Yes, it’s almost Halloween and #SpookySZN is in full swing. (Sorry for that). It’s also the time of year for Damian Lillard to put up monster stat lines. He followed up Thursday’s 41-Burger with 5-42-7-6-0-0-1. Hard to believe this is his seventh season already. This Omen was foretold by Son in the rankings and, if you weren’t a Lillard believer, what the hell is wrong with you? He should easily return value if you got him at the end of the first round. He’s my favorite player, hands down. Fun to watch, boom. Awesome stats, boom. He checks the two booms for me and he’s been on a few of my past championship squads, so you know he’s got the pedigree like Triple H. Also, “The Omen”, great movie. Also, great series of DMX songs. Back to basketball!

The second week of NBA action is rounding out and hopefully you got some big numbers last night from your squad, so let’s get into the Saturday recap! Also, keep an eye out for spooky puns!

CJ McCollum– 3-19-7-2-0-1-0 on 7-of-20 shooting and only 2-of-5 FTs.  Holy-Bricks Batman! Robin was off last night. I hate to give a guy that monicker, but he’s not at Damian’s level. He’ll be better most nights though. Had to be tough on him for that performance though. As usual is was the Dame and CJ show and no one else on the Blazers really stepped up in a loss to the Heat. Though it is hard to motivate a bunch of Blazers to do anything…

Zach Collins– 1-13-4-0-0-2-0 in 24 minutes. Shot 50% and made 8-of-8 from the line. Okay, one Blazer stepped up, but they need another piece or two at least.

Kelly Olynyk– 3-19-5-5-1-0-1 on 6-of-9 shooting and 4-of-5 FTs. Got the start and played 29 minutes. If the Missing ‘Lynyk gets the starter’s minuets going forward, he should be worth owning in 12-ers.

Hassan Whiteside– 5-16-0-0-6-2 on 2-of-8 shooting and 1-of-4 FTs. That’s five points and sixteen rebounds. Who are you, Reggie Evans? Okay, I doubt Reggie ever got 6 blocks, but still.

Gordon Hayward– 2-15-5-1-1-0-3 on 6-of-11 FGs and 1-of-3 FTs. Still rounding back into form. I’d buy low, but I’m a gambling man. If you want to play it safe your whole life, just wait to see if he improves before you make an offer.

Jaylen Brown– 3-19-2-1-1-1-2. What can Brown do for you? One of his better games, but  this year he’s been Doo-Doo Brown.

Daniel Theis– 2-17-8-1-0-0-2. The Theis is right! He’s not really relevant, but had a nice night. Maybe in really deep leagues, but not my leagues.

Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, and Kyrie Irving combined for 13 points so the fact that the Celtics still won by twenty is a testament to how bad Detroit is. Ok, after further research the Pistons are 4-1. Maybe it’s a testament to how bad the East is. I’m not sure, but there’s a testament here somewhere.

Stanley Johnson– 3-16-3-2-1-0-3 on 6-of-11 shooting. I’m not going in on him, but if you have literally no one else to add, he could be worth a flier in deep leagues. What an endorsement…

Blake Griffin– 7-6-3-0-0-3 on 2-of-13 shooting. Well, hopefully you sold high, but if you are a real fantasy b-baller, you probably wouldn’t have drafted him…

Wendell Carter Jr.– 10-10-1-1-2-1 on 4-of-9 shooting and made both FTs. Played 22 minutes and this was his best game as a pro. What can ‘Dell do for you? Blocks. He can do blocks for you.

Justin Holiday– 4-12-5-3-5-0-1 on 33% shooting.  Well, he got you those steals and 3’s at least…He’s getting serious minutes, so should be owned in 12-ers at least.

Zach LaVine– 1-27-11-3-1-0-9 on 9-of-19 shooting and 8-of-10 FTs. Had 9 TOs, but you gotta do it for LaVine!

Jabari Parker– 3-18-8-3-1-2-3 on 7-16 shooting and 1-of-2 FTs. He’s looking like a decently nice value if you waited on him on draft day.

