Delonte West started in place of Rajon Rondo‘s nagging pinky injury. Or is it pinkie? Does it matter? You know what I mean either way. I could have typed “pinkee” and you would have accepted it. But that’s poor spelling and you ought not let me get away with lazy writing. Anyway, on to the next blurb, Swizz Beats! Wait! I never actually said anything about Rondo or West. Probably because there ain’t much to say. Rondo didn’t play, remember? And every time I type Delonte, I mis-type it as “Deltone.” When I start my record label for jazz-polka-raprock fusion music, I’m totally calling it Deltone Records. It appears mildly unlikely (think 45-55 odds) that Rondo will play tonight against the Pacers. Delonte West dropped 8/3/5, with a steal yesterday against the defensively sturdy Grizz. Seeing as how Indy is far less, um, defensively sturdy, I think it bodes well for West to produce more than he did yesterday. Deep leaguers in need of a solid PG spot-start (say that fast 10 times) ought not look further.

Here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy basketball.

Marcus Thornton – 32/7/4, with four treys in 11-for-21 shooting. Remember when Monty Williams only played him, like, once every three games? We were all so young then.

Samuel Dalembert – Season-high 19 rebounds. He’s averaging 12.1 pts/11.4 rbd/1.5 blk in March, all of which are season-highs, except for the blocks part. He averaged two a game in November.

Jason Thompson – Dropped 11 points along with a season-high 15 rebounds. Had this not been one of the better games of Thompsons’s season, I’d be more inclined to bust out the classy dinner plates. As it is, we’re having hot dogs on plastic plates and I don’t wanna hear any lip.

Tyreke Evans – He’s averaging 8/2/4.5 in the two games since returning from plantar fasciitis. Well, you know what they say: Rust slows even the most finely engineered machines. (No one says that).

Jodie Meeks – He’s plunked 45 treys in the last 30 days, tied for first with Orlando’s Jason Riachrdson. The only difference between the two? Meeks is owned in 56 percent fewer fantasy leagues and doesn’t resemble Ben Vereen.

Spencer Hawes – Grabbed a season-high 15 rebounds while Dalembert was grabbing his season-high 19 rebounds and Thompson was grabbing his season-high 15 rebounds. I didn’t watch this game, but my assumption is that each team’s big stood under the bucket while Louis Williams and Tyreke Evans launched heaves from half court.

Marvin Williams – Scored a season-high 31 points from the two-two while Joe Johnson missed the game with a minor thumb boo-boo.

Baron Davis – 19/4/7, with a steal, two blocks and a pair of threes from the bench. Dizzle’s like a mildly familiar acquaintance going on the same semester trip abroad as you. You might not like him much, but he’s the only familiar thing nearby and the alternative total loneliness. The rest of the Cavs? Yeah, you got it. Total loneliness. Hey, what about me? J.J. Hickson? J.J., you went 10/13 in 27 minutes and did nothing else. You shot .357 from the field. Total loneliness.

Richard Jefferson – Sneaky Richard Jefferson averaged 15/4/1 in November and basked in the glow of people declaring they greatly underestimated Sneaky Richard Jefferson. Then Sneaky Richard Jefferson averaged 10/4/1 in January, but no one noticed because the Spurs were playing so well. Sneaky Richard Jefferson is averaging 8/3/1 this month and having a significantly worse season than last year. Sneaky Richard Jefferson, you’re so sneaky.

Manu Ginobili – Left the game early with a quad contusion, which is significantly better than a quad confusion. That’s where you wake up in the center of a university campus you don’t recognize because of your drunk shenanigans the night before. Actually, on second thought, no. No, Manu’s knee bruise is probably worse. If the injury really is just a bruise, he won’t miss any time. If he misses time, take notice of George Hill‘s 30-point performance last night.

Mike Bibby – NO ONE DEFEATS BIBBY WHEN HE SCORES 14 POINTS AND DROPS A QUARTET OF TREYS! NO ONE! (It also doesn’t hurt that Miami’s Big Three went a combined 94/33/15).

Kyle Lowry – Ended with a 25/7/9 line, but left the stadium in a walking boot. Never mind the boot, the real kicker? Dude sprained it during the game and added 15 points and six dimes after it happened. Lowry says it ain’t serious. The walking boot reminded everyone that he was a walking boot and very rarely is used for shizz and giggles. See how swolled up KyLow’s ankle is tomorrow to determine how freaked out you should be.

Kevin Martin, Luis Scola – On any other night, Houston’s Big Venti Tall Three (Lowry included) combining for 82 points, 17 rebounds and 15 assists would be pretty solid. On any other night.

Patrick Patterson – After a nice double-double run, all the Rockets starters are healthy and Patterson’s back to a reserve roll (2/4 in 12 minutes yesterday). PaPa Rocket will cool his jets on the bench for now.

