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One Piece looks to be an unstoppable juggernaut after the first four weeks of the season, having never spent a week outside of the top spot in the RCL averages ranking as well as the top of his division’s league ranking. Fear the ‘Stache can’t say the same thing, as for the first week, the team fell from second to third.

Team Rich climbed an RCL-high 26 spots from 51st last week to 25th this week. This becomes all the more impressive when you look at his steady incline from Week 1. He started at 59th, improved to 54th, then 51st and now he’s just outside the top 12.

Team Thiele fell the hardest dropping from 18th to 44th. He, like Team Rich, are both in the All-Star Dance-Off ’08 Division. Thiele’s had a string of bad luck. First with Derrick Rose missing most of the last week with turf toe, Boris Diaw going from hero to zero and, of course, Stephen Jackson doing what Stephen Jackson seems to be best at doing these days.

You’ll notice (if you click the pic above) that things are starting to settle. Ten teams remained in the same position this week as they were in last week. The previous two weeks only saw three teams stay put. There’s still plenty of time, but it’s going to be increasingly more difficult to climb the ladder or stay off the chute as the weeks go by. If you’re low, start figuring out where you’re weak and work on tweaking those categories by FA adds or trades. If you’re on top, start looking at who’s behind you and play defensively. It starts becoming more about strategy and less about luck. Although, there’s still a ton of luck involved.

Below is a slope graph of this week’s movement. All RCL scores and averages are stored on this spreadsheet here or download the full thing here. All scores and stats count up to and including Wednesday’s games (Jan. 18).

Good luck in week five.

  1. Jeremy says:

    how in the world does Scola rack up a 13/4 line in 43 minutes of action?

  2. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. How would you rank Trevor Ariza, Kawhi Leonard, Marvin Williams, Jared Dudley and Corey Maggette in terms of rest of the year roto value. Not looking for any specific stat, just best overall player. Thanks, and the Bulls logo/robot thing BLEW MY MIND.

  3. Moses says:

    The Bulls logo is classic! There’s also a similar thing in the “Red Dog” beer logo I believe.

    anyway, when is the time to pick up Brook Lopez OR Baron Davis?

    I’d probably drop Matt Barnes and then Kawhi for those 2…

    Wait it out? Or snatch them up? I’m towards the bottom of the standings but things are looking up.

  4. Ryan says:

    I have been trying to get Dwight Howard from this guy in my league but have had no luck. I originally offered curry and amare for howard and rubio and got promptly rejected. I wanna send another offer but have no idea what to offer up. Please help me come up with some enticing trade offers. Btw we keep 5 players. Both our teams are below.

    His team

    pg russell westbrook
    sg stephen jackson
    g jose calderon
    sf trevor ariza
    f tyler hansbrough
    pf tim duncan
    c dwight howard
    c andrew bogut
    util ricky rubio
    util tristan thompson
    bn jason kidd
    bn baron davis

    Like This
    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg paul pierce
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util carlos delfino
    util evan turner
    bn lamar odom
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jameer nelson

  5. Curtis says:


    The Korver thing didn’t work out, so how should I replace him? Baron Davis, Luke Ridnour, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker and Mike Miller are all on the wire. So are Danny Green, Jodie Meeks and Shawn Marion.

    Time to give up on DeRozan? Or just give him some time on the pine (which I’m already doing)? I have Garnett as well, so could pick up 3 of that list if necessary. 10-team roto, weekly FAAB auctions on Monday morning.

    Go Grizz

  6. Shawn says:

    Hey Adam, My team is Dwill/Lowry BlakeGriffin/Howard – I’m thinking about trading blake/Lowry for maybe KD/someone or Ljames.. who would you try and trade those two guys for? I was thinking Rose/Varejao but backed away, I thought I would ask you first.
    3 keepers and im thinking about next season, not so much this season.

  7. Nick says:

    Drop Richard Jefferson for any of these players? Mo Williams, Baron Davis, Dudley, Delfino, Tony Allen, George Hill

  8. Dimitri says:

    Adam, I posted this Q in another post below but its an old post:

    I gotta know; are Frye/Garnett/Batum disposable in 10 team h2h league?

    I want to pick up J Johnson for one of them.

  9. George Costanza says:

    Adam! My roster is:

    PG: Rubio
    PG/SG: Lou Williams
    PG/SG: Jamal Crawford
    PG/SG: Tyreke
    SG: Harden
    SF: Lebron
    SF/PF: Gallo
    SF/PF: Josh Smith
    PF: Humphries
    PF: Anderson
    PF/C: Speights
    C: Chandler
    C: McGee

    I’m thinking of shopping Harden for a point guard. I’m hoping for Lawson. Do you think Collison, Holiday, Jennings, or Conley would be fair value for Harden?

