Click the video below for Brent’s Ballers (Week 6 edition) for waiver wire suggestions in under 4 minutes. Enjoy!

  1. jeff says:


    12 Team Keeper League — Would you trade:

    Fox FOR Teague/Nurkic

    My Team:

    PG: Curry/Fox/Shai/Rozier/Lin
    SG: Harden/McGrueder/Lamb/Wade
    SF: Hardaway/Hayward/Mikal Bridges
    PF: Giannis/Barnes/JJJ

    • jeff says:


      Or Harden for Jokic

      • Brent

        Brent says:

        @jeff: I’d do harden for jokic. I’d keep fox

        • jeff says:


          Id be getting jokic

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