There are three fantasy basketball owners out there. The kind that had Ty Lawson and threw him back into the pool, the kind that hung onto him and the kind that don’t know what a Ty Lawson is. To the first and third groups, I say, you’ve gotten what you most likely deserve. I say most likely, because some of you undoubtedly dropped your Lawson stash for Ryan Anderson or someone and no one can fault you. The rest of you, I hope you can grasp this teachable moment: when you have an old, broke down point guard with name recognition on a team days away from completely retooling itself and a young backup point guard who stands to benefit from almost any change that occurs, make sure you’re the guy with the youngin’ and not the … the olden. Or Oden, as the case may be. Anyway, Lawson dropped a 19/6/5 line on the Rockets after, not only returning from a minor injury, but also in relief of Chauncey Billups, who went down with strained knee, which is better than strained peas and way better than Black Eyed Peas, but no where near as good as “did not go down with a strained knee.” You should have already owned Lawson. If he’s available, grab him. If he’s unavailable, it better be because you already own him.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball:

Stephen Jackson – Ejected after playing 11 minutes and earning two techs. Shizz is just rude. If you’re going to get hurt, get hurt over the weekend, so my fantasy lineup isn’t screwed all week and if you’re gonna get tossed, get tossed in the final seconds of a close game, not in the first half you damn dope.

Shaun Livingston – Dropped 17 points in place of Jackson. Livingston hasn’t done much this season, but he has scored double-digits in two consecutive games now. At some point this season Livingston and Kwame Brown are going to double-double in the same game and I’ll loose all control of my bodily functions. I assume.

Rajon Rondo – He’s averaging four turnovers per game, up from three last season. July Adam will enjoy writing the 2011 Overrated Rajon Rondo post almost as much as he’ll enjoy seeing ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ for the fifth and sixth times.

Darko Milicic – Left with a hip flexor. Clearly dude’s not flexoring his hips enough or they wouldn’t be so damn weak. Don’t tell me about his upside. I know all about it. I’m advising you to drop him and pick up DeAndre Jordan or Kendrick Perkins, who are both much more entertaining erratic sources of rebounds and blocks.

Anthony Tolliver – Four treys, seven rebounds and that’s it. He’ll bury some threes if given half  chance. Unfortunately, that’s less than the Wolves are giving him.

Michael Beasley – 14/5/3, as he kinda, just, sorta collapsed in the whining moments of the game after his ankle kinda, just sorta stopped working. What’s that? The term is waning, not whining? Oh. So that was just the Beas’ whining then?

Christian Eyenga – Scored 15 points, but contributed little else? Is 15 points and nothing else from Christian Eyenga good or bad? I’m leaning toward the former.

J.J. Hickson – After averaging a weak double-double all January, Hickson’s averaging 19.5/9 in four February games. It’ll be interesting to see how Hickson’s season ends up as compared to Roy Hibbert.

Peja Stojakovic – Started. That is all.

Sam Young – Scored 22 points, but it took him 19 shots to get there. I’m only slightly more interested in picking up Young than I am in picking up Stojakovic.

Zach Randolph – He shot 2-for-14 against the Lakers. No one was more surprised than Z-Bo at how smitten he was with playing on the same court as THE Steve Blake.

Andre Miller – 27/6/11, with four steals against Chicago last night. He’s ranked alongside Rondo and outranks Collison, Harris, Wall, ‘Reke and Baron on the ol’ ESPN Player Rater. Raise your hand if you saw that coming back in October? Put your hand down. You too.

LaMarcus Aldridge – Dropped 40+ for the second time this week. Set his career-high in scoring for the second time this week. He sent Brandon Roy a fruit basket with a card that read, “No hurry, bro’y.”

Channing Frye – Averaging 14.5/10 in his last four, along with 3 3ptm. That’s no small potatoes, even though it is all Frye’s.

David Lee – Twenty-first double-double of the season. In the end, Lee isn’t that far off from most preaseason projections. He earned his 21st double-double on January 15 last season. It felt like he got there in December last year.

Dorell Wright – If going 3-for-13 from the field is Wright, I don’t wanna be Wright.

  1. should I drop Brooks for Lawson, Flynn, or neither?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Drop Flynn.

