Upon occasion – especially while watching the Wizards – I think to myself, “Self? You could do better than these guys, right? Sure, you’re not as tall as most of these guys and you have trouble going to your left, you tend to get wheezy after just a couple laps up the court, your sweat makes people not want to talk to you, you choke on the gum you’re chewing 3/4 of the possessions, and your on-court communication consists mostly of reciting lines from ‘White Men Can’t Jump,’ but still, the Wizards are awful.” Now I know you think it’s weird that I address myself as Self, but if I didn’t do that how would I know who I’m talking to? That’s not what we were thinking was weird. So I hooped a little last night and in between bouts of crying and light-headedness, it occurred to me what I had that seemingly most pros lack this season: health and patience. Horford, Bargnani, Rose , T.J. Ford and Lawson all missed games last night. We’re just 12 percent through the season and everyone’s getting hurt in a hurry. I’m healthy and more important, I’m patient. The trick this fantasy basketball season really has less to do with your draft and more to do with your ability to stream. So we’re looking at a teachable moment today, kids. This ain’t the season to hit the FA pool in search of a player who’ll last you the remainder of the year. None of ’em will. Live for today. Who’s scoring tonight? Who played well last night and should see minutes for the next couple of nights? You have LeBron? Cool. You have Kobe? Hey, that’s nice. But did you grab Shumpert? What about Hawes? Mar$hon? Mullens? Ryan Anderson? These are the names that will show up on more winning rosters this season than your Montas, your Josh Smiths and your Danny Grangers, I guarantee it. Some of you get it already. You know. Day-by-day. Who’s hot today and maybe tomorrow, but forget next week. You’ll have to drop today’s guy next week. We’re looking at the hardest fantasy basketball season in the brief history of fantasy basketball. Embrace it and pay no attention to the weeping that occurs every time I attempt a layup in your neighborhood gym. More fantasy basketball below. Get excited.

Andrea Bargnani – Strained calf. Re-read the introductory blurb in today’s post, then grab Ed Davis.

Leandro Barbosa – Double digit scoring in three straight games, including 24 last night. He’s on a hot streak, and points are all he’s giving you on a hot streak. Not to be uppity, but he’s not giving you enough points to make it worth the effort of your finger clicking his name on the FA page.

Isaiah Thomas – Not sure what’s worse: that Toronto allowed 20/3/6 from rookie Thomas in 24 minutes, or that John Salmons played an additional six minutes and produced about a third of that.

Zaza Pachulia – Got mistaken for Vladimir Radmanovic three times by the Pacers’ announcing crew. To be fair, being called RadMan, is better than being called “BrickSkull,” like he’s always being called in my head. With Al Horford out after hurting his shoulder, both “Radmanovics” are worth an add and will see good minutes.

Evan Turner – 16/7/2 and that’s two solid performances in two nights. One of those performances was against the Knicks, though. That’s like the Rolling Stones bragging about selling out the Garden 20 consecutive nights, when by “Garden” they mean the one in Charlie Watts’ backyard.

Derrick Rose – Sat out last night’s game with turf toe. Soon after the game started, it was revealed that it was a flexion sprain, which is less serious than turf toe. By halftime, it was revealed that there probably isn’t anything wrong with Rose at all except the fact that they had to play three games in a row. This was the closest to an off night Rose was going to get. Dollars to donuts says we see Rose in the next game.

John Lucas – Got all career-high everything in Rose’s stead (25/8/8, in 45 minutes). Let other owners freak out and grab him. He needed 28 shots to get to 25 and he won’t see 40 minutes in a game again this season.

Andray Blatche – Out with a … a, uh … a shoulder injury? He didn’t know Rose was sitting this one out. #HeScurred

Lamar Odom – 6/2/2, with a block in 15 minutes. Okay, okay. Uncle. The Mavs have won three straight and Odom just hasn’t been a part of it. Drop him, but drop him someplace you can find him quickly in case he gets hot. I’m thinking pantry or top dresser drawer.

Delonte West – We’re officially nicknaming him “Misrilou” now. Cool? Cool.

Kawhi Leonard – 11/8, with 2 blocks as he replaced Gary Neal in the starting lineup, who replaced Danny Green in the lineup, who replaced Manu Ginobili in the lineup. It’s a regular rostisserie. What can we deduce from all this? That T.J. Ford will be easier to replace? No. That 8 boards and 2 blocks is a weird line for a shooting guard? No. That Manu is kind of irreplaceable? Bingo.

