Derrick Rose scored a career-high 39 points on October 30, the second game of the season. Fifty-two games later, he bested his career-high by three, scoring 42 in a huge win over the team with the best record in the NBA last night. What’s it tell ya? It tells you that Rose started fast and he’s continuing on in a fast fashion. Fast don’t like (advertising!) The old ROY should add three more letters to his resume. It’s pretty clear which three letters, right? He’s got wheels. He’s usin’ them. He’s penetrating. He’s scoring. Chopping heads. Burning fools. So clearly the three letters I’m talking about are T-C-B. Taking Care of Business. Or TCoB if you’re an old Tigers fan.Let’s forget that he’s brought his Bulls into the Eastern elite despite Boozer and Noah never playing a single second of the season together and fully healthy. Let’s forget that the Bulls will head into the All-Star Break having just defeated the Spurs an focus on the fact that his PER increased from 18.6 last season to 22.8. Or focus on his steadily improving defense (he’s been wrongly maligned for not being able to guard anyone. His+0.3 spg and +0.4 bpg beg to differ with that theory). And if you didn’t want to focus on any of that, why not focus on the fact that he’s improved every facet of his game exept his FG%, especially his three-point shooting, which was the biggest knock against Rose during the preseason. He doesn’t shoot threes (0.2 3pg in each of his first two seasons, 1.6 this season). Huge. Face. Melted. He’s not just improved, he’s slaughtering his averages from last season. He’s +.069 on free throws, doling out 2.2 more assists per game and scoring 3.7 more points a game. I got blasted back in October for ranking Rose too high. I dare you to say something when I put him in the top 12 next season.

Here’s what else happened last night in fantasy basketball:

Luol Deng – 19/7/5, with two threes, one steal and two blocks. A super fine line if ever I’ve seen one. If you’d have told me last summer that Noah and Boozer would swap healthy streaks and Ronnie Brewer wouldn’t pan out, I’d have predicted Deng would carry averages like last night’s. Instead I predicted 15.5/6.5/2 with only half a three per night, he’s shooting threes well, but I was generally in the neighborhood with my predictions (16/5.5/2.5 this season) and yet, I’m disappointed. Under the circumstances, he should be doing better. I’m not easy to please.

Manu Ginobili -16/1/3, shot .333 from the field. Also, he looks like Balki from “Perfect Strangers,” but that’s beside the point. That’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to discuss the fact that he’s still healthy. Or that he might know how to do the Dance of Joy, or how he could learn it easily if he was so inclined. Mostly we’re here to discuss Mark Lynn-Baker. If you want more tidbits about basketball, feel free to visit Razzball’s fantasy basketball blog … what’s that? This is Razzball’s fantasy basketball blog? Well then what have I been writing on my Bal-keys to Success “Perfect Strangers” fanblog? Uh, I gotta go.

Tyreke Evans – Missing the All-Star festivities. May miss more than that. Stay tuned. Or not. Considering this story might end in Donte Greene and Pooh Jeter getting tons of playing time, you might be better off skipping it.

Al Thornton – Injured his finger Wednesday night and looks as if he’ll miss a week or two. It’s never good when a player dribbling the ball, screams suddenly, and let’s the ball dribble limply out of his hands while he walks off the court before a timeout is called. Nope. You never want to see that. But if you DO see that, at least it was Al Thornton and not someone any fantasy owner would possibly be rostering, right? Right!?!

Goran Dragic – Returned after missing his last seven games, but played fewer than 10 minutes and ended with a 4/2 line. Nothing to see here.

DeShawn Stevenson – The best part of Beaubois’ return? DeShawn Stevenson is no longer a starter on a winning team. That’s been bothering me for 49 games almost as much as Keith Bogans starting for the Bulls has bothered me all season.

Rodrigue Beaubois – Started, which is a good sign. And although he had flashes of the player fantasy owners will get to know soon enough, he’s got rust. You let him have his rust.

Peja Stojakovic – His name is Predrag. I’m assuming Peja is a nickname, like when someone named John is called Jack. But it unnerves me that I’m not totally clear on this. Where’d the J come from? Johns don’t throw in Qs or Ps into their name. They stick with 1-point Scrabble letters. Don’t talk to me about Scrabble Ks. I’ve always thought that letter was way overpriced. Anyway, he started.

Jason Kidd – JaKOFF’N. Jason Kidd Off Night. He shot 2-for-8 from the field. Also, my neighbor looks exactly like Kidd these days. Close-cropped hair, five-o’clock shadow. The weird thing is, when you take Kidd’s jersey off and replace it with a black hoodie and a Schlitz, he looks like his picture might be hanging up at the post office.

