, could you explain the scoring system a little bit. My team Desperation Heaves finished 2nd in Blue Chips but ended up 13 overall behind some of the guys I beat. Just wondering what I needed to differently next year to crack the top ten.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mike S: A lot of teams saw their gap widen when 36 other teams were added to the mix. For example, if your team was in third place in blocks in your league, adding another 36 teams may have put you, say, five points behind whomever was a spot ahead of you in your league. Depending on where these disparities lied, a lot of teams saw a shift in the overall standings that did not mirror the individual league standings.

    Without having looked at it closely myself, my guess is you were strong in a most categories, but weak enough in one or two that those cats were exploited.

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