Does anyone find it odd that team physicians perform surgery? I mean, maybe that’s common, but I always feel like in other sports, the team doctor doesn’t operate on the players. “Okay, boys, clear out your jock straps, we need this massage table and Miss Michigan’s knife so I can repair this anterior cruciate ligament!” In any event, Bulls team doctor Brian Cole performed surgery on Derrick Rose three days ago, then held a press conference and told everyone the “surgery went really well. No surprises.”

Well, wait, there is one surprise: Rose will need 8-12 months for a full recovery. Aye to twah who what? That’s like when you have a microwavable food item that says “nuke on high for 3-5 minutes.” Not that 8 months is a short time span, but 8-12 months is a huge window. It is the difference between Rose playing and Rose missing all of the ’12-’13 season.

Come next year, I’m not going anywhere near Rose, because a Rose by any other name is still just as gimpy. Even if he is back by January or February, do you want him clogging up your roster until then? What will he give you when he comes back? At best, you may want to draft him in the last round, but I wouldn’t. You’d be better off following updates during the season and trying to snatch him when he is a few weeks away. Hopefully that strategy will work better with Rose next year than Baron Davis this year.