Kobe Bryant – Hey! Did you guys see Kobe score 40 again last night!?! Yes. We all saw. Earth’s entire population is well aware, thank you.

Devin Harris – 3/2/5, on 1-for-7 shooting. He’s shooting .347 on the season and only averaging 4.5 assists a night. November Adam thought Harris was going to be a good bargain. January Adam agrees … assuming you’re looking for a good bargain on stank crap.

Jordan Farmar – Dropped six threes for a total of 26 without anyone being hurt. Wait. No, no. Deron Williams turned an ankle and got booted from the game. As you were. Stay back ye four horsemen.

Chris Bosh – 7/9, with a block by halftime. He would have had a double-double but totally forgot that Chris Paul was on the Clippers now and was more than a little starstruck.

  1. Benny says:

    What are your thoughts on Josh Howard? Think he’ll keep up what he’s done of late? Would you drop Dudley or Delfino for him? And should I just cut bait with Devin Harris. He’s been epically bad and contributed nothing so far. Drop him for Howard or *shudders* Ridnour?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Benny: Howard gives you points and that’s about it … but it’s one more category than Harris has been contributing in. I wouldn’t scoff at a Howard for Harris switch.

  3. Ryan says:

    I am in a 14 team h2h keeper league. We keep 5 players. Anyway I was offered love and augustin for my curry and amare and a 4th round pick in next years keeper draft. I think this could be a good trade for me, but I think this be too much to give. Curry could remain healthy when he comes back and i may lose out big time.What ya think? Team is below.

    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg dorrell wright
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util maurice speights
    util evan turner
    bn nate robinson
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jameer nelson

  4. Eng says:

    Would you trade either Horf (if his shoulder is fubar then just see Bosh) or Bosh to get Ry Anderson?

  5. Eng says:

    Or would giving Hibb to get Joe Johnson be better? I need 3s but don’t want to overpay.

  6. Moses says:

    Adam and Eve,

    Who’s the better pick up in a 12-teamah:

    Josh Howard or Chandler Parsons

    12 team, (Cats: FG%, FT%, 3ptm, pts, rbs, assists, stl, blk, TOs)
    PG: Jarrett Jack
    SG: Kevin Martin
    G: Tony Parker
    SF: Barnes
    F: Amir Johnson
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: McGee
    C: Greg Monroe
    Bench: Eric Gordon, Stephen Curry, Byron Mullens, Marvin Williams, Shumpert

  7. Curtis says:

    Anthony Morrow or Kyle Korver for a 3pt starved team? I’ll be cutting Devin Harris in a 10 team league. Thanks Adam.

  8. Sawx10 says:


    I’m in a 24 team league that starts only 5 players (one at each position) and sets rosters weekly so its hard to play matchups. That being said, who do you like better going forward at SG: Landry Fields or Lou Williams?

  9. Jeff says:

    Hi Adam,

    If you had to drop one would u drop dorell wright or paul george?

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: I’d do it if the other guy threw in a fourth round pick next season, but not if YOU have to kick it in.

    @Eng: Bosh is forced, but neither if given the choice. I like Hibbert for Johnson better, but not a ton. Especially because guys like Korver or Redick are probably sitting on your FA pool for free. Don’t you have a last-on-the-bench guy you can drop for some quick and dirty threes?

    @Moses: Eve’s a silent partner in this thing, here. Never refer to her by name. Re: I like Parsons upside better. Since it looks like you won’t be playing either anytime soon, might as well gamble on the “other Chase Budinger.”

    @Curtis: Korver.

    @Sawx10: Williams by a mile.

    @Jeff: George.

  11. Chris says:

    Love the work you put in, Adam. 1 of the only 2 basketball sites that I need to check daily.

    Going with your play-for-today strategy, it’s fine to drop Beasley for guys like Kawhi Leonard or Matt Barnes, right? I need a SF that can contribute across the board, especially STLs and BLKs.

  12. Dollabill says:

    got a trade proposal the other day, trying to see if its worth it. I play in a epsn 8 team 9category league.

    I’d give Dwight Howard for Joe Johnson (eligble at SG/SF) and Hibbert

    right now my team is:
    pg: deron williams
    sg: monta ellis
    pf:al hotford (injured)
    sf:gerald wallace
    c:dwight howard
    g: calderon
    f: richard jefferson
    utl: jrue holiday
    utl: andre miller
    bnch: andrew bogut
    bnch: dorell wright
    bnch: jason kidd
    bnch: steven jackson
    bnch: elton brand (waiver wire pick up this week)

    -what do you think?