Sam Young – Most of you left Sam Young for dead a while ago. Yesterday, Young’ ankle left him for dead in the first half. Shane Battier picked up the pieces (Not literally. Gross!) and went 10/2/3, with a pair of threes in 27 minutes. If Young’s injury is serious, and O.J. Mayo or Battier are available, grab them in that order.

Nick Young – Sticking with the weird theme of injured Youngs, Nick lasted 13 minutes before re-aggravating his knee and leaving the game. If this lingers, so should your stranglehold on Jordan Crawford (11/5/7) and Maurice Evans (23/8/0).

Anthony Tolliver – 16/15, along with four blocks, four assists and two threes. How reliable was this performance? About as reliable as Anthony Randolph apparently (3/4, 0-for-5 from the field). Minnesota Anthonys poop beds. Spread the word.

Carl Landry – Averaging 21.5/8 in two David West-less games. He’s not available everywhere, but in enough leagues that you might want to double-check.

Jared Dudley – Swapped roster spots with Vince Carter and ended with a 20/5/5 line. I’m more excited by Gortat’s move to the starting rotation. Dudley will certainly give you lines like this from time to time or from stretch to stretch, but neither are determined by minutes or rotation spot as much as by whim and Dudley’s position in a hot n’ cold streak. He’s a fine pickup if he’s still available in deeper leagues, but this switch doesn’t enhance his value much more than before.

Serge Ibaka – In the seven games Kendrick Perkins has played, Ibaka has averaged 11.6 pts/9.6 rbd/3.4 blk in 29.4 mpg. Compare that to the 9.5/7.6/2.3 in 26.6 mpg season average. The question I have left about this guy’s value is whether he’d prefer I send him an Edible Arrangement or a Jelly-of-the-Month subscription. I’m leaning toward jelly. Call it the Preserves Ibaka.

Gerald Wallace – Scored 40 points on 28 shots. Kevin Durant scored 21 points on 18 shots. It reminded me of the climactic fight in ‘Rocky III’ where Stallone and Mr. T trade haymaker after haymaker for a little while. Then the screenwriter got tired of writing the word “haymaker” or something and just had Stallone end the damn thing with a redonkulous flurry of punches. This represents the last time I compare Durant to Mr. T, but probably not the last time I draw connections between Stallone and Crash.

  1. Nikos says:

    Head to Head points league. 2nd round of playoffs. Would you start Demar Derozan with 3 starts (two of which are against Bulls and Magic) or Anthony Morrow with 4 starts. Or start both and keep out DJ Augustin or Rodney Stuckey?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nikos: Go with the more reliable DeRozan and keep both D.J. and Stuckey active.

  3. Raps says:

    H2H. Championship week. Would you drop manu for eric gordon/marcus thornton/tyreke evans?

  4. Fletch says:

    @Adam: Playoffs start this week. It’s average scoring H2H weekly league. I plugged McGee in over Bargnani…good move? I like the match-ups McGee has this week and he has been playing consistently.

    Also, I have Farmar and D-Will. Should I roll with D-Will and hope he gets one game in since it’s averaged based or roll with Farmar? The only other option is to roll with Tony Allen or Delonte West instead of Farmar or D-Will. I’m tempted to just put D-Will out there and hope for the best.

  5. James NYC says:

    more blocks and rebounds, darko or randolph? (assuming kevin love comes back)

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Raps: I’d go with Gordon, then Thornton. Manu can’t put weight on his knee and will almost certainly miss a game or two. Tyreke still doesn’t look great and will need at least one more game to get right (if not more).

    @Fletch: JaVale is a good move. He offers more secondary stats than Bargnani. Re: Williams – I’d go ahead and run him out there. He said he’s going to play on Wednesday and see how he feels. If you don’t trust his health, I’d go with Allen. He’s your safest play.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @James NYC: Darko.

  8. david from wyoming says:

    Who is going to retain their value going forward (ie, who is better to drop and use their roster spot to stream) Jordan Farmer or Anthony Randolph? I would add Beaubois to this list, but he plays a lot of games this week where most other NBA teams have the night off.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @david from wyoming: I’d stick with Farmar. It’s close, but with Love returning, Randolph already having a reputation for disappearing in games, and Tolliver having a great game last night, I’d rather roll my dice on a guy just hoping Deron isn’t 100 percent after Wednesday.

  10. david from wyoming says:

    @Adam: How much of Tolliver’s night was because of Randolph’s foul trouble though? I’m terrified of dropping the wrong guy here.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @david from wyoming: Make no mistake, most of Tolliver’s production happened because Randolph was feeling handsy. Still Tolliver played well and will likely see a small bump in minutes on Wednesday because of it. Add in Love and Randolph’s unreliability, the safer bet is Farmar. That said, neither are safe bets.

  12. Hey adam, should i stick with carlos delfino whose been great recently but has dropped a couple duds, or pick up jodie meeks. Its the playoffs and i need 3s and some steals would be nice

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yoni R: I’d go with Meeks. Even if both have a bad game, you can count on Meeks chucking from downtown no matter what. So if that’s what you’re into, go with it.

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