  3. Nick says:

    @Adam: Drop Ariza or Anderson for Lawson? I have alot of injuries with Noah, Camby, Ariza on my team and I also grabbed Roy…

  4. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Nice to see a Livingston mention. I used to play against him in H.S and never imagined seeing him metioned in regards to fantasy hoops.

    How would you rank Lowry, DarCo and Lawson from this point going forward?

  5. hakasan says:

    how true is this brandon roy rumor?? how good of a player would you drop to get him in the lineup?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nick: Ariza for Lawson ain’t insane.

    @Howie Met Your Mother:
    That’s cool that you played with Livingston. In junior high, I played against Corey Maggette. I stole the ball from him. He sprinted down court and blocked my shizz right out of the gym.
    Anyway, DarCo, Lawson, Lowry.

    @hakasan: Pretty darn real. I wouldn’t drop anyone productive for him. If you have a buster, or a stash, I might consider adding Roy.

  7. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Just dropped Lowry for Lawson in one league, but I have another question for my other team: I’m near the bottom of the league in FT%. Any suggestions on someone who could potentially be available in a 12 teamer that gets to the line enough that could have a positive effect on that stat?

  8. hakasan says:

    Thanks Adam,

    would you drop anyone off my roster now?? (for roy)


  9. brad says:

    boozer or d. lee?

  10. brad says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother:
    most guys are probably all took up. first check randy foye for some immediate assistance. adam’s 8th grade rival comes to mind (maggette) but he’s probably gone. ilyasova does alright. aaron brooks might be out there.

    otherwise, guys like lou williams, meeks, reddick or harden.

    if i’m you i go after gallo, who is probably the most helpful ft% guy who isn’t so valuable in other categories that he’d be too expensive to get.

  11. Larry says:

    Fields or Diaw ROS?

  12. Larry says:

    Lets try this again. Would you drop Wilson Chandler for either Fields or Diaw? THx

  13. Mr. Impatient says:

    Rotoworld: The MRI on Chauncey Billups’ left knee showed nothing abnormal and he is listed as day-to-day.

    Which of these would you drop for Lawson: Eyenga, Ilyasova, or Morrow?

  14. GB_samsa says:

    Adam can we just have a discussion about how NASTY Nick Young has been? Picked him up off the waviers 6 weeks ago and I haven’t had a single moment of regret.

    Meanwhile Kris Humphries might get the boot as he’s falling into a time share with Derrick Favors. What would you do?

    And lastly I picked up J.R. Smith a few weeks ago and he’s had his moments but after last weeks flagrant got me thinking about his time and place in Denver…any thoughts?

    # Larry: Fields definitely

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Maybe one of the lower-level sharpshooters like Shannon Brown, Jodie Meeks, Redick, Foye, Ilyasova. Maybe Brandon Roy if he’s available.

    @hakasan: Mo or Turk maybe.

    @brad: Boozer. Also, good advice for Howie. I gave the above answer before reading your response.

    @Larry: Fields. Especially if you’re in a keeper league. Oh … no. Hang onto Wilson Chandler.

    @Mr. Impatient: Eyenga.

    @GB_samsa: About as nasty as dude’s hair. Young looks like he hasn’t seen his reflection in a year.

    I’d hang onto Humphries until Jersey breaks the timeshare. Something tells me Denver and New Jersey are close to shaking up their roster, even outside of Carmelo. I know the Bulls are interested in J.R. along with O.J. Either way, I think J.R. be J.R. and a move to Chicago won’t improve him a ton. A little, but not a ton.

  16. Hey sunshine, did you miss me? I missed you! I just went and picked up Ty Lawson because Luke Ridnour has dropped off the map, and you know I need more players with “Ty” in their name.

    I also picked up Corey Maggette and dropped Shane Battier, but that was my own call. Shane’s kind of disappeared in the past month, and I’m wondering if maybe he switched to a different sport.

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: Battier? You have a thing for head wrinkles, do you?

  18. Kitchenworks says:

    should i drop Brendon Roy for Ty?

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kitchenworks: Yes. As quickly as you can.

  20. Kitchenworks says:

    THX! – I just dropped Tyreke Evans for Tony Allen, What do you think?

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