  13. Moses says:

    @Chris, I did that same move, dropped beasley for matt barnes.

    @Adam – Per Rotoworld they just promoted Mullens as starting center! BOOM!

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chris: Thanks! Dropping Beasley for just about anyone is a fine idea. While we’re on the subject though, I want to make clear that not every injured player should be dropped for today’s hot hand. I’m widely suggesting that owners hold on to guys like Horford or Randolph or Ginobili because their limited value is still worth more than full value of most of the FA schmohawks still available.

    @Dollabill: Skip it. Everyone’s trying to unload Johnson, and rightly so. Especially if you just lost a premium big, now is not the time to give away another one.

  15. Lance says:

    Parsons or Jerebko?

  16. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Does Biedrens have any value beyond a rack of balls with Kwame out? Can drop Leuer or Psycho T for him. Thanks!

  17. Gosh Johnson says:

    @Adam: Turns out Horford is now likely done for the year. Ladies and gentlemen, my first 5 picks of the 2011-12 draft:

    1) Kevin Durant
    2) Al Horford
    3) Rudy Gay
    4) Brook Lopez
    5) Manu Ginobili

  18. Ryan says:

    Thanks Adam! The other owner didn’t want to offer me his pick. Anyway what are your thoughts on this trade. I trade mcgee igoudala for aldridge lawson. I like this trade but am worried about the hit in blocks.

  19. Jeremy says:

    really hoping pachuls takes me all the way to the ship now

  20. Kratos says:

    Mullens or Dalembert to replace Horford?

  21. Cory says:

    I’m looking at Pachulia’s numbers from back when he was a starter getting ~30 minutes a game in 05-06. Not very useful in standard leagues. 12/8 with half a block per game and lousy FG%.

    Do you think he’ll perform similarly now that he’s getting starters minutes, or has his game improved over the years? He’d be a good pick up if he could offer some blocks/wasn’t so ugly.

  22. B.o.B. says:

    @Adam: Ok well Horford done for year now…can you rank in order who to get between Derrick Williams, Nate Robinson, Byron Mullens, Kawhi Leonard and Zaza for me? Thanks!

  23. Eng says:

    Adam, nah both Reddick and Korver are long gone in my league. It’s v competitive. Any other possible fA guys you like for 3s? I’m hoping Okur ramps up his mins again. Oh boy do I wish I clicked yes yesterday afternoon when offered Ryan Anderson for Horford. No bs.

  24. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    @Gosh Johnson:

    No surprise coming from Josh Johnson’s brother..

  25. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    Would you drop Jared Dudley for Chandler Parsons?

  26. will says:

    Hey adam, thanks for all the help!

    Picking up Thaddeus young, should I drop ariza or george hill? I want to say George, but ariza’s been out a long spell now.. =(

  27. need a boost says:

    would you drop sessions or ariza or both for a chandler parsons or a markieff morris?

  28. Eng says:

    Adam, do you like Kleiza at all for 3s and minutes?

  29. AdamH says:

    10 team keeper league (keep 4). If I can get Kobe, should I go for it?

    My team:
    PG: Lowry, Collison, Chalmers, Teague, Shumpert, Baron Davis (we have an IL)
    SG: Nate Robinson, Paul George
    SF: Durant, Josh Smith
    PF: Dirk, Bosh
    C: DeAndre Jordan, Okafor

    Guy that has Kobe has preliminarily asked me about Kyle Lowry, Okafor, and something else (player or draft pick). Should I pursue this or forget about it?

  30. Eng says:

    Last one! Rather own Pachulia or Ed Davis? Both are FAs. Thanks Adam, much appreciated.

  31. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. I was lucky enough to draft Brook Lopez and Al Horford as my starting Centers this season. I could get by without Lopez because I also had my man DeMarcus, but losing Horford is a killer. I am targeting JaVale, Hibbert, Bogut or Tyson Chandler as replacements. How would you rank those guys?

    P.S This season really is a pain in the bum so far.

  32. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lance: I’ve seen more consistency from Jerebko. Let’s go with him.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Not much to los by dropping Leuer to speculate.

    @Gosh Johnson: GOSH! So … Durant was nice.

    @Ryan: You’ll take the hit, but improve just about everywhere else. Unless blocks is the ONLY category you’re weak in, I’d take this deal.

    @Jeremy: He’s an oar. Not worthless, but also not enough all by itself.

    @Kratos: I’m shocked to tell you Mullens.