Ryan Arcidiacono– 3-13-2-7-2-1-1 on 50% shooting in 31 minutes. Arcidiac-Oh-Yeah!

Trae Young– 13-3-4-2-0-5 on 3-of-12 shooting and made both FTs. Sorry to throw ice water on you if you drafted him, but he’s one of those guys, you hope does well for you, but ends up killing your efficiency if you don’t trade him. Rookies are dangerous!

Dewayne Dedmon– 1-13-13-0-0-5-0 on 5-of-10 shooting and 2-for-2 from the line. Halloween is coming. Wake up D. Ded-Mon!

Kemba Walker– 3-37-6-6-1-2-2 on 11-of-31 shooting and 12-of-14 FTs. He was at Black Label level last night, only due to the lousy shooting. He might lead the league in shots taken. That’s a category I want to lead in! WAZZZUUUPPPPP!!!

Miles Bridges– 3-14-2-0-1-0-1 on 5-of-9 shooting, but most importantly, got 30 minutes in a close game. That’s two nice games in a row, so go add him if you’ve got something to lose.

Malik Monk– scored four points in only 12 minutes, so I guess he re-took up his vows…

Robert Covington– 4-18-10-0-2-4-1 on 6-of-11 shooting but only 2-of-5 FTs. Was almost a perfect night from Lord Covington, but he had to hurt you somewhere… Still, the boards and blocks are huge from him.

Joel Embiid– 1-27-14-2-0-2-3 on 10-of-22 shooting and 6-for-6 from the line. Making a ‘biid for MVP. Seriously, as long as he doesn’t sit out too many games he’s got a shot at it. This was a below average game for him this year…

Aaron Gordon– 9-5-2-1-0-1 on 3-of-15 shooting and 3-of-4 FTs. This kind of performance is why, I’ll never draft him…Unless he shows major improvement, and has about a year straight of solid production, and fixes his percentages. Under those circumstances I could see maybe drafting him.

Everyone else on the Magic had a sucky game and I feel bad for you if you have anyone besides Nikola Vucevic, and are subject to watching this team. Sorry, Magic fans. Just give up and move the team to Tampa Bay, a real Floridian town.

Malcolm Brogdon– 2-16-4-2-0-0-2 on 6-of-10 shooting and made both free throws. Not many huge lines for the Bucks tonight, so I decided to take this time to highlight Brogdon. He won’t dazzle you with big numbers, and sure, he’s like the fifth most exciting player on a team that really only has two exciting players, but I bet he’s on a lot of winning fantasy teams.

Bojan Bogdanovic– 2-25-3-2-1-0-3 on 10-of-14 shooting and 3-of-4 FTs. Amazingly, he scored 25 with only two 3’s. He’s an underrated slasher. I remember from his Nets days. He should be owned in all leagues besides 8-teamers.

Darren Collison– 1-15-2-6-3-0-2 on 5-of-8 shooting and 4-of-4 FTs in 30 minutes. This is what owners were expecting from Collie on most nights. He was always one of those guys where his floor and ceiling were very close, so the poor start is a surprise from him. Tyreke was out so this could be an outlier, but I could see going back in on him if he was dropped.

Victor Oladipo– 2-24-3-6-3-0-2 on 10-of-14 shooting, but only 2-of-6 FTs. He’s in a funk from line for some reason, but his other numbers are good. This may be a time to buy-low, but he’s a tough get because he’s so fun to watch. I know how you people think!

Cedi Osman– 2-10-4-3-0-0-6 on 4-of-13 shooting. Was hoping he’d have a really good game so I could make a Return of the Cedi pun, but I guess I just gave it to you anyway… This will probably be The Last Cedi mention for a while.

Sam Dekker– Got the start for some reason and predictably did next to nothing and went -10. The Cavs are 0-6, and the real question is: Will Lue survive until my next post?