  1. Chow says:

    Do you think Brandon Roy will be the same who was?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chow: In a word: no. His doctors say if he plays limited games and limited minutes in those games, he might have a couple seasons of basketball left in him. Even if that’s true, does that sound like the makings of one of the top 5 guards in the league. I think Roy will have his moments, but I’m not even sure he’ll be one of the 100 best players in the league from here on.

  3. Migs says:

    In defense of Kidd, he at least had 12 assists so it wasn’t a total loss like most other disappointing shooting nights with Kidd are…

    Oh, and props for the Balki mention… I used to watch that show as a kid. Don’t be ridiculous.

  4. Wasn’t Goran Dragic a wizard that fought Conan the Barbarian?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Yeah. And his team won the game. I’m still just perturbed how high he was ranked by fantasy sites during the preseason.

    @ChrisV82: You’re thinking of Wilt Chamberlain.

    … Or maybe I’M thinking of Wilt Chamberlain. To be fair, I’m never not thinking about Wilt Chamberlain.

  6. Tyler says:

    Where do you see Beaubois’ numbers at? Do the Mavs expect that much from him in the starting line up?

  7. Kyo says:

    Hey, I was thinking about dropping either Ja. Crawford, Tmac, or letting go of Brandon Roy for for Rodrigue.

    What do you think would be best?

  8. Lou says:

    Rod B, Sam Young, Tony Allen, or Delfino. I’d Drop Jameer Nelson for Rod and/or Javale Mcgee for the last three. steals and ft% are my weakest cats.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tyler: Take a look at Wednesday’s post. All your questions will be answered. All your dreams will come true. I don’t really think his starting changes much.

    @Kyo: Hang onto Crawford. Other than that, drop either of the other two.

    @Lou: Allen, Beaubois, Young, Delfino in that order. I’d drop Jameer or JaVale for any of them.

  10. Larry says:

    Ok, so i look at my wire and Nene and Bargnani are there. WTF! I guess he’s going small ball(or small brain). Anyhow i’ve got Tyson, Love, Bogut, Noah and Blair as bigs. No brainer to drop Blair for Nene, right? Also curious what you think of letting either Wilson Chandler or Manu go for Bargs? Finally, is it me or does Manu look like his wearing a kippah out there?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Ha. He’s looked like that for a while. Still less noticeable than ‘Sheed’s yarmulke.

    Also, I’d lay off Bargs unless you need scoring or threes.

    Is there any chance you’re not winning your league?

  12. Larry says:

    NO chance, I’m Dominating! With these homies i’ll shoot a three with 23 seconds left and up 30 if i can!!!

  13. Larry says:

    Adam, i see you’ve mentioned PER in a few posts. Do you consider this the best metric in player evaluation?

  14. Adam – happy asb to you and yours . Wonderful work by you over the last several months…. Thx

    I’m following as much trade talk as possible over the break. Along with hoopsworld, here is a site that I usually spend some time on this part of the year to track the latest trade rumors — http://www.inside

    * side note – hearing warriors on Troy Murphy trail, which would be great place for him to land. I’d venture to say he’s worth an ADD if that comes to fruition…. No? My bench consists of: oj mayo, roddy b, al Harrington and javale McGee. (punting assts)

    All star MVP – d.rose if east wins, Kobe if west wins
    3pt – Jesus shuttleworth
    Dunk – javale
    Skills – westy

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Ha. You must be beloved among your leaguemates.

    @Mozgoved: Ha. This is great. Had they used Kirilenko they wouldn’t have even had to replace Drago. Then again, Kirilenko can’t dunk.

    @Larry: Not the best. It doesn’t take into account usage. Beaubois had an 18.5 PER last season, which was well over league average, but he only played 56 games and 12.5 minutes in each of those games. I like to look at a combination of USG% (involvement while on the court), PER (efficiency) and minutes.

    @El Burro: Thanks for the head’s up. I don’t believe I’ve looked at that site before. Re: Murphy – It could work. Feels a little like a “Last Legs” tour. Like when Iverson returned to Philly.

  16. Re: Murphy

    Would you punt either Harrington or javale or him? Don’t really want too, but curious on your thoughts

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I wouldn’t make a move on Murphy until Murphy is moved. Even then, I don’t really think he’ll do much this season. It’s as if he’s been injured since early January.

  18. Gotcha, thx

  19. Honus says:

    Any thoughts on TNT’s all-time fantasy draft?

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Honus: Infuriating, but completely entertaining. Iverson shouldn’t have gone in the top 30, much less No.1. McHale’s run on Celtics was nice, but foolish.

    Barkley before Malone? Turrible.
    Pippen before West? Turrible.
    Cowens before Baylor? Turrible.

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