    @Cory: No, that’s about right. I’m expecting about 12/8. It’s not Horford, but if a Horford was waiting in the FA pool, you’d have picked him up already.

    @B.o.B.: D-Rock, Mullens, Pachulia, Robinson, Leonard in that order.

    @Eng: Chalmers, Radmanovic, Brandon Knight or Steve Blake still available?

    @JeffFromTallahassee: Nah.

    @will: Ariza. At least Hill is playing.

    @need a boost: Either for Markieff.

    @Eng: Not really, no. Go for Pachulia.

    @AdamH: Lowry and junk for Kobe? Do it.

    @Clyde Prompto: Hehe. A pain for everybody to some degree. Hibbert, Bogut, McGee, Chandler in that order.

  33. Clyde Prompto says:

    @Adam: Thanks. Also Iman Shumpert is doing an AWESOME impression of me in intramurals so far tonight.

  34. Joe says:

    Brandon knight, korver, jerebko, nate robinson or dejuan blair. all around best player to pick up? thanks. gotta lose horford so i can grab any of them.

  35. Rob says:

    Kaman, Mullins, Blatche top 3 C on EWW in a weekly league tp replace Horford. Your ranking?

  36. George Costanza says:

    Adam! You’ve got to help me! One of the owners in my league no-showed the draft — leading to autopick giving him EIGHT point guards. He has not participated in anyway since then. Thus, my league is scarce on PGs — and so am I. Do I…

    1) Grab Baron, eat the losses for a few weeks, and hope?
    2) Try to swap Tyreke Evans for John Wall?
    3) Try to swap Humphries for Tony Parker followed by grabbing Randolph off waivers?

  37. Dimitri says:

    Thoughts on Jameer Nelson? Worth picking up off waivers?!

  38. Dimitri says:

    and eric gordon? i think this guy might only play 5 games this season :/

  39. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Clyde Prompto: You never pass.

    @Joe: Take your pick of those Pistons.

    @Rob: Mullens, Blatche, Kaman

    @George Costanza: I’d try 3), 1), 2) in that order.

    @Dimitri: Depending on the depth of your league, yeah. But I’d rank him among the worst starting PGs to own. Re: Gordon – They’d be a valuable five games! If you can put him at the end of your bench, that’s huge.

  40. Steve Stevenson says:

    You think Derrick Williams’ expanded role will last? H2H points league, flush at C and desperate at G, I think I could get something like Lowry, Dirk, Teague and D-Rock for Melo, McGee and Harrington. In our format DBL-DBLs get a big bump, and AST, 3PT and defensive stats are also pretty valuable. Pull the trigger? (On a related note, how much, if any, do you think Lowry regresses? Right now he’s top-5 overall on a per-game basis in our scoring format.)

  41. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Steve Stevenson: I don’t see any reason for Lowry to regress. He might trade an assist or two for additional scoring, but generally, this is Lowry’s role in Houston and there’s not really any signs of that changing. I’d probably prefer the four than the three you’re offering, but don’t let that stop you from offering it up and getting the ball rolling.

  42. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Adam: Thanks. I’d be acquiring the four. What are your thoughts on Derrick Williams?

  43. Curtis says:


    I asked earlier about Korver or Morrow and you said Korver. What about Afflalo vs. Korver? His owner gave up on him, but he looks like he’s finally hitting some shots and I know you were high on him preseason.

  44. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Steve Stevenson: I like him, I think he’s playing relatively well, but the problems that faced him in the offseason linger there today: too many 3s and 4s on the roster. With Beasley out, he’s gotten a little more breathing room, but it won’t last. I don’t think he’ll be a must-own in most leagues at any point this season. He might have his moments (he’s already had a couple), but game-to-game consistency just doesn’t seem to be in the cards this season.

    @Curtis: I like Korver better in a Rip-less Bulls offense. I prefer Afflalo in all other situations.

  45. Heraldo says:

    So what’s the final verdict on Horford?

    Hold or drop?

    Because now I’m holding onto Mr. Horford, Brook Lopez, and Ginobili in my only 3 bench spots.

  46. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Heraldo: Drop Horford before either of the other two. If Spanish Al returns, it won’t be until mid-April.

  47. Dimitri says:

    Adam! Im in a h2h league 10 teams, 8 teams make playoffs.

    im 4th in standings now but i just picked up ginobli.. im holding both ginobli and gordon on the bench..good move?

    i’ll take a few hits during these next few weeks but im hoping it would pay off..had to grab ginobli b4 anyone snatched him up..would you have done the same?

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