The Flintstones was a childhood favorite. Of all the goofy characters with unique personalities, one stuck out the most. A character that encapsulates what it means to be an avid sports fan. What we want our sons to be and not to be all at the same time. That’s Bam Bam. Kid walks around with a bat all day, ready to play ball at a moments notice. Naive, but at the same time mischievous, smashing things left and right. Ever keep a pair of sneakers and a ball in your trunk just in case you happened upon some pickup ball? That’s Bam Bam. Ever carry a bat around town and get stared at by neighbors wondering what you are thinking? Me neither, but that is Bam Bam in a nutshell. Well, Bam Adebayo has probably done it all, trying to live up to his namesake of course, and he has been seeing the fruits of his labor pay off in a big way the last week.

Hassan Whiteside has knee tendinitis. That fact remains true and has not changed since years past. He started very hot, but the pain has crept back. Bam is back in a big way. His last two outings have gone for 14 and 13 and 16 and 21. His minutes are above the 26 minute mark for the first time in a while. Coach Spoelstra has said he finds it hard to take Bam off the court. If this trend continues he is a must add. At 36% in Yahoo leagues, the opportunity is still out there to grab the hyper-athletic Adebayo for your squad. Whiteside is going to see his minutes monitored for the long haul. There will be duds for Bam. Just make sure you own him when Bam Bam decides to smash. That run starts now.

  1. GM says:

    Should I add him in 8 team h2h league?

    • Mel

      Mel says:

      @GM: I would not, more of a deep league add.

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