  10. noz says:

    close matchup in blocks this week…regretting dropping james johnson…should i drop parsons and pick up biyombo for sat, sun

  11. Nick says:

    Also should I drop Nate Robinson now that Curry is back?

  12. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Great Wolves/Clips game last night. I own Rubio and love to watch him play but his shooting will be inconsistent. Looking at a possible trade for Iggy or Gallo. What say you? Also, Kawhi or James Johnson? Thanks!

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Bad hair day? In all honesty, he’s having a terrible start to the season for reasons that seem to be more system-related than slump-related. I’d consider trading him if you can.

    @Clyde Prompto: Hehe. Thanks. I’d probably say, Ariza, Maggette, Williams, Dudley, Leonard, in that order.

    @Moses: Lopez and Davis are certainly both worth owning and WILL be picked up. Right now it’s just a game of chicken. Who will blink first, grab these guys and be forced to sit them on the bench? Only you can answer whether or not you’re capable of bridging that gap.

    @Ryan: Maybe offer Lowry/McGee for Howard and either Baron Davis/Stephen Jackson. This does three things: 1) It gives the other guy two sure things, whereas before, he likely saw the offer as giving him two possible busts, 2) You get Dwight, the best player in the deal and get to keep Curry (who when healthy is the best player in the deal), 3) Put yourself in the position where, with a little luck in that Davis or Jackson start producing, you come out with a ton more talent than you otherwise would have. Really, as long s either Curry or one of the others comes through, this will prove to be a better deal for you.

    @Curtis: Grab Baron for Korver, but stand pat on everything else.

    @Shawn: Answered you on the other post.

    @Nick: I might take a risk on Delfino or Baron. Yeah, go ahead and drop Sugar Nate.

    @Dimitri: Answered you on the other post.

    @George Costanza: The only player I wouldn’t considering trading for Harden is Conley. I’d probably hang on to Holiday, too, but that’s just me. You’ve got a good shot at DarCo, Jennings.

    @noz: For blocks, sure.

    @AnotherFalstaff: I wouldn’t trade Iggy for Rubio. Depending on my team, I’d consider Gallo. Leonard. Johnson comes and goes.

  14. fitz says:

    Hi Adam, new to fantasy basketball and my team has way too many SG/PG. I am looking to trade for a rebounder. I offered Harden for Noah. Is that a fair deal? I also have Brooks, Schumpert, Augustin, Rondo, Ginobli and Davis. So trying to add some size and rebounds/blocks for one of these guys.

  15. Dimitri says:

    Adam, thanks! Also, Stuckey or Kemba rest of the way? Im amazed @ stuckey’s steal total..only 5 steals this whole year..

  16. Shawn says:

    I was offered Rose/Noah for D12/Lowry
    I also have Dwilliam/Blake Griffin
    Should I do it?
    thx man

  17. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    Standard 9-cat

    Looking for the best overall spot starts (excluding steals and blocks), who are your top 3 pickups for Monday and Tuesday out of these scrubs?

    Kaman (SA)
    Mayo (@GS)
    Courtney Lee (@MIN)
    Markieff Morris (@DAL)
    Radmanovic (@MIL)
    Speights (@GS)
    Parsons (@MIN)
    Richard Hamilton (NJ)
    Okur (@CHI)

    Mayo (@POR)
    Speights (@POR)
    Markieff Morris (TOR)
    George Hill (ORL)

  18. thefonz says:

    Need blocks and rebounds…would you recommend Biyombo or Joel Anthony as a spot start Sunday? Punting points this week.. Thanks

  19. Derek says:

    Would you trade Shumpert for David West straight up? I’m a tad guard heavy but, am ambivalent on West since he doesn’t really block too many shots.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @fitz: As bad of a start as Noah has had, you should be able to get quite a bit more for Harden than just Noah. I might try to package Shump and Harden for a nice, second-tier big. Someone like Marc Gasol or Andrew Bynum.

    @Dimitri: There is no “rest of the way.” Not this season. Expect there to be changes from week to week with your lineup. Right now, Kemba is the bets healthy PG in Charlotte and Stuckey says he’s going to be playing injured all year. That’s the best answer I can give you.

    @Shawn: No. I love Rose and think he’s better than D12 in fantasy basketball, but not at the additional cost of Lowry for Noah.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Speights or Parsons on Monday. Morris or Hill on Tuesday.

    @thefonz: Woulda said Biyombo. Hope you did, too.

    @Derek: Are you getting West? West has been spotty, but so has Shumpert. And there’s just no telling what Iman will do or where his value will be when Baron Davis becomes New York’s starting PG in about a week.

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