Larry Nance Jr.– 15-12-4-1-0-0 on 6-of-8 shooting and 3-of-3 FTs. Only got 23 minutes, Nance in your Pants got loose last night, and he’s trending upwards.

Rodney Hood– 1-17-5-3-2-0-1 on 8-of-15 shooting. This was his best game of the year and only his second 3-point make of the season annnnd I’m putting myself to sleep. He needs to pull a Leprechaun 6 and go Back 2 Tha Hood who made 3-pointers. Numbers are fun!

Rudy Gobert– 25-14-0-1-4-0 on 11-of-13 shooting and 3-of-5 from the stripe. So solid. If he could make his free throws, he’d be a fantasy MVP candidate. I’m expecting big things from the Jazz this year.

Ricky Rubio– 3-28-6-12-1-0-2 on 8-of-14 shooting and 9-for-9 from the stripe. There’s fog on the mirror! Or maybe that’s on the quickly closing buy-low window.

Nikola Mirotic– 4-25-8-0-0-0-2 Ball-hog! Got some extra burn with AD sitting out. This was basically a surrender by the Pelicans in what should have been a great matchup.

Deandre Ayton– 24-8-5-1-0-0 on 12-of-13 shooting with nary a free throw. Grizzlies were up by 23 at the half, so I guess they realized tough defense was not necessary. Ayton’s looking like a steal if you got him after the third round.

TJ Warren– The Regulators did not mount up last night…Only got 18 minutes and scored three points. I’m thinking about dropping him, and you maybe should too. Next stop is the Eastsiiiiiide… no not tonight. It wouldn’t be right.

Marc Gasol– 3-19-8-3-3-0-2 on 50% shooting. His lack of blocks early in the season is a bit concerning. He only has three in his first five games. On the plus-side he’s making two three’s per game, but then again who isn’t?

Jaren Jackson Jr.– 6-2-1-1-1-1 on 2-of-5 shooting and 2-for-2 FTs. I didn’t watch much of this game, but it would appear JJJ got into some foul trouble as he only played 15 minutes.

Marshon Brooks– Dropped 18 points in only 19 minutes, but this was a blowout against the Suns, so it’s tough to read too much into it. I kind of thought Marshon would be a sleeper this year, as he finished out last season so strong, but he hasn’t been getting minutes. Maybe this could open it up for him a bit.

DeMar DeRozan– 30-12-8-2-1-4 on 14-of-23 shooting and 2-for-2 from the line. He didn’t even attempt a 3-pointer. That’s how you get it done Old School. Word. Spurs won this game with the team only making three of them! What year is this? Popovich trying to prove a point?

Rudy Gay– 16-10-5-1-2-0 on 6-of-15 shooting and 4-of-5 FTs. Got 33 minutes off the bench and if he can get close to that on most nights, could be a value. He used to be really good not too long ago, but a lot of people forget.

Lonzo Ball– 2-6-2-3-0-0-3 on 2-of-8 shooting and missed both free throws. Rondo returned from his suspension, and these two will take away value from each other all year. However, the poor shooting came back after four games of 50% or better.  Also, no blocks on the season yet after he averaged 0.8 per game last year. Are guys just not even trying on defense anymore?

JaVale McGee– 9-5-1-0-4-5 he’s like a poor man’s Deandre Jordan. Had five turnovers, and I bet at least one of them made Shaqtin’ a Fool.

Lance Stephenson– 2-14-9-2-1-0-1 on 50% shooting. Don’t look now, but Born Ready is carving out a nice little role off the Lakers’ bench. Those are the guys you want to add; the ones who carve out a nice little role. You should carve yourself out a nice little role somewhere. I’m trying to do the same.

LeBron James– 2-35-11-4-2-0-4 on 13-of-21 shooting and 7-of-8 from the line.  That’s not even that good for him! Slightly below average maybe!

I always like to finish with the Lakers, because they’re like their own separate show unto themselves. That’s why they call them the Lake-Show! I’m a fan! Of the show, not really the team itself. That’s it for tonight! Don’t be afraid to drop a comment.