It’s a good bet that I’m talking to deep leaguers if I dedicate this much space to a guy who’s only started in four games, and averaging 23 minutes this season on a Bucks team that seems to consist of Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut and, like, 10 6-foot-9 guys who do everything and nothing simultaneously. It’s like a team full of neopolitan ice cream. Three flavors instead of one, but those three flavors make one gross color mashup that makes the whole thing unappealing. Ersan Ilyasova is knee deep in that pinkish-brown sludge and frankly, it looks good on him. After a dip in production in his last three games, Illy dropped a 21/10 line in just under 40 minutes last night. Yes, Drew Gooden is out and Carlos Delfino is out and mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, but Illy’ll eat ivy too. Scott Skiles will have him eating ivy as long as he produces and no one else is around to take away his minutes. The big news for Ilyasova – besides last night’s performance – is that Delfino is seemingly nowhere near a return (they just ruled out his concussion being career-threatening, which is like going to Lens Crafters to have them tighten a hinge in your glasses only to have them clarify that you don’t have cataracts). Also, guys like Larry Sanders are even more erratic than Ilyasova. He averaged 16.3/8.7 the three games before his most recent 5/6.7 trio. This will probably continue, which is why he’s a must-add in deep leagues and a “probably not” in moderate to shallow ones. As long as Delfino is out and Gooden is wonky and Skiles hates Maggette and Sanders is a rookie, Ilyasova looks most aligned as the guy to own. For now, anyway.

Here’s what else went down in fantasy basketball last night:

Carlos Boozer – 4/3/2 in 21 minutes, Just when you thought he was out, they pulled him back in. “Out” meaning fully productive, not gay. Though I would be curious to know who these people are pulling gay people back in.

Daniel Gibson – Looks like Byron Scott is shaking things up, starting both Daniel Gibson and Antawn Jamison for the first time in 22 games. He didn’t shoot well (.250) but he scored 14 point, grabbed eight boards (pay attention J.J. Hickson!) and otherwise filled up the box score. I love a full Boobie.

Antawn Jamison – Played a season-high 34 minutes, which is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Why is he only just now playing his season-high in minutes and why is it only 34? He’s probably this team’s best player. He’s certainly this team’s best Antawn. I mean, Antawn Roberson is a fine member of security personnel, but his jumper is somewhat worthless. Anyway, the double-shot of Jamison helped the Cavs not get embarrassed by the Bulls on Wednesday, as he ended with 24/6/2.

Ray Allen – Sank the second-most points of his season (28). It was the first time he’s scored 20+ since November 11.

Al Harrington – 7/8/1, turned the ball over six times and missed all but one of his seven attempts from downtown. Threejerk!

Landry Fields – 9/10. He might be the best rebounding two-guard in the league and a perfect player to pair with a soft big, low on boards like Brook Lopez or Andrea Bargnani.

Andrea Bargnani – Speak of the devil, Andrea Bargnani (or Banana Grinder as Mr. Anagram called him after a night of heavy drinking), scored a season-high 41 points along with seven rebounds and six assists. Golf clap when he does it against the Knicks, heart attack if he does it against the Celtics.

Serge Ibaka – Eight rejections. That’s 19 in five December games. Sure, I’llblockya.

Corey Brewer – 13/3/6 with three steals. This line was made possible by a grant from the Darko Milicic Strained Hammy Foundation. Without it, this and other lines like it just wouldn’t be possible.

DeJuan Blair – 15/13 as Blair has three double-doubles this season, including two in his last five games. Both of those games were against Golden State though. Still, it’s comforting to know he’ll have at least two solid games a season from here on out.

Shannon Brown – Well, it’s Thursday which means Shannon Brown must have scored in double-digits and sunk a shizz ton of threes. /peeks at box score\ Yes. Carry on.

Reggie Williams – 31/2/2 with eight treys in 36 minutes of work subbing for the injured Stephen Curry (spoiler alert!). He has it in him to do this every night and might be a smart pickup because it feels like Stephen Curry has it in him to hobble off the court every night.

Stephen Curry – He played less than 11 minutes and didn’t have the decency of racking up a quick 15 points before being carried off the floor with the same bum ankle that forced him to miss games earlier this season. Effin’ Curry!

Louis Amundson – 4/1 and two blocks in his first game back from injury, then improved to 6/5 with a steal last night. He’s only two games in to the season, but Louis already looks like he’s Amundson to the season. … Oh what, you’re too good for puns now?

Pooh Jeter – Eugene has dropped 24/8/11 and four steals over 44 minutes in his last two games. Many of those minutes have come in garbage time, but they won’t continue being in garbage time if he keeps defenders on their backs. Eugene Genie needs to be considered in moderate leagues if Evans’ feet continue forcing him to produce lines like those of his last two games.

Tyreke Evans – Evans says he has plantar fasciitis, Sacramento’s press reports he’s got a stress fracture. Either way, things are turning into a Tywreck over in Sac-Town.

Zach Randolph – I was starting to get a little worried about Z-Bo, as he’s only cleared 20 points in 1/3 of his games this season Then he went and did something like Wednesday’s performance … and totally redeemed himself! (34/17 including a three).

Jason Richardson – Foul trouble on Tuesday; freezer burn on Wednesday, shootin’ 1-for-11 in 21 minutes. He’s scored 10 total points in the last two days and now half of you are going to try to unload him on some other owner. This is me telling you not to be part of that half. This is also me telling you that several earlier me’s have mentioned that Richardson does this. He’s hot and he’s cold. He’s yes and he’s no. Now he’s no. He’ll be yes soon enough.

  1. PoohDribblesUpThe Court says:

    I have Devin Harris which means I picked up Farmar a week ago. Farmar is currently producing even with Harris back. Plus I kinda want to keep Farmar incase Harris’ paper mache knee rips for good. Good idea? Or look to drop Farmar for Ersan? Im also considering Bass, hes looked good the last couple of games and logging the minutes.

  2. Tony says:

    im in a deep league, 20 teams, and of course the guy i played last night owns ersan…. every week i run into something like that, and who do i own? curry…. naturally….

  3. Jack says:

    Ersan or Casspi?

  4. GB_Samsa says:

    Adam, I’m knee deep in some really soft poo. Perhaps you can lend a hand and pull me out of this funk my squad is in

    I have a few questionable on my roster and I’d like your opinion on them.

    1) Carl Landry
    -The SF spot in Sacro= Biggest fantasy conundrum at the moment?
    2) Andris Biedrins
    -He’s just not doing it for me. I’m supposed to count on 10 boards a game? C’monnn…
    3) J.R. Smith- Picked him up, he’s been treating me right lately.
    4) Bellineli- Was about to be dropped but finally had some numbers last night.

    Well, the first two players are the biggest losers on my roster, the other two I’m not so concerned about. Nice analysis but you forgot to mention Jason Thompsons game!

    Thanks Adam

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @PoohDribblesUpThe Court: Kinda depends on what you need. All else being equal, stay with Farmar. He’s the most reliable and has the biggest upside.

    @Tony: Ugh. That’s rough.

    @Jack: Ersan.

    @GB_Samsa: 1) I’d say the entire Pistons rotation followed by Sacramento’s SF position. 2) You were supposed to count on 10 rbds from Biedrins BEFORE David Lee and Dorrell Wright entered the picture. 3) He sure is. 4) You might still consider dropping him. I remember looking at Thompson’s line after the game and thinking, “Boy, Thompson played a helluva game.” But I never wrote about it. Sometimes West Coast games or players get lost in the shuffle of a busy Wednesday night in the NBA and a sleep-deprived Midwesterner like myself trying to write on a deadline.

  6. mmmcoffee says:

    hi Adam, require your input on a trade.
    This guy want Dirk pretty bad, must be 5 trade offer he sent me.
    It’s kinda of early to get anything from standing, but I suppose it’s all I can go by.
    I’m higher in rebounds, blocks, lower in ft% assist, steals and sorta pts.

    I send him dirk, okafor, for Ray Allen, Wall and Varejao

    He also owns Jennings,Westbrook

    pls offer advice if you can

  7. Mike S says:

    I’m in a 10 cat h2h league that counts offensive rebounds is Zach Randolph too much to give up to get Ibaka(Keeper League)

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @mmmcoffee: I might like this trade more for you if Wall’s health wasn’t such a question right now. The kid can’t seem to play two healthy games in a row. If you feel confident that Wall will be healthy for the rest of the season, it sounds like this trade is good for you (assuming your league is deep enough that Varejao is a worthwhile acquisition).

    @Mike S: Yes. Ibaka is too unreliable to give up someone like Randolph.

  9. Rob says:

    I received a proposal Beno Udrih for Trevor Ariza. My first inclination is to reject, but looking at their stats I can make a case Udrih might be preferable on my team (steals is a strength while fg% is a weakness). Input..if even I might accept..

  10. brad says:

    i know it’s pretty impossible to say with paulie running shit in sac, but are we guessing some combo of pooh and head get minutes if reke hits the shelf?

    anyone hearing anything about t-will’s new role with NJ? I have a sneaking suspicion Outlaw’s going to become even more worthless than he already is. would you dump him for wesley johnson? or weems for wes? or okur?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: It’s really not a bad offer. And if I could guarantee that both players’ production would remain exactly where it stands to day, I’d tell you to go for it. The problem with Udrih, as it is with all of the Kings is that there’s absolutely no stability. He’s a starter, he’s a reserve. He’s playing 36+ minutes a game, he’s playing 18. I wouldn’t be willing to risk it, but you might feel a bit more ballsy.

    @brad: First of all, Brad. This is a family website. Keep all your pooh and head combo-talk to yourself. Second of all, you have to figure Garcia is the most likely to benefit, followed by Jeter and Head.

    I’ve heard that both Williams and maybe Derrick Favors crack the starting rotation in the next week, which means Outlaw and perhaps Humphries shrink some. I’d wait to see what happens with Outlaw.

    None of the players you named are going to matter much, but I’d prefer Weems, Wes, Outlaw and Okur in that order.

  12. Migs says:

    @brad: @Adam: Not only was there talk of “pooh” and “head”, but there was also “shit” and “dump” in that comment. Enough with the potty mouth Brad :p

  13. KamanYourFace says:

    @ brad: @adam: @migs: dont forget ‘sac’.

  14. Migs says:

    Thoughts on T-Will, anyone? Is he worth a pick up or do you guys think he’ll continue to be inconsistent after his D-League punishment?

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @KamanYourFace: Ha! +1

    @Migs: He can’t be much worse than his first pass in the NBA this season. I’m counting on Billy King putting the fear of Prokhorov into Avery Johnson and demanding he play Williams at least 25 minutes per game, something that only happened in 4 of 8 games so far.

  16. Tony says:

    @Adam: word from a cleveland area radio show/paper is that the cavs are going to shop antwan jamison (he’s probably like YES PLEASE!!!!) who would you see benefitting the most from this? JJ?

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: J.J.’s had his chance(s). I’m going to go with whomever Cleveland gets in return for ‘Tawn.

  18. Tony says:

    @Adam: what if they get draft picks and cash…. LOL

  19. Tony says:

    @Adam: i offered my overpriced MAYO for a guys Boobie…. he counters back with Boobie for Cousins?

    20 teamer, $200 to buy 8 players then a reserve draft afterwards, keep 4, as of now i’d keep curry $38, west $32, david lee $29 and then its a toss up between…. $33 cousins and a $31 evan turner…..

    so if i deal cousins for boobies ( i like the way that sounds, my cousins for boobies? why not!?) ok back to the trade…. daniel gibson is $10…. in the long run i’m not going to be able to keep cousins and turner anyways, what do you think?

    near the trade deadline i might be able to get more than this? seeings how I PROBABLY wont even keep boobie either…. might be better to just sit and see who’s better, cousins or turner or if i can make a better deal for a more keepable keeper?

  20. Evan says:

    Hey someone in my league offered me Carmelo for Dwight Howard. Is this a fair trade since big men is my strongest area, or should I try to get a little more in return?

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: … I’d rather toss a few hundreds on the court and hope that an opponent slips on one of ’em for the turnover than toss Hickson out there for another 6/5 game.

    @Tony: Yeah. I don’t think Gibson is productive enough to trade him for Cousins. Especially if you think you fetch more for him down the line.

    @Evan: He’s probably frustrated with Carmelo’s flu/knee issues of the last week. Both issues will likely be gone given another week. I’d accept the trade.

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